Top 3 Free Website Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to it another video here on the channel where today guys I'm gonna be going over my top three three traffic sources for affiliate marketing your guys I'm getting a ton of questions about free traffic recently how to use it what are the best ways to go about it and what are the best what are the best free traffic sources honestly I'm gonna give you guys my top three in this video by diving into my computer in just a minute but before we do that guys if this is the first time you're checking out one of my videos you're brand new to my channel I encourage you right now to please subscribe for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys we're gonna dive into my computer right now so I can give you guys my top three free traffic sources alright guys we're not in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard top three free traffic sources for affiliate marketing of course right there guys guys he have three different black boxes I'm gonna pull each of them away one by one explain the traffic source explain why I think it's so good and how you guys can use it for yourselves with that being said I'm not gonna waste any time just pull the first first box away the first box is gonna be Facebook guys from the number one a free traffic source that I use for affiliate marketing I think you guys should use your flame marketing is gonna be Facebook and I guys the reason why is they have 22 billion monthly active users and of course guys that's obviously fantastic because that's literally two billion people you can potentially market to of course won't be able to market to all of them for like language barriers different niches whatever that's a lot of people you ask your markets you guys can actually get on your email list hopefully make some sales to guys with Facebook the best way to actually leverage this free traffic is to make your own Facebook pages and your Facebook groups and the reason you're doing this guys isn't because ideally you wanna be building up like a smaller audience a smaller following your people who enjoy your content who you give value to on the regular and will actually be willing to buy your stuff when you actually go to sell it so the reason you're doing Facebook page and Facebook groups is because you want to just provide a ton of value on there and actually get a bunch of people to like your Facebook page not much people in your group that way you can market to them later on now my next point with Facebook guys I put there's a huge variety of niches you can choose from and then you have 2

2 billion people on the platform everyone's gonna be interested in pretty much every topic you can imagine and of course you can make your Facebook page and your Facebook group and pretty much not any niche but like a basement a ton of different niches you're asking pretty much going to any niche on Facebook and you'll find an audience or group of people or actually interested in the same thing for example guys you can easily go into a niche like basketball or singing and you'll be able to find a huge audience a huge group of people we're into that exact same topic that exact same niche share a passion whatever it is that you're actually uh going into it'll be pretty easy to pick essentially whatever needs you want to go into make a Facebook page make a Facebook group and get people in there get people start liking your content as soon as you start putting out of high quality and valuable content as they a part of this guy's you have to be consistent on these platforms it's not enough to just make the account like it's not enough to just show up you actually to put in the work in the effort to let's make this work after out there guys Facebook again I put is a great way to interact directly with people because of course water people on Facebook to actually talk to their family and friends connect with them but Facebook is definitely gonna be one of the the best ways to connect on one of like a one-on-one direct messaging a personal level that's like people go on Facebook let's be honest actually I think guys that pretty much wraps up the first free traffic's worse next time I'm gonna pull the Box down right now and there it is guys again YouTube just absolutely huge platform I've heard there guys 15 billion monthly active users on on YouTube of course guys you should be also mainly the second biggest search platform in the entire world of course the first one being Google that one's obvious guys they're literally a ton of people every single day on YouTube actually watching videos searching for different things guys I put the next well the next point have guys is that over five billion videos or watched a day actually messed it up all day long five billion videos are watched every single day and each of you guys that is absolutely like insane that's because of that it's gonna be another great platform you guys could actually use leverage generate some free leads show me some free traffic hopefully some sales but with that guys you to of course is fantastic because like I said guys again you can either just go into any niche any topic you decide because of course guys when you make your channel you're the owner of the channel you the creator and it's really up to you you're gonna be the one who decides exactly what kind of content you're gonna produce gonna be the one who decides that can what nice you want to go into what kind what type of videos you want to put out when you want to put them out everything is flipped you guys you're your own boss on YouTube you can pretty much put out again like pretty much anything and there will be some sort of audience or following for it of course guys it doesn't necessarily cover like what's the most issues that you guys are probably gonna win – again examples basketball singing fishing stuff like that didn't be a very big audience already in that niche already looking for that kind of content so you can actually create for them and you better wait to them for free they're gonna appreciate that they're gonna start following you and when the time comes guys we actually wanna sell something to them they're actually gonna buy it just because you both have that relationship of trust you're giving them value and members kind of being a fan of yours for so long about time you actually ought to sell them something they'll be that much more I could actually go ahead and purchase it from you first guys you see these youtubers and millions of subscribers getting millions of views every single day and they're actually making this like killing just stuff like Google ad revenue guys they're making its thousands of dollars just based off like the ads that playing in front of their videos or SH guys most of us aren't gonna get to that level if you want to get to that level then go ahead and strive for that but it is gonna be a little bit hard guys YouTube is definitely a hard platform they build like a massive following on you guys can definitely do it but again guys with all these free traffic sources all of these things are gonna take time that's the number one thing is you have to be patient you have to be very patient when it comes to actually building up your audience building up your following because guys it's not gonna happen overnight not gonna happen in a week it's not gonna happen in a month well I should have unless you happen to do something like it was like super viral you just got a ton of traction and traffic over to your page where joy these methods are gonna take a few weeks if not a few months if I even has a few years you guys most of the people on YouTube where mines of subscribers most of their audiences are following over a period of like years don't be surprised if it takes you the same amount of time if you're actually going for that goal of having like a million subscribers one day it's gonna take time guys definitely be patient with that being said guys I'm actually go over to the next box and pull that away in the last free traffic source I'm gonna talk about in this video is gonna be some of you might have guessed it by now gonna be Instagram so I got I got an Instagram again just another absolutely huge social media platform of course you guys oles our social media platforms because guys social media and leveraging these platforms that literally have millions and billions of people on them we're gonna be the absolute best way if you actually generate free traffic in my opinion using social media to get free traffic it's probably the best we're gonna do it I don't know many other good ways to actually generate free traffic that are gonna be better than social media with that being said about Instagram 500 million daily users you guys every single day there are 500 million people logging into the Instagram account scrolling some pictures liking commenting doing whatever actually being on the app that is of course yet a ton of people again there's a ton of people you guys can market to you guys can I get on to email list make some sales to hopefully again guys on Instagram pretty much any niche can do well now of course guys I've said that for every single traffic source bringing guys it is just as true on Facebook on on YouTube as it is on Instagram we can pretty much go into like any niche and you'll be able to find some sort of group or audience that's willing to actually engage with your content and actually enjoy your content reminder what nice sharing guys you should be able to find some sort of following some sort of audience for your content again as long as it's not like super super niche or super EXTREME but again guys most nations you're going to you'll be able to find it pretty easily you be able to find a core audience now again guys when you're actually trying to build an audience and bullet filing one of the key things you have to member here is guys I'm not saying that you should be on all three of these platforms I'm really saying here is you guys you should be on the platform that majority of your audience is gonna be on let's just say you're gonna need like hunting for example and you know most people that hunt are on Facebook the core majority of your audience will enjoy hunting they're gonna be on Facebook they're on Instagram they're not even watching videos but they're actually on Facebook and Facebook pages in the Facebook groups interacting over there that's where you're gonna want to be but for example if you want if you're into something more like cooking maybe people are enjoy cooking and enjoy looking at recipes and not in cooking videos on Instagram and that's where you're gonna want to be guys it really depends on your niche and the audience you're going for that's kind of a decision about to make on your own you have to look at your niche look at your ideal audience you kind of figure out what platform they using the most and then they gonna come they make an account on that platform I build a following on that platform don't go for all three these guys I'm staying here at all cuz I could spread you way too thin you might not be able to build a following on any of them if you spread yourself too thin like that what I would actually recommend doing is going like all in on one maybe all in on two if you didn't us cannot manage both those and then just do those guys with that being so the guys the last two things I put for Instagram is they're gonna be posting regular content can be a little bit it can be a little bit faster and this is just pictures and captions whereas the YouTube videos and takes time significantly longer you know it's a script to actually film edit upload a YouTube video whereas Instagram it's kind of take picture up a picture and then write caption and add some hashtags and stuff like that obviously I know the people who got to Instagram like super seriously and like the end winters and stuff taking a lot of time to actually make their photos look good I'm just saying guys like in my opinion like video takes way longer to making than photos do with that being said guys within shame you can also put a link directly in your bio which is of course fantastic for a number of reasons guys you can literally do affiliate marketing straight from your bio you can't have your affiliate marketing link or no a link to your landing page right there and then this post pictures every single day I'll get like 100 followers they get a 50 followers day every single one of them they click file they're also gonna see your affiliate link every time somebody comes over to your Instagram page it's another chance to get another another lead maybe make another sale that's why it's so fantastic guys in fact you can do it for like marketing just off your intern page alone just by having a little link there from completely for free not having to do anything else but have that link there then also post content regularly but again guys after stress with all three of these free traffic sources it's gonna be a long-term game none of this stuff's gonna happen in the day a week a month most of this stuff is gonna happen over the period of a few months infinite a year if not multiple years yeah that's just kind of something you have to accept if you're just using free traffic method if you're using paid it'd be a whole nother story guys because with paid methods and paid advertising you guys can sail up a lot quicker it's scalable a faster and scale up pretty much whenever you want if you just want to increase your ad budget or spend money on ads it's a lot easier to scale up all the free trapping methods it's a lot harder to I mean of course you can do things like post more content but it's not necessarily like the same equal ratio where it's like a paid advertising it is gonna be a lot harder to grow faster so it's gonna be a little bit more of a long-term game but if you accept that understand that and then have the patience actually grind hustle through those through those times and you'll definitely get there guys with that being said that pretty much wraps up this video if you guys enjoyed the video just got a little bit of value out of it I definitely appreciate it if we drop a like on it and guys to be really enjoyed the video then definitely make sure to subscribe right now a brand new video is just like this one every single day with all that stuff out of the way guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one I am out peace you

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