Top 3 Free Traffic Methods For Affiliate Marketing

Hey everybody in this video I'm going to talk about My own personal experience What are the three best traffic sources for affiliate marketing or Any marketing and I guess for that matter now, this is based on my own personal experience

Of course I like to start by inviting you tongue friend request me on Facebook you can Just my profile is right here head on over to Facebook All the link is down in The description as well as at the in the top right corner of my youtube channel So we're going to get into this right now the three best free traffic methods for affiliate marketing in my own personal experience And the first one is of course Facebook as you can see already loaded up on the screen here And how you get traffic from Facebook is actually really quite simple you just make the status updates build your engagement up and Use of a formula use the 80/20 rule don't just post business stuff post a poke their life, you know your opinions your your family you know your vacation whatever it is things that people Are going to engage with and then sneak in your business posts And share your successes on their social proof is a big thing with forgetting engagement on Facebook and getting traffic now the thing about Facebook traffic as opposed to some other Traffic methods is its quick traffic It's here today gone tomorrow traffic, you know, you'll post a status update that will Make this one here, you know Got you know 30 likes and you know 21 comments, which is really good for a business folks I mean, that's Not bad You know and some other nonsensical posts here, you know seventy engagements, you know 55 so you see and this these people When they request information you send them the link You know, that's that's where you're getting the traffic from that's essentially now There's other techniques for using Facebook to get traffic I'm not going to go into a whole giant long Facebook traffic training here Maybe we should do something, you know longer video down the road I've done other video specifically about Facebook traffic in the past But you can see what's happening here People are requesting the information

I Message it to them They get a link in their messenger They click on it Boom that's a hit to my website or my offer or whatever and You know you can see Different Posts, you know all talking business See there was four or five non-business related ones Compared to two business related ones this one here

I just put the link rate in the comments Oh It didn't receive near as much engagement because the link was just posted in the comments, which is not something I typically do but I Was really not working much that day and I just wanted to you know do something to get a little bit of traffic now the goods a good point about Facebook is a traffic left it is that You can get like I said quick traffic it they click the link They go to your website you get traffic equally get 10 20 100, you know, it's really up to you right if you have more than one business profile and fan pages and you know Facebook groups and you know If you use all these properly you can generate hundreds of hits a day from Facebook free now the problem with the free Facebook traffic is That it's here today gone tomorrow that hope those posts will generate me traffic for a day or two maybe three if it's a really busy post but within three days the traffic to stopped you got to go out and You know do the process over again, so that's the problem with the only real problem with Facebook traffic and The same to be said, you know, if you use a Twitter or Instagram or stuff like that, you know It's there today gone tomorrow All right I'm not putting Twitter or Instagram in my top three for the reason that my Presence on Instagram is not that big yet So I'm not generating that much traffic yet and But but I am working on it and you're gonna get to some instigating trench trainings as I get better at using Instagram or Twitter I don't use Twitter for much other than just Posting links to my videos and my blog posts

Um, that's pretty much all they use it for Okay, next one For you know free traffic methods for affiliate marketing would be YouTube now In my opinion, even though my following is not that big on YouTube yet I'm at 474 subscribers as I make this video, so I'm not getting a lot of immediate traffic Um, Jeff definitely generating more click upfront traffic from Facebook still at this point But YouTube is a long-term strategy Once you upload that video if you SEO the video Which is not that hard to do you can look through some of my other videos I talked about getting the views and You know stuff to your videos My top performing video is actually a video about how to get more YouTube So that's kind of a good thing adds a little bit of credibility, right but You know, this is a long-term strategy because the videos will stay on the internet for as long as you live from there Unless it's violated YouTube's Policies or a different video sites policies if you're using a video different video site But at present I'm only using two videos I'm going to start doing some lives and whatnot on my Facebook though But anyway, so these videos will stay here forever And if their SEO don't generate views, right the better their SEO the better you'll get People will see it and related searches and it will just keep going and going and going they're always there It's it's it's the long-term traffic If you're followings big enough and having the videos, it could be some pretty immediate traffic as well Personally myself I think for a long-term strategy YouTube is definitely better for traffic than Facebook Now the next one the the third one for the free best free traffic methods for affiliate marketing or like I said marketing general will be blogging for much the same reasons as YouTube is for videos Content Ranks and search engines the better the content and you know and the more authority that content and website have the better It's gonna rank now I'm not going to get into an SEO lesson about how to rank your content or You know reach the top of the search engines or any of that stuff but It's a long term strategy and your content will always be there Especially if you own your own space unless you take it down or your website gets blacklisted for doing something stupid Make sure you capture leave don't get blog Make sure you actually it's everywhere

You can Facebook you to include it and Come up with a nice clean-looking Layouts like I think this is a pre clean easy to navigate we're used images You know use the content you can see Here run it over slow today You know, we've got some good content make you website easy to find its way around use simple little things like sitemaps and keywords and stuff like that to help you get the You know found in the search engines or whatnot So those are the top three in my own personal opinion I'm really hoping that I can get instagram my instagram traffic up to the point where my facebook traffic is so that I will have Two really good sources of you know that quick immediate traffic and I'll have two good sources of the more long-term Continuous traffic that's my goal But as it stands right now, like I said my instagrams not quite there yet But it is slowly getting there and I'm working on it So that's it for the best free traffic methods for Affiliate marketing and I really hope you learned something from this video I'd be I would love to hear What your traffic sources are I'm always looking for more traffic sources So if you know of a strategy for a social network that I didn't mention in here or even what I did mention in here or You know or something other method that you haven't heard me talking about before feel free to talk about it below Don't post any links I won't allow you to post links on my comments and I won't let you blatantly promote your shit in my phone, but if you want to discuss things in the comments or You know point there's another traffic source if I'm interested I will reach out to you and We can talk about it then

Alright once again in all over Facebook Send me a friend request and I will talk to you video like comment share subscribe Bye now

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