Top FREE Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel work today guys I'm gonna be giving you guys my top free traffic sources for affiliate marketing you guys can start using immediately as soon as you finish this video you guys can go out there and so utilizing these free traffic sources because I know so many you guys out there do not want to use pay traffic you guys want to stick to just the free traffic sources that's exactly what I'm gonna giving you guys in this video guys we're gonna start this video off in just a minute by diving into my computer but before we do that guys a brand new to the channel it's the first time you're watching one of my videos I encourage you right now go down below hit that subscribe button hit that Bell icon turn on those post notifications for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys my last quick point is if you guys have not checked out my free affiliate marketing training course yet I definitely encourage you guys to do that as well it would be the top link at the top of the description and with all that stuff being said guys we're gonna dive into my computer right now and start this video off alright guys we are now my computer as you can see on my whiteboard free affiliate marketing traffic's work she's of course guys I have three different boxes there each of them being their own individual free traffic source I'm gonna go through each of them guys and explain them in detail how you can so using them today with that being said Lopez I'm not gonna waste any more time I'm gonna skip over the first box starting here on the Left delete that I guys so the first one is gonna be YouTube YouTube is absolutely huge right now guys 2018 and video is pretty much everything everybody's making video everyone's putting out content and everybody's on YouTube and the reason for it is guys YouTube videos for one ranked very very well in Google guys whatever you started Google for pretty much anything there will always be at least two to three videos on the first page and they'll open pretty much always be YouTube videos and after that guys YouTube has a huge potential reach because guys there are literally millions of people on YouTube every single day that is a ton of people you can target you can get in front of and you can promote your affiliate offers to guys because of course the more people the more crap you can send more money you stand to make with that being said guys on YouTube is also a huge selection of niches because you guys know if you're on YouTube you're pretty avid YouTube watcher and you know that there are literally millions of videos and pretty much every single category and there are very very small niche communities on YouTube people with small channels and very small but although the audience might be small it's still a very strong audience because they're so passionate about that niche of course guys with YouTube there are so many different niches there are so many different things you can make videos on you can pretty much pick any niche out there and be able to search again some sort of audience off whatever needs to actually decide to go into of course you guys can pick one like the top three big money-making niches or you can pick a smaller niche or which you can really do is you can just pick a niche so you're actually passionate about and that might actually go a lot a lot further with that being said guys my last point on YouTube is that you can make a lot a lot of money with only a very little following so guys there's this big misconception on YouTube and on all social media then you need to have like hundreds of thousands of followers in order to make money online in order to make money on social media and guys that is simply not true you can stand to make a lot of money with a very small following there's no reason you guys need 100,000 subs I'm half a million subs a million subscribers there's no need I've seen people make a very large amount of money on YouTube while still having less than like a thousand subscribers guys subscriber count does not always mean more money you have to be able to sell or promote products on your channel and in your videos that will do very well and will convert very well with your audience if you're putting the right products in front of the right audience then it's gonna sell to make you a lot of money so you don't necessarily need to have a lot of fun huge following to do that you just need to know a little bit about what you're doing with that being said guys I'm gonna make an entire another video on just how to make a lot of money with very small followings on social media and of course that's gonna include YouTube so watch out for that video make sure to subscribe so you don't miss that and now guys that pretty much covers YouTube as my first free affiliate marketing traffic source I definitely think it's number one guys again there are literally millions of people on YouTube you can pretty much go into any niche and searching and following and you can make a lot of money with a very small channel so there's absolutely no reason you guys should not start doing YouTube today and of course if you guys are a little bit scared to actually go on video to go on camera you guys don't necessarily have to do that you guys can definitely make like whiteboard videos or just videos showing your computer screen or there's videos where we don't necessarily show your face I know for a lot of people that's a big sticking point so you guys definitely don't need to show your face if we're not comfortable with that with that being said guys my next free for the marketing traffic source is gonna be blogging or having your own website for that being said guys one of the reasons blogging and owning their website is so good it was number one because we actually own the traffic you're not leveraging a social media website or some other website like YouTube or Twitter or interesting whatever but you actually have your own site which means all the traffic is yours which is of course always a huge huge plus when it comes to affiliate marketing with that being said my first point guys is that blogging and articles can rank very very well in Google as I didn't mention this for YouTube but this also works for blogging and having your own website if you guys can actually rank a few of your articles if your blog posts fairly well in Google you can create a steady passive traffic stream for your blog or for your website because of course guys over time if you have like maybe 10 20 30 articles all ranking very very well in Google they're gonna stay on at that first page for a long time they're gonna be able to consistently bring in traffic to your site into your blog passively because of course guys over time when people are gonna search for that whatever term you're ranking for they'll see your article look look to your website and then that'll just consistently bring more and more people onto your site onto your blog over time that's an absolutely great way to actually get a passive stream of steady traffic piece of course guys with a lot of these other methods paid and free a lot of the traffic you're actually bringing in isn't gonna be very permanent traffic it's not gonna create a very passive steady stream of traffic over a consistent period of time when you're actually advertising other methods like that you'll get like pretty much just a burst of traffic you'll get a lot of traffic at once then it'll kind of slow down then you get a lot of traffic on once then it kind of slow down but when you're actually doing blogging and articles and stuff like that guys it can you can create a very passive steady stream this is always a good amount of traffic coming in at all times of course so some be like highs and lows of course will be bursts all right guys on my last point on blogging is that it's time-tested long has pretty much been around for 10 plus years it's been around pretty much it's like the beginning of the internet people have been using the written word to express their opinions and expression values and reviews online so of course as blogging is definitely gonna be huge I definitely commend you guys starting out website it doesn't have to be a blog of course cuz i didn't mention these gonna be free traffic sources hosting your web site could cost a little bit of money if you actually go ahead and purchase your own domain and actually set up your own website hosting which i do recommend that you do but there are also free websites you guys connect host your blog on like Wix tumblr things like that guys you guys can of course do it that way for free or you can actually slap your own domain you're hosting which I do kind of recommend this because it looks a little bit more and it will rank a little better in Google with your own dummy and Russia's like a free Wix domain with that being so the guys that is pretty much blogging so of course was my first to top free affiliate marketing traffic sources and YouTube and blogging now I'm gonna move on to my third one still asleep the box right now I'm a third free traffic source for affiliate marketing it's going to be Facebook of course Facebook is absolutely massive a lot of you probably guessed stood ready recourse against Facebook is incredibly huge especially for affiliate marketing because guys basically one has millions of daily users guys of course just like YouTube where there's a huge potential reach for getting into audiences and in different niches Facebook is the same exact thing guys of course there were just millions and millions of people on Facebook every single day logging and checking their status doing whatever which is of course fantastic because the gay guys like I already mentioned the more people on a website the more traffic you can actually send to your affiliate links to more money you stand to make with that being said guys Facebook was also very very good because of fan pages and groups because yeah those are super powerful tools guys because these are essentially just small collected communities of people who all care about a specific thing or in a specific niche which is my next point guys there are huge niche groups which can make targeting very very easy it's not like on YouTube on your blogging or something else guys when you're actually making this content and it's kind of putting out there on the internet and waiting for people to come find it with Facebook and these in these Facebook groups you pretty much have these huge groups of thousands and thousands of people who were all super involved and super passionate about this one niche so it's very easy if you do go in there and target the exact demographic that you want of course for example guys if you were in the health and weight loss in each for example what you would do is you go into Facebook and join a health weight loss fitness exercising gym stuff like that you joined Facebook groups that are all centered around those things and you're targeting is pretty much done you've found your prime during graphic all in this nice collected little group guys it's absolutely fantastic and it's really easy I'm such a powerful tool you guys can leverage in your affiliate marketing if you do it correctly guys guys at the same time already mentioned is not difficult to do all you have to do is find the people that are in your designated niche and just find the group staff and find the fan pages find the huge groups for like 20,000 30,000 people and is getting there guys who are interacting people certain to communicating and eventually you can start selling in the groups guys whatever your favorite product is maybe you have your own product what everybody is gonna that's exactly how you're gonna do it so with all that being said guys those are pretty much my top three free affiliate marketing traffic sources of course one YouTube to blogging and then three Facebook us can just pick one of these and leverage it it'll definitely improve the amount of traffic be able to century or fail links your website to whatever it is guys if you guys actually leverage all three of these of course I can't guarantee results but I definitely think that the amount of traffic you're gonna be sending to your affiliate links your website or wherever you want is definitely gonna improve significantly and with all that being said guys if you enjoyed the video definitely drop a like on it if you guys really enjoyed definitely make sure to subscribe down below her brand new videos just like this one every single day last thing guys if you still not checked out my free affiliate marketing training course definitely go ahead and do that link in description and with all that stuff out of the way guys my name is anthony villa i will see you in the next one I am out peace

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