Tools Must Have To Start A Solid Online Business and Start Making Money Online

hey you guys welcome back Gabriel here from Daily Boss Media today I'm gonna talk to you about four things that you need to have most have to build a successful business online marketing business so if you're hearing this channel because you need help too you need ASAP to make money online and these four thing are crucial to start your online business first you need the right product Not any product you need to have a product that is effective and that will get results to people why because people are not buying product people buy results so if yours in the selling process to someone you want to sell the results actually you were selling the results because if you think about people ask first with the results of that product see if you do not know anything about that product or if you you don't know anything about the product you cannot so you cannot sell it well you cannot sell properly so the first thing you need is a perfect product the right product I must say so for me I'm in the 4% and I'm a super affiliate of the four percent challenge and that if you don't know anything about four percent challenge the four percent challenge is an all education company that people build a successful online marketing business starting from zero to your first ten thousand dollars in revenue so that's our that's my product and the link will be in the description and if you want to join welcome you're most welcome because for me is the best product out there for starting in the online marketing business so the other things that you need to have is an Auto Responder, Why an autoresponder? because you want to actually not only sell product you want to capture their emails to follow up on them yeah you can like sell a product and then forget about it but it's not a sustainable business you need a solid business that can last you know you need a solid business that can last for how long you want so in that way building your your leads, your traffic generating traffic you can follow up on them and you can keep selling the product that you want it make sense right other thing that you want to have is a funnel a funnel is where you going on drive traffic in is your landing page is your sales page is your Thank You page so while you have a do I have a landing page is it's like your front door of your house t's must be the most beautiful thing right that attract people to be you know you have your front door then you have your product so if your sales page it's not effective if it's not good enough people will bounce off your landing page and then you you know you have a low rate of a conversion so then when you have those three things cover your your landing page to collect your emails then your sales page that there you will have your solid product that you believe in and do you own then a thank you page and why thank you page Thank You page it's really powerful because Thank You page well you found the time to page you can bring value to that Thank You page and leave that lead happy you know and not only that you can upsell your product on Thank You page but it's it's more like recommended to maybe give some download content or maybe a video of you talking about the product or maybe thank them – to buy from you believe it or not there is value for them and that leave them to a peaceful mind so that's really crucial to have another thing is tracking system you need to be able to track everything on your business a tool that I have that I use to track everything clicks, track clicks, conversions track ROI return of investment track your actions on your on your landing page sales page Thank You page track everything and it's really powerful I use click magik click magik is a really powerful tool that is really crucial if you have if you want a solid business so click magik what it does is if it give you the advantage to create custom tracking links that you can track people when people click on that on that on tracking link it will track every everything that he does on your phone that make sense so that way you can like analyze on what point shows up – um you know analyze the point point what is the the rate of the like maybe he like go through your funnel and he only get to the sales page so you know that if you don't have a tracking system you don't know anything about what that person did and it help you because you can like fix and optimize your landing page you can optimize your sales page you can optimize everything so you can have more great more rate of sales and conversion you know conversion traffic so every of the tool that I use I will give giving you the the links in the description and another thing is ah you need to master like this is not optional you have to master traffic generation why is that because traffic generation is something really important in your business if you have traffic you have you have conversions that's kind of obvious right you need to have traffic to your landing page so not always is good to have organic or free traffic you know why because in the end you don't convert in though you don't convert well so your if you want to build your online business and earn conversions fast you need to be able to understand traffic so you can tap into there into a targeted traffic and lead that mass traffic to your front door to your landing page and see the magic because imagine if you pick every person that is into one needs for example into fitness you go to a Gym and you start to sell "the best product" of I don't know maybe a shake or something about Fitness everyone everyone's gonna go crazy for that product because you're tapping just to specific massive traffic that they want to buy your product already you know make sense I hope it makes sense to you so it's really important to understand traffic conversion so I'm gonna be giving you the perfect program like I see any program of that level on the description you can check that out okay so I think that's cover all for this video thank for watching and don't forget to like this video subscribe and I see you in the next video

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