Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Websites

– Hey, what's goin' on? This is Seth from the REtipster blog and in this video we're gonna talk about ten WordPress plugins you can use with your website that'll make your website look better, perform better, and stand out from all the other websites in your space Stick around

(funky music) Alright, so if you are running a website in your business, there is a fair chance that you are using WordPress and WordPress makes a lot of sense for a lot of people because, I don't want to say it's like the easiest thing to figure out, but most people, if they're determined enough can figure out how to use it and it's pretty easy to make edits and do just pretty basic things with it One of the cool things about WordPress is that there are tens of thousands of plugins on the market And plugins are just these little pieces of software that you can integrate with your website that will allow it to preform a certain task or display things in a certain way or basically just do something that the website couldn't do on it's on So, for example, there are plugins out there, say if you wanted like a special calculator on your website or if you wanted pictures to be displayed in a certain way or if you wanted like an Opt-In box to show up where people can sign up for the E-mail lists There's plugins for all these things

When it comes to these plugins a lot of them are free and some of them you actually have to pay for in order to use them on your website And their typically not terribly expensive Some plugins are very, very well made, even the free ones And some plugins are not well made at all, they don't do the job very well, they're kinda glitchy, they can even crash your website So, it's important to know if you want your website to preform a certain task, which plugins are gonna do that job the best

And running several different WordPress websites for years now, I've had lots of experience with a lot of different plugins And in this video, I want to tell you about ten of the plugins I've used, that I've had a consistently good experience with and I think, depending on what kind of business you're running or what sort of things you're doing, specifically I have a real estate business, so that's kind of how I use it with my website So, these plugins, they're not all gonna make sense for everybody, but chances are if you kinda follow along I'm willing to bet you'll find at least a few new ones that you probably weren't aware of that can be pretty helpful for you, so And I will say, some of these plugins, like specifically the paid ones, I do have an affiliate relationship with some of those so if you end up clicking on the links beneath this video and purchasing something through those links I'll most likely get a small commission from that So, let's dive into it and I'll show you what I got

(funky music) – [Seth] Okay, the first plugin I'm gonna show you here is called Gravity Forms And Gravity Forms is a plugin you can put in your website that will allow you to create very dynamic, detailed forms that people can use to fill stuff out and submit them to you And the first time I saw that Gravity Forms was 39 bucks a year to use on one site, I was a little turned off by that because I know there's a lot of other plugins out there that will do a similar thing for free So, I was like why on earth would I pay 39 bucks a year for this, that's crazy But it wasn't until one of my VAs convinced me to start using it, that I realized how helpful it really is

Because if you're just looking to put together a contact form on your site, where a person fills out their name, E-mail address, and a message and it sends it to you, then no, you absolutely do not need Gravity Forms for that, that's a very simple thing that pretty much any form plugin can do for you However, if you're trying to create a more in-depth, detailed submission form, like for example this right here is the submission form on my buying website And you can just kinda scroll down and see how long this thing is and there's all kinds of different fields in this form where it's really nice to have the ability to customize these things Like for example, when I want somebody to just tell me what state their in, I can do this dropdown form Or say if I want to put specific options in here, there are dropdown forms for this as well

Say if I wanted to make this form longer or shorter, pretty much anything you can imagine that you'd want to put in a form in terms of customization you can do that with Gravity Forms and it's very, very easy This is what the backend looks like when you can create these forms And it's very easy to just like drag and drop the stuff, so if you want to change the order of it When you want to create a new one, there's all kinds of different options you can choose from It's just a very robust, solid forms plugin and I know it's been around for a long time and it's very well respected in the WordPress community

So, if you need to do any kind of complex submission form on your website, I think Gravity Forms is definitely a solid option to work with and 39 bucks a year, I mean if it's a form that's gonna be used a lot, that is well worth the price considering what this plugin can do So, that's the first one on our list The next one is right here on CodeCanyon, it's called Interactive US Map, very descriptive name, I know And this was a plugin I have found after searching for hours and hours to try to find a interactive map that I can embed in my blogs, so that I can sorta explain to people different things that applied in different states around the United States And I gotta tell you there are a lot of different mapping solutions like this out there and a lot of them are okay, but the reason I like this one so much, was because this was a plugin that I can actually put in my site, so it wasn't hosted on some third party website and drawing from there

And it's also mobile responsive, so if you're looking at this on like an iPad or a phone, the entire map is still gonna be in view and it's gonna be just as easy to see, which is a huge thing, that was something that was really hard to find on a lot of the other mapping solutions out there And it also allows you to create multiple versions of this map So, it's not like you can only do one and then that's all you can do with the plugin I think at the time of this recording you can do up to three so, it's a pretty decent deal And I'll just show you a couple that I've actually put together on the REtipster blog

As you can see, this is how it works, when you kinda hover over the map, you can see specific information that pertains to each state and you can also control what the color looks like, both when it's just sitting there and then also when you hover over each state you can change what the color is gonna look like and in addition to that, you can also embed links within each state So, say, if I wanted to have somebody link to more information or evidence about the statement I'm making regarding each state, you can just click on the state and it will open up a new page So, it's a really awesome mapping solution that just has a lot of different functionality and flexibility and all in all it is by far the best solution I could find for WordPress sites So, it's definitely a good one If we look at the backend here, this is another one of the maps I created

And this is what it looks like when you want to change up what these things look like So for example, Alabama, if we want to take a look at that This is the place where I can link to a third party site, this is where I can say specifically what that state is gonna say in association with it and then I can change the color, I can have link open in a new page or on the same page, pretty much anything you can imagine you can do it with this mapping plugin And it's also worth mentioning, I'm using this plugin for the purpose of showing a map of the United States, but say if you're looking to use this for a different part of the world or maybe the entire world, Canada or Australia or India or the UK, you name it, pretty much every notable place this developer as also made plugins that go for those areas of the world as well Go ahead and scroll down here and you can see all of these different parts of the world where you can get a very similar plugin that works pretty much the same way

So, if for some reason you need to refer to a different part of the world, these options are all here and readily available Let's go ahead and click on this Europe one See this is how the one in Europe works And also keep in mind, if you want to highlight like certain cities within each place, you can do that too So, it's very flexible well made plugin and it's pretty cheap considering everything this plugin can do

So, it's definitely a good one to check out Okay, now the next one I want to show is called Buttons X, this is also available on CodeCanyon And what this plugin does is it allows you to create all kinds of different buttons that you can embed on your website So, this was something I know I actually struggled finding a solution to this kind of thing for years Cause I couldn't find anything that had good looking buttons that would really draw the users' attention to what I wanted them to click on and find out more about

And this kinda solves that problem, in my opinion Because it allows you to create a very clear call to action that they can click on And I'll give you a quick idea for how this works I used this not long ago, on the REtipster blog when I was putting together a blog post showing readers about a crowd funding platform called RealtyShares and this was actually a crowd funding platform that I have an affiliate relationship with so if people click on my link and sign up, I get a commission for referring a person to RealtyShares And here is that blog post, and I'll just kinda show you how this works

So, one way to include links on your website is this right here, so you can see this text that I made bold with a link in it So, somebody could click on that and go that way So, that totally works, I've done it that way for years, but say if you really want to catch somebody's attention you can create one of these buttons with the Buttons X plugin As you can see, when I hover over the button it sorta stands out kinda grabs your attention, just looks a little bit more animated and dynamic and if somebody clicks on this, it's gonna do the exact same thing and send them to the RealtyShares home page So, it kinda does the same thing, it just makes it stand out a lot more, so it's really hard to miss

It's a very clear call to action and it's not just an image, where you click the image, it actually has some animation to it and it can animated in a lot of different ways And actually, another plugin that's sort of an add-on to the Buttons X plugin, so once you have Buttons X, you can also add this one called Morphing Buttons which does even more stuff And this is pretty cool too If we go here and click on Morphing Buttons, let's just go, click some of these examples So, say if you want to put this on your website, say if somebody clicks on this right here, you could have Terms and Conditions showing up separately as kinda like a popup

Or say if you want to put a video in your listing or something like that You could click on that and then the video will pop up Or for example, you want to put a subscribe button you can make it look like this There's all kinda of different ways you can tailor the animation to show up differently based on whatever you think looks cool So, you can also do like a full screen thing

I'm not really huge fan of this one, but whatever But yeah, that's Buttons X and that's Morphing Buttons Okay, so for this next one, I've actually got two plugins I'm gonna show you, because they do a very similar thing but there's just some slight differences on the look and feel and in the options they bring to the table Both of these plugins are social sharing plugins so that people can not only follow you on social media, but you can also use these to make your content more shareable So say, if you have a property listing and you want people to be able to share that with ease or if you have a blog post, or you name it and you just want people to click to Tweet or click to share on Facebook, or click to fill-in-the-blank

Both of these plugins work great for that The first one here I've been working with since about 2014 and it's just a workhorse, like it does so many different things and has so many different options in terms of how the social information can be displayed on your website If you want just as many potential options as possible, I think this is probably gonna be the go to one, because there's just a lot of functionality built into this Another one that's a really good option here is called the Monarch plugin and it does it a lot of the same stuff but what I like about this one is that it's a lot more user friendly I thought it was much easier to get to the end result faster

With this one right here, Easy Social Share Buttons I really like all the different options it gives you, but it gives you so many options, but it's kinda easy to get lost in the shuffle Like if you've got a very specific idea of what you want you can probably get there with this plugin, but there's just so many things to sift through that it's kinda almost cumbersome to get there and granted once you get there you never really have to touch it again if you don't want to But it's just kind of a process to get to that point Whereas, with Monarch it gives you I think fewer options but all the options that they give you look really, really good And the interface is just easier to use and it's harder to get lost in the process

So, I think if you're more of a WordPress novice, then Monarch is probably the option for you But if you have a very specific idea of what you want your social buttons to look like, then Easy Social Share Buttons may be the better choice So, either way, I've used them both, I think they both work great, just kind of depends on where you're coming from and what you want your social buttons to look like So, either one 'em can be a great option Okay, the next plugin is a free one

It's called Pretty Link Lite and Pretty Link is something I heard about a few years back from Pat Flynn at Smartpassiveincomecom, because he uses this plugin a ton and I've since started using it a ton as well And the great thing about this plugin is that it can take any link, and I mean literally any link, to anything and it can make it much, much shorter and easy to remember, which is part of why they call it Pretty Link, takes really ugly link and makes it pretty So, I'll show you how this works Right here for example, this is on my blog, say if I had a link that looks like this

That link is pretty much impossible for any normal human being to remember or for that matter if you were trying to repeat that to somebody else or just trying to get somebody to remember that, pretty much impossible That's a very complex, complicated link But with Pretty Link you can say, whenever people type in retipstercom/rl, whenever people click on that link, it's gonna automatically forward them to this link So, it's a very, very easy way to take any URL that is complex, whether that be on your site or on some other site

And I know this happens a lot whenever people create property listings, it'll have their website URL forward slash, and maybe like the address of the property with dashes in between them Even that is too complicated, if you want anybody to remember your link or even if you want to be able to repeat it for any reason, it's pretty much essential you find a way to shorten that link And not only shorten, like I'm not talking about the Google or Bitley URL shorteners or anything like that, it's gotta be shortened to something that people can actually remember and this is the perfect tool for doing that And I will say, Pretty Link does have a paid versions of their plugin and I've actually paid for it and just from what I've experienced it, it does have some additional tools, like analytics and tracking and things like that But I personally, have not found those to be necessary for what I do, so the free version which you see right here Pretty Link Lite, that is more than sufficient for what I need

So, it's a very powerful plugin, that's very, very useful and I would totally recommend this to anybody So, it's definitely worth checking out The next plugin on our list is another free one, called Yoast SEO and kinda funny name Yoast SEO is a plugin that's been awhile now and it's another well respected plugin that a lot of people use, as you can see right here, three million active installs And it's basically just a plugin that helps you improve the search in optimization for each one of the pages on your website

So, if there's a certain key word or key words that you're trying to track, Yoast will help you verify, that yes, those key words are in the title, it's in the description, it's in the URL, it's showing up in all these places and it's showing numerous times and it basically notifies you with a green, yellow, or red light that you're either doing a great job with that or you're doing a poor job with that And I'm not gonna say that, if you start using this it's automatically gonna make your website explode in popularity overnight, it's not really how it works But if you're at all concerned about the searchability of your website, this is another solid and free plugin you can have integrated with your site that can just kinda help you improve this at least a little bit if not a lot So, this is definitely what I consider to be sort of a standard requirement to have if you're running a WordPress site This next plugin I wanna show you, again, two different plugins that do pretty much the same thing, they just kinda do it a little bit differently and both of these are for the purpose of creating popups or opt-in forms on your website

First one right here is called Layered Popups and this is on CodeCanyon and not terribly expensive, but it can do a lot of very attractive good looking popups that don't really look spammy, they just look unique and kinda cool I'll show you some examples here on their demo site So, you can go ahead and click any of these here and that's kinda what the popups look like They're very sharp, they look really good, and that's, it's just kinda unique I haven't seen a lot of sites out there with opt-in forms that look this sharp and I just thought this plugin did a really, really good job with that

I'm currently using this on my blog in a few different spots I'll show you an example right here Go here and just kinda click on a blog post at random When you scroll down, you see this thing that popups, that is an opt-in form that is running on Layered Popups and again, if you scroll down to the bottom of any one of these blog posts and you click on this right here, this is also running on Layered Popups So, you can see it's nothing crazy, but it looks pretty sharp, it doesn't look cheesy or spammy or anything like that, it's just a nice good looking way to include opt-in forms in the form of a popup Or you could also just have them appear, so they're just sorta already there on the page so they don't even popup, they're just there

The only downside I've found with Layered Popups is that it's a little bit cumbersome to create them I remember it took me quite awhile to get each one of mine put together and designed and created on my own And it's not necessarily the most user friendly process of doing that, but it does give you a ton of flexibility There are all kinds of different existing templates you can work from, or you can just create one from scratch if you're smart enough to know how to do that, or if you hire somebody to do that for you So, lots of flexibility here in Layered Popups

If you're not necessarily looking for all of that flexibility and you'd rather just have it be easy, another option here is another plugin from Elegant Themes called Bloom And this works very similar to the other plugins from Elegant Themes in that they're very user friendly and easy to follow and it gives you dozens of different opt-in forms you can use that can show up in any number of ways So, I'll just show you a quick demo here So, if we go here to opt-in types, let's try the fly-in and just what that looks like So, that right there is what that opt-in form looks like

So, pretty basic, it looks pretty sharp, it doesn't really jump out at you, it's not obnoxious, just kinda looks good and does the job Another option here is the popup Let's see what that looks like, once we start scrolling, there it is So, again, that's a little bit more intrusive but you can also use it for locked content So, say if you're trying to give away a free PDF but only if you sign up for my E-mail list, that kinda thing that's kinda what that looks like

I will say the Bloom plugin is not quite as flexible and doesn't have nearly as many options as Layered Popups does, but not everybody needs that Some people just want something that's easy to use and looks good no matter what and that's exactly what Bloom is So, I think either one of those could work fine I used Bloom for a little bit on my websites, but I don't anymore because it didn't have exactly the look and feel I was looking for and that's why I switched back over here to Layered Popups, but again, either one can work great depending on what you need Okay, if you are running a real estate website that includes any information about financing

Say if you're trying to sell a property and you want to offer the option of seller financing on that property or say if you have any kind of business that involves lending on any level, this is a awesome plugin that you can include on your website I haven't been using it for a long time, but I discovered it just a little while ago and it is very, very impressive, just how good it looks, how easy it is to use, and as you can see on CodeCanyon it's got an excellent rating, a lot of people really like it I'll show you really quickly how it works, if we click on the Live Demo So, there's number of different ways you can customize how this works Once the person fills in all of the numbers that pertain to their situation, they can either just show it right on the screen or they can check to send a PDF to their E-mail address

And in that PDF you can even customize it a little bit to include your company logo, so it's almost like a little advertisement that goes along with them Or again, you could not do this all together and just have it show up on the screen So, say, if we're gonna do, 200,000, and by the way, you can also change what these default values are gonna be if you want too Down payment, say just 10%, 15 years, calculate it And it shows us this full blown payment schedule, all this information

I mean, it's kind of incredible how good this thing looks and just how much information it provides and it's very easy for pretty much any user of any level of sophistication to figure out how this thing works And you can also use different types of currency Say, if you're in Europe or in the UK or pretty much any type of currency you want to insert in here, you can do There's also these optional slider inputs So, if you don't want your users to go through the agony of typing out the dollar amounts they can use the slider as well

And there's also these helpful little things if they don't understand And by the way, you can also customize what these information bubbles say For example, in my case I've got a land business, so I'm not gonna be using the word "home," I'm gonna be, probably inserting the word "property" there I can edit that if I want too Just lots of different options here

And what I like about it, is that way you can customize this are pretty much the ways that are important It doesn't give you too many options that it makes it confusing It just gives you only the things that you'll most likely gonna want to change if the need arises So, this is a very good plugin I've been really, really happy with it

I think it does an awesome job, it's definitely worth checking out if you're selling properties or any kind of product that could potentially involve financing It's just a really easy way for them to figure that out One other plugin I wanna show you from Elegant Themes is called the Divi Builder and it this was something that I was thinking I would use it all the time, but as it turns out I've only been using it in a few select cases So, I won't say this is like always the best option, at least for me But there are definitely times when it can be very, very helpful, just in terms of organizing the appearance of certain things on your website

And I'll just show you two pages on my blog right now where I'm actively using this One page is right here, the Gear Up page and see as we scroll down, see how thee images kinda fade in and just show up as I scroll down? That right there and also this button right here, that's being controlled with the Divi Builder, this too Every single thing you see on the left side here, on the body of this page is being organized with the Divi Builder and I'll show you really quickly how this works If we go in here to edit this page So when we scroll down here

The Divi Builder works like this, you can create these different sections on the page where certain things will show up So, for example on this page at the very top you see a video with some text beneath it and then you see this list of these different images on the left and the right So, if we kinda go and take a look at this again, you will see where that video is, so that's this thing right here, Gear Up video And you see this text, that's what this thing is right here You see these five different images on each side, you can see those right here

And then you see the text beneath it and then another image So, that's here And what makes this nice is let's say if I want a quick rearrange this stuff Like, I've got this different chunks of content and I want to change where these things are showing up It's really easy to do that once you're using the Divi Builder and everything is in place

Say if I wanted the video to show up after the text, let's go ahead and preview that now, see what it looks like Okay, so now you can see text first and then the video Or let's say, what if I wanted too switch these two things, so right now you'll see postcard templates on the left and then how to write great offers here on the right Let's say if we switch these up a little bit, and then put this over here I mean heck, we could do anything we want

It's really, really easy, you just drag and drop wherever you want things to be So now blind offer templates is at the left, voicemail packages on the right at the top So, let's preview this again, alrighty Blind offers here on the left, voicemail on the right I mean, I hope I'm kinda explaining how this works

I can tell ya, if you're trying to do this without the Divi Builder, it would be quite a bit more of a hassle because you'd have to actually copy and paste text and delete images and reinsert them in certain places and things would almost certainly not be formatted correctly and it would just kinda look messed up And this just makes it really easy to do that with ease And it's always gonna look good and it's also mobile responsive, so things will sorta reposition themselves as they need to, as you can see if we kind of move this Once it gets narrower, everything kinda falls into place So, it's just a really nice plugin to use and if you're somebody who just needs help organizing things a little bit better on each one of your posts or pages, this could be a great way to do that

I'd also say, once you got things organized in a good fashion that you want to keep reusing, it's very easy to save to library So, say if you've got a property listing and everything is laid out exactly the way you want it to be you can do that and then very quickly pull up that template again in the future for all your future listings And whenever you want to insert a new module like this there's all kinds of different types of content you can insert So, say if you wanted like an audio clip or a video, or an image, or a gallery, or a map I mean this kind of thing is like very, very ideal to use with creating property listings because pretty much everything you can imagine that you'd want your property listing to include you can do that with this and especially with the ability to save it as a template and pull it back up in the future

It can make the process easier than ever once you've got these templates created and in place So, this can definitely be a nice one to checkout for pretty much any kind of WordPress site, but you know in my case specifically a real estate listing site If you're running a business anything like mine, this could be a really nice tool to have at your disposal Okay, now moving onto the tenth and final plugin that we're gonna talk about in this video This one is actually the only plugin that I have not used myself yet, however the reason I'm talking about this is because I've heard quite a bit about this and also the rating of this particular plugin is called Estatik is excellent, like that's an insanely good rating that you just don't get unless you're doing something right

And the whole idea behind this plugin is to make it really, really easy for you to create organized good looking property listings If we go to the company's website, right here Estatik comes in a few different pricing categories You can get it for free and just based on what I'm seeing here, it looks like the free version will work for most people If you're a small shop, say if you're just one person running your own real estate business, this could totally work

Whereas, if you're running like a bigger company or agency then you might want one of these other options But if we go back and just take a look at the demo, just so you can see what this looks like These are the different listings created with Estatik They've also got this mortgage calculator up here, looks like it's not quite as informative as the WordPress Amortization Calculator I talked about earlier in this video, but it's kind of a nice thing just to have available if you want But if we go ahead and click on the first one of these listings, just check out what it looks like

So, as you can see, this is what the listings look like It's got all helpful information, you can even integrate video if you want to at the very bottom You can just click on these tabs and it'll just shoot you down to the appropriate part on the listing So, it just kinda makes it easy to create well organized, good looking listings And from what I've seen, it looks like this plugin is actually compatible with the Divi Builder, which I just talked about in the previous segment of this video

So, if you've got that, this could very well work with that too And you also have these different filtering tools right here So say if you've got a ton of properties on your site and the person wants to only filter by certain categories they can do that over here too And I believe Estatik actually has their own themes as well So, if you're like starting from scratch, and you don't even have a theme, you can check out these two options as well and then obviously the plugin would either be replaced by this theme or it would kinda work hand-in-hand with the theme, I guess I'm not really sure how that works

But either way, that's not a bad price to pay for a theme, especially if it's got great ratings and it works exactly the right way for your business, so Again, I have no used this plugin unfortunately, but just based on everything I've seen and heard about it, it seems like a pretty solid option So, if you're trying to build a selling website and you have a need to organize listings and create them in way that just looks good, this could definitely be a nice one to checkout So that's it, I appreciate you checking out this video Hopefully you found at least one or two plugins that you can integrate with your WordPress site if you're running a WordPress site

And I will say plugins actually change quite a bit from year to year I'm recording this video in mid-2017, so all these plugins are pretty good at this point in time But if you're watching this video, in like 2019 or 2020, there may be a lot of changes that have happened to these So that's just worth bearing in mind And I also realize there's a lot of plugins out there that I've probably never seen or heard of, so if you know of a great WordPress plugin that I didn't mention here, by all means feel free to mention it in the comments beneath this video and I'd love to check 'em out and find out more about what you're using in your business

So, that's it, thanks again for watching this video and I wish you all the best with creating the best website you possibly can for your business

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