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– If you're looking for a short list of the best tech tools and systems to use inside of your online coaching business then stick around because I'm about to show you the exact tools and systems that I use in my business that are not only easy to use but they're simple and they're gonna help you manage, market and grow (inspirational music) For the best advice on how to become a desirable must-have coach in the market, make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so that you get notified every time a video drops every single week

Make sure you stick around until the end because I'm gonna be showing you how you can gain access to my Create A Killer Lead Magnet checklist so you can start creating amazing lead magnets and opt-ins that will attract and convert your ideal clients Hi there My name is Jen Hall and I am the best-selling author of Expert Unrivalled, the five step formula to helping coaches and experts become the most desirable option in the marketplace I took my business fully online around about three years ago now and I must say it was a complete eye opener Working online is a totally different kettle of fish but it's vital that you have the right systems and tools in place so that you can run your business as smoothly as possible

So I'm looking forward to showing you the tools and tech that I use inside of my business right from the word go that has helped me grow and scale First up is ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign is an incredible email management system Every business should have one Email marketing is not dead and it's something you need to focus on because your email contacts are really your only online real estate

This is the only thing that you truly own and are able to control So ActiveCampaign is one of the easiest to use out there You have many other systems out there including things like Infusionsoft that is generally way beyond what you need unless you're, say, a six or seven figure business owner And MailChimp, in my opinion, having tried both ActiveCampaign and MailChimp, MailChimp is just way more clunky and it's just not as easy to use in my opinion and I think that ActiveCampaign has way more capability which they're adding to all of the time So, it's easy to view this as a huge benefit

It also has incredible capabilities for creating automated sales funnel and opt-in delivery It's got great analytics so you can really focus on your open rates and looking at your click through rates to make sure that your email marketing is really hitting the mark ActiveCampaign is a huge tool that I use on a daily basis within my business and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it You can find a link to sign up for free to ActiveCampaign in the description of this video Second on the list is Calendly

Now, Calendly is a fantastic call booking system and a call booking system is essential to any online coaching business It's what allows people to be able to book calls straight into your diary without that annoying "Can you do this date? Can you do this time?" Backwards and forwards ping-pong that results in you struggling to nail down that client So, this kinda system is essential Now, there are many out there Calendly is my weapon of choice because it looks great, it's user friendly and very very simple to use and integrate Next up is Canva

Now, where would we be without Canva? If you have not discovered this amazing system then this is a must-have Canva has saved my life on more than one occasion It can save you a ton of money on graphic design and works really well if you have your own branding photography done but also just as well without With many other photographs and illustrations available in the actual tool itself It is a great tool that has enabled me to create amazing, professional looking graphic design on a shoestring

It gives you immediate results so you don't have to be waiting for people on Upwork, Fiverr, and I mean, they're great and professional design is fantastic, I am a great advocate for designs that need to have a bit more of a professional eye However, for quick and easy things like social media updates for perhaps creating a cover for your opt-in, whatever that might be, it's great to have, easy to use and just amazing Go and try it Number four on the list is Trello Now, Trello is your friend when it comes to lists and we all love a good list right? I use it to create programs, I use it for looking at content creation and many many other things

It's super easy to use but it also has many other layers to it so you can keep it simple or you can start to create more complicated automations depending on how in love you fall with Trello But it's definitely worth checking out Go in there If you love a list, Trello is your best friend At number five is Nifty Images

Now, Nifty Images is the key to creating urgency in your emails and building a more personal relationship with your prospects It allows you to create timers and countdown clocks that countdown to perhaps when your launch is ending, when a offer expires, there are many many uses And it also allows you to pull through the clients name into the images So, for instance, you could send invitations that say "Hey Claire!" and it will personally invite them It makes it a much more personal experience and really knocks down that fourth wall and makes your emails way more engaging

(dramatic horn) How are you finding tech? Is it something that you're managing or do you find it a complete and utter nightmare? Let me know in the comments below and let's discuss So next up we have something really super simple and that is Google Calendar Now, Google Calendar is a fantastic tool I run my life from Google Calendar and it allows me to integrate with other systems such as Calendly to tell Calendly when I'm busy and what I'm doing It's a great tool because scheduling is one of the biggest keys to success

So make sure that you have one definitive place where you can make sure that you run your life from and that is also backed up which is great because Google Calendar is backed up to the Cloud to make sure that you always have all of your information to hand It's great Make sure you utilize it At number 7, it's Beacon Now, this is a serious business secret weapon

It's fantastic for creating beautifully designed opt-ins Now, this system not only helps to create them but it automatically stores them which can sometimes be one of the biggest problems for business owners trying to work out how to get that opt-in delivered and stored for the prospects So, Beacon is a fantastic tool that allows you not only to create beautifully designed opt-ins in minutes It also allows you to store them and simply take that link and attach it to your email And the job is done

It's brilliant You can use storage devices like AWS, OneDrive, G Drive to store them It's also possible to actually create them on Word documents and turn them into PDFs but serious business opinion here, I truly believe that if it's the first thing that people are going to see, it's really important that it's fantastic So, either use something like Beacon to help you design them or give it to a professional designer to snazz up because what you don't want people to do is to have the first thing that's put in front of them from you looking a little bit half-assed, a little bit mediocre, or worse tinpot and undervalued So do make sure that it looks great as well as being amazing in value

I'm giving you access to my Killer Lead Magnet checklist which is going to take you through everything you need to do to make sure that your opt-ins not only attract your ideal clients but converts them with ease So make sure that you grab that checklist from the description below and make sure that you join my private Facebook community, Unrivalled Experts where you'll get access to me, my live trainings and challenges on becoming the most desirable option in the market You'll also have the opportunity to request your own personal choice of training topic I really look forward to seeing you on the inside Make sure you join using the link in the description

Thanks so much for watching the video If you like this video make sure you pop me a like and make sure that you drop me a comment in the comments below to let me know if you found this useful Also, don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you get notified of all the videos that I deliver and give it a share with your fellow entrepreneurs And I'll see you next time

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