TOP 5 Plugins für WordPress Webseiten — 2018

If you have a website or blog or are considering 1 to start I show you today the top-5 plugins that every website should have The plugins are free and can help more visitors to get on your site and to protect your site from hackers If you are not sure if you should create a website Should you watch this video to see how many options the wordpress platform offers Hey you make me of websites punktde its number one source for creating your first website Today I show you my top 5 plugins which I also install as good as any of my site I know are just so incredibly useful For those who do not know yet what plugins and plugins extend the functionality of the website So you can create practically any kind of website you can think of plugins are made by professional Developers programmed and then packaged so that the average user can use the function without bothering with the feces to have plugins you can easily download the install and install for example chancellor Download the ecommerce plugin vevo com at your website Completely convert in a webshop the order online payment and founding information accepted In the same way it could for example install plugins with those contact form on your web page There are thousands of plug-ins with thousands of features that make them really good because you get your website Really able to set up and change as you wish To install a plug-in you go to the dashboard then plug in and install here you can enter the searched plugin in the search bar and find then you can click install now and then activate it In order to save some time now but you can also open the companion offender is linked in the description There I linked the five plugins and you can install directly think of it The poster is so you can use it directly and test let us start directly and introduce the first plugin The first plugin is called the security I think that security should be the first priority of every website No matter how big or small she is, this plug-in makes your site four safer and keeps hackers away from your account to break in and steal confidential data or delete your website through the plug-in many security gaps are closed by several layers of security for example, you are protected from brute force attacks Ibm security blog, for example, ip addresses that try more than five times to log in and have no success That was great if it is very easily attackable in its pure form without any plugins but somehow In the security staged a website is already much better protected and the subject protection is with the second plugin also hour directly next the second plugin allows you to make backups of your webpage and your data so if something happens to a server or your website Crashes you can just restore everything at home click the plug-in what I would recommend for powerless you should rest Install and set weekly backups You can even connect it with a free dropbox account so that the backups are always sent to it and stored The third plugin I want to introduce is a simple but effective one contact form the most famous plugin for this is contact from 7 every website should have a contact form whether for bookings or just with that could quickly contact You can customize the fields in your contact form so that you can read certain things such as telephone numbers or e-mails Then, you can copy the job and paste it on your desired page to install the contact form The last two plugins focus only on marketing so you can get more customers and visitors If you're into online marketing, you know how important it is Building Lists for Your Marketing The fourth plugin helps you email your customers with different methods to collect the plug-in is called sumi and actually even a group of plugins From which you can choose different marketing methods the main goal of my plugin is to send e mail addresses through different forms To collect that I do with the liszt pictures and work around it Pictures is the typical e-mail popup that gets your visitors sign up for updates I'm sure you already know the pop-up from many other websites welcome nice unique and created a pub that the whole side So the rest of you really cover the attention of your customers and can build your e-mail list As well as integrates, also with

Top e mail marketing providers such as girls and awb The last plugin I want to introduce you to is search engine optimization and finally jost seo search engine optimization Seo is also the process of optimizing your website through certain keywords and settings Google Put your website on a higher place so For example, you will land on the first page and the second place Instead of seo on the third page of google you can get a lot of free visitors on your website Jost as you call me a lot of different ways to optimize your website and stop thinking That was already the five plugins I wanted to introduce here I hope you found the video helpful and if so will To last a thumbs up as it helps main channel really grow If you have any questions feel free to comment in the comments I answer to everything Also, if any suggestions for videos, you may like to comment Thank you for watching this video until the very end and I wish you a productive and successful day

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