Top Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Marketing Companies Review – Adeline

Adeline lost her job as an engineer but picked herself up to become a successful Affiliate Marketer with a Top Affiliate Program This is her Online Affiliate Marketing journey's testimonial that distinguished her affiliation from that of other Affiliate Marketing companies

Hi guys, my name is Adeline Sugianto from Sydney, Australia I used to work as an engineer in a renewable energy company I earned – comfortable living, and I loved my job Things were going great, until one day the company that I worked for was not doing very well And like everybody else, I lost my job

To be honest, I felt wierd and frustrated Having to go from something to nothing a month But looking at the bright side, I took it as a wake up call, where I realized how important it is nowadays to have multiple income streams Not only just to earn extra money to pay for stuff, to buy more stuff or to fulfill your needs But also as an income protection

An insurance policy What happen if tomorrow you lose your job? As the saying goes, never put your eggs all into one basket So one day, I was reading a book, and it talked about internet marketing as one of the ways to make money To create an income stream So I decided to check out what it is all about

And it just resonates with me I mean, I love freedom Freedom from time, space and money Living the internet lifestyle has given me the chance to travel all around the world, meet some of the most amazing people – and be able to work whenever I want, and wherever I want All I need is just a laptop and an internet connection

So I found MOBE from one of the top marketers, Shakir What attracted me to MOBE is that they do most of the heavy lifting for you And this is really important 'Cause when you've just first started, you just really want to focus on one thing One thing, and just master it

While you leverage a high converting sales funnel and the expertise to close the sales for you and start making money right away I was also attracted to the 1 on 1 coaching, because I believe in order to succeed in anything, especially in this industry – you need a coach that can step up your learning curve I also love the community, because it's not just another group of people – it's like a big family, where we can learn and support each other And also Matt Lloyd, the founder – I've never seen anyone who really cares about their partners, and genuinely wants them to succeed He and his team are always innovating and improving the system for us to make money as easy as possible, and also for his company, MOBE to access the long term

So with this system, I've made $2000 in a single day, without having to close the sales myself And now, I'm at the beautiful 5 star resort in Costa Rica, masterminding with 7 and 8 figures earners, to take my business to the next level In my short time with MOBE, I've already tasted some success But more so, I got to feel freedom If you are looking for the same thing as I was, feel free to join MOBE, and let's work together to get you there

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