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Hey guys! Success Senses here! if you have ever wanted to work more effectively and efficiently, I have productivity tools that you will find useful Here are the top 7 free online productivity tools that you can use right now

The first productivity tool I have is Evernote Evernote keeps your notes digitally all in one account so you can sync this up with multiple devices and it has an app and it works on the computer so if you want to take notes and you want to do all your computer then you can just type it up on you and create some notebooks I have one right here and take your notes on here and it's it's all in one place and it's simple to use and it's really helpful if you just want to quickly jot some things down The 2nd productivity tool I have is Tomighty mighty is a timer for your desktop and what you can do with this timer is do the Pomodoro Technique which is a technique used to give you some breaks and work at a decent time basically and you can use this as a timer and this Pomodoro Technique thingy and it's really helpful if you want to if you want to time yourself and finish something before a time limit because you don't want to be spending too much time on a project or whatever you're doing so this is Tomighty And this is available for Mac and Windows the next part to productivity tool I have is New Tab Draft New Tab Draft is a Google Chrome extension that lets you that lets you write on a new tab basically so whenever you open up a tab it opens up this which is just a writing prompt thing and you can just write anything you want here write notes on here and whatever I want just by opening up a Google tab I have some notes on here it's organized it's really quick to use if you want you can use this instead of Evernote but this this might not sync with other devices I only use this on this computer so if you're gonna use are different these are multiple computers it might work but I'm not sure about that Okay this next productivity tool I have is called Habitica

Habitica is a game version of your life so if you want to gamify your habits and to-do list then you can use Habitica And this makes stuff more rewarding to do and more fun because you can level up your character and you can work with others because there's people on here that use too this too and you can easily work with other people for accountability so if you need someone to you know just watch over you to make sure you're doing something then you can join a group and join a team and basically you can fight monsters and stuff and it's like a game basically which rewards you for doing your tasks and they have an app for this and this works on the computer so once you finish a task you can basically check on these our if you finish something you can check one of these boxes create habits too so you follow them and keep the minuses for the for the punishing yourself and reward yourself as a plus and you get XP and money and you can buy items to the right over here So the next productivity tool I have is Quizlet Quizlet is a flashcard based program you can use to study efficiently And creating flashcards is really simple and easy

And its really good to study with The features I use on Quizlet (they have multiple features) but the main tool I use is the Flashcards and Learn feature The Learn feature basically tests you by giving you questions and you answer so if you get it right then you get it you get a point you get like progress but if you don't, you can continue studying and it's really useful for school and or if you want to learn vocab and other stuff like that stuff you would learn with a flashcard This productivity tool is another flashcard program but, unlike Quizlet, this has more customization with audio and the way the flashcards work so it's a downloadable program you can use on your computer or an app and it's free on Android but it costs money for iOS so I iOS users might not want to download this app And basically you can download someone's flashcards or create your own and put sound and this works based on spaced repetition and space repetitions is where you learn over a long period of time and that's that's a method of learning that is research to have great benefits for memorization long term memorization not just the ones where you learn it before the test and you forget about it

So you rate whatever you answered based on how easy it is if you don't understand it you can put again and if you do good then easy is if you completely understand it And that flashcard will come up in four days again So you keep getting reminded of these flashcards and it's good if you want to remember something long-term like if you're studying to be a doctor you need to learn medical stuff you definitely want to use something like Anki, flashcard app This is a pretty common productivity tool that people use called Grammarly which correct spelling and grammar mistakes as you write And this this program has this program has Chrome, a Chrome extension, that works well on multiple websites so whenever you type something it'll underlined it red and you can you can see this bottom right

It has a little red button it shows like you missed how much and it'll correct it for you so it's really useful for writing and your English classes if you want to quickly write something but you don't have time to proofread This is a good alternative to getting a proofreader It's free and simple to use Okay, this productivity tool is basically an online whiteboard I recommend having a real whiteboard because just writing it down as faster much simpler than using computer interface but this is a good alternative it's called the AWW App and what this app does is it imitates a whiteboard

It lets you it lets you collaborate with others if you want to invite them to your whiteboard and it's a good way it's a good alternative to a whiteboard if you don't want to spend the money on a whiteboard What it does is you can write whatever you want, you can type whatever you want wherever you want on the screen, and you can make shapes And it's really simple to use, it's really easy to follow, and it's really easy to just understand if you do you use any other programs to make drawings and pictures So the tools I have mentioned are Evernote the note-taking device, Tomighty (the timer for Pomodoro), New Tab Draft for writing quickly, Habitica for gamifying your life, Quizlet for making flashcards, Anki for making more detailed and unique your flashcards, Grammarly for correcting your grammar mistakes, and the AWW App for taking notes and brainstorming ideas So, if you enjoyed this or found this video informative then comment down below and leave a like and I might respond to your comments if you comment

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