Top Tools and Apps for Growing a YouTube Audience

-Hey, guys What's up? My name is Tim Schmoyer

And like you, I use a lot of different tools and apps and programs to build my audience and my channel here I actually talked to several other creators and asked them what are your favorite tools and apps and programs that you use for audience development here on YouTube And I want to share some of them with you here and then also share with you my favorite one coming up at the end -One of the tools that I just started using was gleamio

What it allows me to do is create a contest for my subscribers to check out and in exchange for Likes on Facebook and tweets or retweeting my videos, watching some of my videos, they can gain entries to win a contest And in exchange for that, I can offer them a prize And what's good about it is that it helps me build my social audience And it's a good way to boost traffic directly to all your other social platforms by offering up a different prize depending on what your channel is and what you can offer -I love the Tubular Labs app

And they just released a new feature too where when somebody tweets about your video, Tubular Labs will alert you of it So I think it's really fun to find people who are tweeting your video and then going and thanking them, following them And I think it helps create a community a little bit better So it's great It's great for helping find top fans

Tubular Labs app also will show you people who are frequently commenting on your videos and kind of sorts them in order of how engaged they are So it's kind of similar to YouTube's top fan finder, as well But I think it goes into a little more detail And then another app I like to use quite a lot is vidIQ I love going to look at other videos that might be kind of similar to videos I create, see what they're doing as far as for tags, for how many views they're getting compared to how many comments, how many likes, and then looking to see did they ask for likes at the end of the video

Did that seem to make a difference in how many likes they got compared to other similar videos? So I love looking at numbers I'm pretty dorky like that -My favorite tools and apps as a creator on YouTube is Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook I'm also a part of a Minnesota page called VinMin in Minnesota And there multiple people in Minnesota share their videos, share their ideas, talk, communicate

It's a great, great opportunity for me to speak to people that live in the same area as me And it's wonderful for me to be able to connect with them -Probably my favorite tool right now is Social Blade, VidStatsX I'm a big data guy So I'm always looking at my YouTube analytics

So to have a different flavor of that and have a way to compare my channel to others to kind of measure how well I'm doing Because I might think I'm doing great, but in comparison to other channels my size, my similar content So those are definitely the two best things for me Other than that, the YouTube Creator Studio app is my favorite app right now On my phone, on my tablet I'm constantly pulling it up, looking at real time views, replying to comments, and that sort of thing

It gives me that deep dive anywhere I'm at -There's a lot of great tools recommended here, guys I will put links to all of them in the description below the video so you can easily go and check them all out One of the ones that I use the most here at Video Creators is one I actually talked about last week And that is MailChimp

MailChimp is simply a site that lets you use a really robust email campaign service One of the reasons why that is a very valuable tool for me and my audience development here on YouTube, as I discussed last week, I offer a free ebook to all of you guys who simply sign up for my email It's called "The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience" And you get that book for free in exchange for giving me your email address And then every week I just send out really high, valuable content that– well, I think it's valuable anyway– to you guys who are on that list

And so I love offering a lot of training and advice and tips and ideas and suggestions and things that don't really fit on this channel, but I can send you guys in a weekly email to continue helping you guys grow your audiences and your YouTube channels even if you're not actively checking your YouTube subscriptions MailChimp is the business service I use for growing that list, for sending out those email campaigns, and all that So check them out There's a link below Of course, if you want my free ebook, there's a link to it in the description below

You can go check it out I'd love to hear from you guys, though in the comments below right here on YouTube What are some of your favorite tools and apps for audience growth and development here? Tell us the name of the app or the program or the website and tell us why you like it, and also, third, how you use it The rest of you guys, make sure you go down there and check out all the great tools and apps other people are talking about here And if this is your first time here, I would love to have you subscribe

Every– what day is it now– Wednesday I give you guys some YouTube tips, ideas, suggestions, advice, things like this Tomorrow we'll do some YouTube Q&A And then on Tuesday we do some YouTube news We talk about the updates happening here on YouTube and what it means for us as creators And, guys, I do all this because I really believe that a lot of you guys have messages that need to spread and the world needs to hear

And I want to do everything I can to help you guys spread your message and hopefully change lives So subscribe Let's talk more about developing our audiences and YouTube channels tomorrow And I'll see you guys then Bye

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