Top Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Marketing Companies Review – Louis

Louis, an affiliate with a Top Affiliate Programs is about to get a call to be told he has just earned his first $1,250 commission! Listen to his testimonial and hear how excited he is Louis: Hello

Nate: Hi, is this Louis or Louie? Louis: This is Louis, yes Nate: Hey Louis, this is Nate Rio I actually work with Matt Lloyd from MOBE over in Malaysia How are you doing this morning? Louis: I'm doing okay, I'm doing okay Nate: Doing okay, well I've got some good news for you, think you're going to like

Louis: Okay Nate: You have actually got your first MLR sale for $1,250 Louis: Really? Nate: You did, you did Yes I just – it just came across my commission tracker

Louis: It's like a, it's like a dream to me Thank you, I'm very happy about it I've never made a sale online Nate: You haven't? Well I'm pleased to be the first person to tell you So what now – you just got started with MOBE not too long ago, right? Louis: I'm only going for this year

I'm going to, going I'm in The States And then he leads you trying to set up things Oh very good, this works so fast Then I said that Nate: That's good

Yeah, we love hearing stories like that So what have you been doing to get traffic, what have you done so far? Louis: Well through my sponsor, Lyn, I just put in some – what do you call it now? Some ads she got on there I don't know Nate: Some solo ads or something like that? Louis: Yes I've done a few of the things and put the

I'm actually trying to set up with more serious ads today Nate: Okay Louis: But to have got this so fast, hallelujah This is like going to work in big way – thank you

What's your name again? Nate: My name is– Nate Rio Louis: You brought good news Nate: Yeah, I know, my name is Nate Rio Louis: Nate: Well sounds good Louis, well I just wanted to give you a call and congratulate you Matt wants me to call those who get their first sale So yeah, I'll– Yeah well let's make sure you connect with your traffic coach, and then you'll see that commission come into your “has offers” back office in the next day or 2, okay? Louis: Thank you so much I'm happy about it Nate: My pleasure

Well it's good talking to you, I look forward to talking to you again soon, okay? Louis: Okay thank you Nate: Alright, take care, bye now Louis: Bye Nate: Wow, very inspiring So what we had there folks is – Louis Oozo from New York State, in the United States

And Louis had been trying to do internet marketing, affiliate marketing for a few years and had no success Just got signed up with MOBE within the past 2 months Worked with his traffic coach, started putting those methods into action, and already has his first sale So it's always good to hear those first sales So use that as a motivation guys, and continue to do what you're doing – listening to your traffic coaches, getting good ads

Those people are out there You can find them And we'll talk to you in the next edition of MOBE inspiration Take care

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