Top Tips For Affiliate Marketing

as my name is Fred and today I'm going to show you guys top affiliate marketing tips especially if you just started and you just went to the internet marketing water making money online world and you a few tips to have to go out with it alright i bumped into this industry back in 2014 i was looking for business opportunities ways to make money and i ended up bumping it two ways to make money online now did I know that ever existed before then heck no i didn't know anything about that I don't know anything about making money online when i first started i was only like only if it was a grown-up those people who are basically 30 40 50 you can make money online but I realized early enough date actually younger people who are making money online alright so i started for my mentor back in 2014 were into this thing called high traffic Academy the extractors if you don't know anything about him he's busy creating breakthrough stories for others and helped me a lot for what I can tell alright so basically there are few things you need to follow whenever it comes to this affiliate marketing will never come to how to make money online surveys and what it has come down to a few things for me and that's why follow if you want to take this and apply into your business or whatever business venture hand i'm pretty sure you start seeing results 1 unique quality traffic all right you will need quality traffic now are trafficked created equal not that we're not all traffic is meant for particular product and we're not convertible every single product traffic has to be targeted behind the traffic there are people behind that its actual people so you have to understand that people have to be interested in whatever product you're advertising or selling so probably traffic too you need high converting funnels your funnels have to be powerful they have to be engaged in the afternoon they have to be engaging and keeping them the person interested and whatever you're pitching or whatever you just selling all right so you need high converting funds if you have high converting fun of some companies if you join them already have fun but what I've always been taught is to put your own little wrap around it meaning if you want to do what majority does you're gonna get the results majority gets and that is nothing we ran the whole statistics on that in the industry and the average income for the people and industries less than a hundred dollars by George is going on majority does that's what my dress it gets on my dressing to get your business venture you join a few people whether it's real estate affiliate marketing you know CPR always tempting just a few people these few people are always on top and always crushing it because they're not doing what the majority does that's what you don't get the same results the majority gets three you need a strong follow-up sequence meaning the money is in the follow up how many times you beyond ask yourself how many times have you seen a product online and the first time you saw it you bought it you know we have to see the product you have to see review about the product you have to make sure that the product actually has the features you need or what you're looking for so no the money's in the follow-up get of a strong floor of sequence weather days with autoresponder whether it is calling up the person texting the person getting a phone number having a strong follow-up sequence would increase your chances of actually making sales now the great thing about that is you have an autoresponder you can already have everything pre-written free detailed on there once you have all of that that's what and that's how people end up making money while they sleep because they've already put the hard work and to putting into the auto responders putting up everything setting up the automation alright we have a strong following sequence you will be able to do better with it you're increasing your chances of getting sales and majority doesn't have a strong full of sequence that's why your follow-up sequence has to be strong it has to be engaging with others i asked to be interesting another one is top tier product now there are people what are you going to click bank and take a forty dollar product with a commission $25 $100 product Commissioner fifty dollars or forty dollars take that sin traffic into it and boom you got yourself it doesn't happen like that ok come in and literally spend a thousand dollars and you will not get zero ok i mean when i get anything back it happens it happens to me happens to everybody especially when you start fresh and you don't have that excessive vibration you just think it's all about traffic and you're going to spend all your money and it doesn't happen later on I realized that he involves a lot more than just traffic and tells a lot more than just traffic so I got said you need to have a talk to your product the top-tier product these are the products that sell but thousand dollars or thousand dollar production of the Commission's your ranking is like a thousand dollars $500 and those was lower but really want to talk when you want something that's like $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 and Commission not for selling in commission $20,000 door prizes are out there four thousand dollars in commissions at $25,000 so it happens people are buying it just because you can't buy it does not mean somebody else can so don't limit yourself to your income or all your ex your your financial situation that do not do that because there's somebody out there who's actually having the forty thousand dollars and don't want to invest any because they understand that it's a business five if you're following this is the fifth one and this one is value whatever product you're selling has to obtain some type of value has to give out value to the people that are in need of it do not go out there to make a quick but the companies who are set up out there and experience this but if you have you understand where i'm coming from there are some companies their products do not intelligent like it has nothing of value inside really if you even it can improve implement what they tell you you really won't get results alright dozen companies are out there who are like that and the reason why this people advertise that is because of their commissions that's a dark and for just the Commission system if they they're getting huge Commission don't want to spend two thousand dollars on a product because they know when they go out there and it's not the same bullshit to other they'll get their money back if you pay attention those companies never last they never last you want to be aligned yourself with a good company that provides good value alright that when you implement you get results that's what we want to align yourself with value your company has to value the product also sort of value lastly if I may this one did not take me too long to realize because i know i don't know everything and when the people who come in and the Strand they think they know everything up until now I still don't know everything i'm still learning I'm still wanting to learn alright so there's something new i'm always wanting to lastly is coaching you need a sense of direction alright this is a business this is this is people are turning this into their careers if you come here you think you can just like you know you're gonna do this as a hobby as a side thing know if you're not going to do some hundred percent do not come in because you if you're not giving a hundred percent how do you expect to gain money is that simple yes i see so you need a coaching you need a sense of direction so go out there find yourself a coach or join me and and you can learn from the same coach I've learned from once helped me to obtain what I have the knowledge I have today with in this market alright you need coaching a sense of direction with that i will leave a link below to our Facebook join our facebook group and you need to surround yourself with like-minded people do not do not go out there and spend all day on Facebook spend all day on Instagram it's been all the browsing 22 love you see there are people you need to come in here and you want to learn everything you want to learn this strategy want to learn being you want to i was you you want to learn facebook you want to learn you know PPC seu artists like all this up you're not already strategies alright great when will you make an income you gotta ask yourself that if you're going to keep yourself in this learning mode and trust me I fallen into that you would be in the learning mode literally for like two months and you're in a learning mode when are you gonna start implementing what I would advise to you take one strategy and try and mastered a strategy if is PPC take paper clip i pay per click and try master that if it's paid traffic organic traffic take one strategy with then try master yes then on a 2,000 story of us see everything right do not be overwhelmed one of the things that people fail and I think some of the prominent industry is overload information overload you join in there so much information this guy's telling you google adwords this guy's telling your facebook this guy's telling you being this guy's telling you seven surgeries guys telling you this in that distant bet that's crazy just like information overload when i was able to learn after a while was that you need to pick one thing master that be very very good at that then continue doing that to this side and Dan now you can try to learn something new don't try not everything I want are you killing yourself i'm part of the group called a four percent group all right now I joined this group and i gotta say honestly is one of the best groups i've joined by even decided to be a lifetime member because it is that good is that good alright if you don't you have to if you know something is good and you can feel it you just you go food throughout our Inside Man you have to really invest you have to really implement so I joined a four percent group just recently and they had this thing called Operation wonder cake this has helped me a lot alright I gotta tell you it's a step-by-step is like step-by-step think is going to teach you step-by-step how to how to get traffic how to do all the other things I've listed basically I've learnt throughout the years he's going to try to do that but not just with video but like step-by-step right like you dare behind him you're watching if you don't know where she can get that I mean really bumper and the reason why it's called Operation 100 kids because we have 90 days to make a hundred thousand dollars now I'm not saying the people are going to make a hundred thousand dollars but if you do follow whatever he tells you to do how to do it you will get money alright you men are recharged thousand dollars but you can be damn sure that you can get at least above $10,000 if you actually implement the things he says you know the problem people don't implement that advice they are given they don't know employee don't take action like somebody will go on youtube it's like the whole day and say they work you cannot work you just watching videos already apartment when somebody tells you what somebody's wanted to share what's working for them all right take a chance they also do it that's how you see results that's how you get a result stop watching stop get off that that study mode and actually start implementing take action we take action that's whenever you start seeing the results come through that's what I've learned and right now i'm going to take you inside the group you're going to see how it all works at this arguing is a little bit of bad quality I'm sorry alright i'm outside i'm just trying to take some pressure and but I'm gonna go in a group i'm gonna show you a hundred was the operation was your kwill at work on episode 5 i'm not sure what else is in there if this is what you like children all right don't be afraid I know for some of you guys is like this guy's young and all that stuff but you gotta understand is the young kids were taken over nowadays all right so if you're like as old as my father or my mother and you're trying to make money online and you're seeing this young kid telling all these things because I started before you if you just thought it was something not all the people out there who started way before me but if you just started i'm giving us because i started for you alright so I know what's working in most of what i make money online nowadays are the young generation the young generation are taken over so yeah I put the ego side and actually take notes on what I said and if you're wanting to implement it you're going to see results you're going to gain results I don't worry about like this kid is young and all that stuff because in our group we actually have another couple alright let's cut this couples like over 50-something years old and they have to be mentored by this 21 year old when he first started and then they were like what this young kids you teach me but like you know I didn't hesitate to follow whatever to get to him to do and now just just this year alone a few months ago they were between three thousand dollars in like a month or so alright and then we even have mousy girl smile seekers if you if you don't think my mouth secrets and seekers just wanted congrats to him you want to BMW i8 alright we're part of also a second damage were all part of the crew the four percent group with all parts academics you want to be on Wi-Fi it that's not enough alright this guy made a hundred-thousand-dollar Commission and he get academic bonuses you another hundred thousand dollars so imagine if you work hard and you make a hundred thousand dollars in sales right and commissions they will give you an extra hundred thousand dollars is not crazy and if you make a million dollars to give an extra million dollars but as I can talk for another time but he recently want to BMW i8 and congrats to him I mean that is just great stuff all right he and his wife just join and mile segars was part of high traffic academy when it first started he but by then he had just started online marketing and that was just around 2,000 a bit 2012 was so and while now just a few years later 2000-2013 a few years it's a 16 and this guy made over a hundred thousand dollars in commissions and he got another hundred thousand dollar bonus that's two hundred thousand dollars alright is crazy this is crazy and it is real so get out there implemented whatever he tells you implemented and hopefully you start saying is also your business now that's going to the four percent group you see the hundred K you see what else you got that we got some really cool stuff all right everybody welcome to operation 100k I know you have probably been dying to get into this program write my name is Victor eyes you should already know that right i should not be a stranger to you alright so check it out here's what we're gonna do this is the first introduction right kind of setting expectation activation stage over here and so before you dive into the actual steps into the actual program what it's very important for us to do right now is to let me just kind of set the stage and just gonna walk you through exactly how we're gonna operate how we're gonna work together this is a very very outside this is probably industry's most comprehensive probably the most powerful training that you will ever endeavor to origin you know journey that you will ever endeavor on because it's you and me alright and then we have a very very specific mission that we're trying to accomplish over here and so we're gonna do it together life right no safety nets you know no guarantee is no nothing you'll get to see every single thing okay so let's go and get straight to the chase here in this video I'm gonna hold you very long i wanna tell you how we're going to operate how we're gonna roll together so that you have a very good clear understanding how this program is going to work and so that way you can get the best results with it okay so in this video i'm gonna walk you through give the landscaping here right now especially if you're new if you like a cage joined over here you got your final setup right you like eager to get going you don't know where to get the traffic you don't know we know how to advertise how to really hit the ground running this will be awesome for you all right so I'm gonna give you the brief you know 10,000 foot overview and then we're going to get into let's see I'm going to get you the structure right we will talk about you know some things that must disclaim right in this program i will also get into the the topic of how do you know how to go about this program to get the best results possible ok so if you were here and if you're super hungry ok you want to get like results quickly and you want to get that there was you know you want to get the most out of this program I'll tell you exactly what to focus on and i'll tell you how to activate it ok so before we get into this let me show you what the the outcome of the operation 100 cases ok so operation ok we'll just say up 100k you know for the codename right so the here's what i thought okay i thought the best way okay if I if I will take you on the journey like the four percent group is all about is all about results and simplicity right that's what we focus on that you know it enough of the theory enough of the you know tell you you should be doing that you should be doing that why not show you how to do it right and so I thought the best way that I can teach you how to succeed online is if I just go on this journey with you okay and so I said okay what's the you know I don't want to do this this this quote-unquote guru sitting on a high horse so to speak and just telling you what to do I want to be in the trenches with you so I have been online for 11 years right and and nobody what I know what I know today ok I how would I structure campaign so how would i go from zero ok i'm a brand new beginner ok and how would i get me to a hundred thousand dollars in Commission okay in income and can i do this in 90 days ok can I do this in 90 days ok so this is a journey i'm going to start out as a brand new affiliate that just like you if you just joined us I'll be just like you ok i'll be in your shoes I will not use my sphere of influence ok i will not use my contacts yet meeting my list get that I've built over the years I will not use my name I will be totally you know Anonymous in this promotion okay so we're gonna start a brand new campaign what would I do ok I'm you know and step one step two step three step four and so forth ok they 7990 and hopefully by the end of the 90 day period right how do we get to this number right here in affiliate commissions ok now is this a guarantee thing no okay I I don't this is a journey ok and so you will get the sea there when i run this I'm gonna just gonna do you know about I got a couple things that I wanted to make sure that I don't forget to you know to to tell you about so the structure of the program okay let me explain to you how the structure will be setup ok this is not going to be okay just me talking to you and teaching you okay look my intention is for me as an affiliate to hit this number at the end of the 90 days ok and look I'm going to pretend that you're not in the room ok I'm not here to impress you I'm not here to be you know to say things that are correct or or to order to use a certain way you know you know order to present myself in a certain way I'm here to get result ok this is this is this is where the rubber hits the road and if you can imagine this okay what would I do okay what would i do from the very very beginning what what do I think about what's going through my mind right as i'm preparing to set up my campaign as I'm as I'm pen out my numbers what do I focus on what's what do I think about you said I'm saying what we're doing channel my energy how do I strategize a campaign what do I look for in the campaign what I look for in traffic sources right how do i run how do i scale how do i optimize how do i get the conversions or not right how do i fix any challenges that the potential rise in this process and so I'm basically going to structure it like this okay I'm gonna let the cameras roll just like I'm doing right now and i'll be just be talking to myself okay I'll just be basically thinking out loud and you'll be flying a wall ok so cool with you if it's cool with you tell me in the comments below you know somewhere in the understand this and on this segment here there should be comments area so tell me in the comments if that's cool with you ok if you appreciate that so instead of me just preaching at you I'll just be like talking to myself I know it might sound will we he does but but i think if i if i take that approach right this way you'll get to see everything you'll get to see my thinking process my thinking patterns what I think about as I as I you know when we get to the point where i'm running traffic i'm ready to run traffic look I will be calling people i'll be calling traffic vendors and I'll be doing my research right I'll be like you know yeah i'll be finding out i'll be setting up traffic campaigns all that stuff talking to different you know people that might help me with traffic that i might go to and so what i will do in this in this case is you will get to you know you'll get introduced ok to the same people that I work with to get traffic to my sense so you know the companies i go to the different places I go to and so forth there's going to be a hundred percent transparency and everything these videos will not be cut ok there will not be edited out there is no section of the video that's going to be edited out you literally will get to see everything you'll get to see the good the bad the beautiful the ugly if something works if something doesn't work you'll get to see everything ok it's cool with you so this is how we structure and so I'm gonna break it down when we actually hit training days right or like workdays we're going to call them so if it's a work day which will start with the very next episode here so i will break things down instead of you know instead of having like a three hour long video or two hour-long video I'm gonna I'm gonna segment it out ok so that you'll be able to see okay you know here's what here's what the agenda with the outcome is for you know for this episode for this segment here are the things i'm going to be doing and then as i'm doing those things i'm just going to segment the videos out so that you can you can have a very very step-by-step systematic way you know and path for you to go through make sense i think it's really gonna be beneficial for you especially if you knew ok now my goal is to hit a hundred thousand dollars in income ok running currently for this particular for this particular operation 100k project i'm going to be running the four percent rule finals ok so later on my intention is to have operation 100k four different for different outcome bunnies that we have in our portfolio as we grow you know as we add more companies in our portfolio i intended currently ok as as a right now this one thinking okay I intend to have operation 100k let's say four different specific companies as we have those different finals around them ok so currently i'm going to start out with basically just centering this all around what we have you know as a four percent group promotions of the four percent funnels so we're going to start here and then as we grow we're going to add more things ok but those are gonna be individual you know individual operation 100k program projects if you will ok so that we can just and the reason I'm thinking about this is like this is the reason i would i would consider doing that approach is that so that you will be able to see how I would approach promoting different products ok from different companies with different angles okay that would be beneficial for you so I've got I've got to disclaim this though ok this is not a guarantee of income this is not implied income ok I'm not telling you that look if you if you you know if you do what I do you hit a hundred thousand dollars you may you may not I don't know you okay chances i would probably never met maybe we did ok if you showed up to our adventure or you know something that but look at the end of the day I'm not here to promise you Amy income whatsoever ok you cool with that i want to make sure that this is very very clear okay i know we have a lot of people coming in through the four percent group i know a lot of people are our action takers ok a lot of people are here just to kind of kick the tires okay unfortunately you know hopefully that's not you ok but just to be just to set the you know the record clear here look anybody especially in business if they guarantee you any result period they're flat-out lying to you okay and I'm not going to be that guy makes sense so what i will do is i will take you on a journey it's a journey ok it's an operation ok just like in military look they they they going to an operation they going to you know start this this this this this thing that they want to accomplish this mission right is there a guarantee of success no okay so but you'll get to see me do this thing okay so proceed at your own risk make sense we clear ok proceed at your own risk i'm not gonna give it to you a penny I know some people will go through it delves else though they'll hit that out of the park ok they'll blow that number you know they'll go away and beyond that okay i know some people who go through this program they might not take the action ok they might be like okay I'm just going to do what convenient and and then you know and blaming me and Vic those people will not prove probably not get the result they looking for ok so just so that were clear on that one day there is no guarantees proceed at your own risk ok you'll get to see you get to watch me do this thing and so you'll get to see everything obviously that's this claim apart i let me tell you how to get the best from this program ok how do you get how do you get the best result from this program ok well how do you get the most out of this program how do you maximize you know the effectiveness of this problem for yourself okay my friend three things are going to tell okay number one okay i want you to commit ok commitment 90 days ok it's very very important look I might start out a campaign ok and and I might not get the result the first week for the first few days or maybe even the first few no month or so right commitment is critically important people that fail in this industry ok they are looking for those microwave results and if they don't get them they just bail out they throw in the towel ok those people typically never ever see the success of their desire ok never you gotta commit ok can you promise me right now that you will commit for at least 90 days because it's going to be a 90-day window that were running here okay you've gotta commit for 90 days you might not have the results that you want okay on day 37 ok but then maybe on day 39 or maybe one day 49 all right you might you might hit the jackpot make sense you might you might get that breakthrough you might get your breakthrough and 888 I don't know so I'm sayin but if you can tell me if you can commit yourself for the next 90 days looking for anything ok if you have been failing and struggling and failing and struggling i believe you have your hands on here will give you the best shot ok not a guarantee but give you the best shot at online success period ok and so unless you will commit to 90 days ok an interactive focus don't focus on anything else it commits it's gonna be very very very important for you to do that okay number two okay number two is as we're doing this thing okay I want you to focus on this one thing ok pull out massive action ok full-out massive action don't tip don't don't like you know don't don't double okay you know i mean go at it as if your life depended on it when I got started in this industry in 2005 I was so convinced ok overly I'd never done it before right but I was so sure that I would do it k AI was teachable be i had the work ethics see I did not look at my short-term inconvenience 'as ok whether it was financial weather was time whether it was whatever if I had to stay up until six o'clock in the morning if I had to pull an all-nighter i decided to do whatever it takes with no plan B no plan see no no other thing to rely on ok i had to make this work and that's why I'm here okay you've gotta burn your boat man ok if you don't burn your boats going to be looking back okay you're gonna be okay if I just take if i just take you know twenty percent 20-percent action right here you'll get twenty percent of the results man ok go full out on this thing ok go full out if anything looking at 90-day window ok to sprint ok it's not a marathon it's a sprint can you hang in there for 90 days can you go full-out massive action as if your life depended on it add as if there is no tomorrow as give these are your last 90 days on this planet earth and you've got a legacy to leave for you for you know for your family going to make sense can you go with that level of commitment ok can you tell me in the comments okay if you're ready very very important people who will fail this program about this right now people who will fail this program that they will not go full out with massive action ok now number three number three is this is this is a must ok winning edited ok winning edited is critically important here ok now what what is what is the wedding edited what winning attitude is look how you look at things is how things will be okay so give you this example when the attitude is a is doing this making a mental decision ok making sure that the families on board making sure that your wife your husband you know your significant other boyfriend girlfriend your kids make sure that they understand that you are on a 90-day sprint look you've got 90 days to completely change your life take to revolutionize your life ok to revolutionize your business to hopefully get on a path of success patterns that sense on a pattern of success that will lead you to the life that you really really want okay you've got 90 days man ninety three months okay if you can't comprehend 90 days like too long look 30 days ok 30 days chunk 1 30 days chunk 2 30 days chunk 3 that's it you got 90 days can we do it okay ah so winning attitude means no complaining whatsoever no complaint you don't tolerate ok you don't tolerate complaining is not even in your vocabulary complaining is not something you you're even you it's not something you tolerate menu get it you throw it out like yesterday's trash you know I mean you don't tolerate people that are complainers you don't be a complainer yourself okay you don't hang out with complainers you don't even pay attention to complainers you've got to have a clear mind set ok click clear your cup a clear mind set with no garbage make sure you clean your you know your your mental faculties over there man ok clear it out ok sweet that garbage out you don't need it for the next 90 days look you've got a very very realistic shot here at changing the rest of your life ok seriously but you've got to have that winning edited so complaining is critically important ok second thing don't focus on the big wins focus on the small wins you started this program it's a win celebrate ok you're going to activate this program officially below its a win at you know celebrate every single time when you get back and there's a new episode celebrate right as you see other people going on the same journey man pump each other up okay don't don't I don't want to hear you talking about the lack of your results make sense if I if I see you talking about the lack hopeful or something you don't have ok or something that you're not getting ok we will do something about it ok I don't know what yet but look we're not gonna tolerate that ok this is going to be a place to wear what we're just gonna with what we're just we're gonna be super adamant about positivity that is going to be insane ok and that's the only way to succeed then the only way to succeed if you have any questions okay what you will do is you will email our support if you have a question ok you're going to ask your question in a constructive way never in a destructive or complaining matter makes sense so please keep that important because if you have a note by an attitude that is no an attitude of a loser which is hey why this doesn't work and i tried that and i'm having you know I'm having a problem over here and I'm so frustrated was like frustrated you know I've tried I've tried everything you know i'm not getting I'm not having you know i'm not seeing that kind of stuff should be cut out from your for your vocabulary words like try okay should be cut out from your cabbie you don't try ok you either going to do this or you not make sense either going to do this for you not okay my my approach to this is I'm hitting that $100,000 it's already done ok the question here is how do i go about getting it how do i go about claiming it makes sense so in my mind I'm not I'm not trying I know it's already there i just got to find a way to get it okay that makes sense ok so we're going to do this together so very very important stuff you guys okay winning attitude full-out massive action committed 90-day you know 90-day commitment ok stay focused stay tuned participate in community make sure that you're on the webinars make sure that you go you know as i get as if your life depends on it meant because if you can do that I can promise you you'll probably change the rest of your business for the rest of your life ok and it's gonna be really really cool so finally here how do you activate this problem okay so the way the program is going to work is like this to prevent prevent overwhelmed ok we're going to release one episode at a time so if you just joined us ok I so you will go through one episode at a time if there are previous episodes ok there are available to you there will be there will be unlocking to you as soon as you know like every 24 hours ok so this is gonna be a 24-hour deal for you this way you know you can just follow through with episode and when you start an episode make sure you finish that episodes that same day ok don't drag it out don't put it off because if you start putting things off you know things will start to compile and you will get overwhelmed and you know potentially frustrating you don't want to be in that position okay makes sense so just try to keep up with with you know what's opening up for you and you'll be fine how do you activate this you activate this by there's gonna be a button below this you know it you know in this segment here somewhere hit that activation button was going to do it with the system is going to tell the system that hey you know this person right here just activated their operation 100k this particular program and so the system will start opening up you know those episodes as they become available to you ok so anytime you have any questions about anything just email support that you know four percent and you'll be you'll be taken care of we have an amazing team here ok we have we have literally we have some of the coolest people on the planet right here with us and i'm super excited I'm personally very excited to go on this journey here with you you're not gonna be alone ok you can help me with you on this on this thing so what you can do is is what I do ok you can model you can apply to anything else you want to apply it to you can just follow me alone and just do what I do if you and ok and so we're going to be here together ok is going to the most awesome thing that that will ever do and i'm pretty sure you're gonna love it ok listen very excited hopefully that you're excited as well if you popped ok if you are parked ready to go tell me in the comments right now let's hit it

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