Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins Late 2017

Today let’s look at the Top 5 plugins that you should have if you have a WordPress websiteWhether you are a webmaster, blogger or digital marketer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one thing that will define your project’s success to a great extent

To make sure search engines are easily able to Index your content and to improve your search appearance Yoast Seo is the perfect tool It let’s you connect Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster and also helps you create sitemap for you websiteSocial media is one of the most power tool for any blogger to get more recognition and audience The best way to ask your audience to join your social media family is to show them how many of them are already a part of it

With AccessPress you can create a beautiful looking counter which will show the number of followers, like or subscriber you have on your social media networks It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Sound Cloud and DribbleI told you how important and powerful the plugins are for a blogger or webmaster but sometimes these plugins can be there worst nightmare The plugin might not support your theme, you host partner or maybe the theme is not good at all All of these would bring your websites performance down which I don’t think any webmaster would want

So to check how all the plugins are affecting your websites load time and speed P3 Plugin Profile is the best tool available Images play a important part in the appearance of the website and it’s content but it also acts as a reason to make a website slow So WP Smush plugin helps you to optimize your images and make them light as possible without compromising on the quality ebsite security is as important as it’s speed and appearance and to make sure your website is safe and secured Google Authenticator is a must WP Google Authenticator provides a safe way to add 2-factor authentication to your WordPress site using the Google 2FA system with the Google Authenticator app

In simple words it will ask you to enter the code generated on Google Authenticator app to login into your website These are some must have WordPress plugin, I will keep bringing you more content on WordPress so stay tuned to our website and subscribe to our notification so that you never miss an article from us

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