TogaChat Philippines Tagalog Presentation 2017

Hi again Thank You so much for your interest to know more about TogaChat Today we will dig more of the details who really TogaChat is and why it is the most promising Social Media App in the world now

That could actually give you another source of income and could actually give you a BIG opportunity when it comes to making yourself a FORTUNE in this industry In the world of Social Media APP industry just like Facebook so stay tuned In an ever growing world of internet and more and more Social Media APPs are being produced, who are the famous and known messaging app worldwide now There is Whats's App, WeChat, Viber, IMO, Line, Kakao Talk, Messenger, and one of the most controversial now which is BB Chat, where you can burn messages right after they send private messages to other people It needs a subscription of $60 monthly while TogaChat to beat that price to $15 yearly ONLY

Now, let's did into other Social Media Apps like Skype, Instagram, IMO, where you can send messages, video call and chatting online as well These Social Media Apps if we all remember are being downloaded for FREE by their developers to their users And later on I am going to reveal to you why they give they give away free registrations, and sign ups worldwide Just like TogaChat, we are giving our apps for FREE registration and FREE sign up But you know what, not like Facebook user or messenger you cannot earn every time you recommend this APP to your friends

With TogaChat you have a potential to earn $1 every time your friend, DOWNLOADS this appThrough google play and apple store But before you invite your friends to download this app, of course you should assure them first how useful TogaChat app is TogaChat is an online academy that aims to teach people what TogaChat is comprises of First of all TogaChat, is the only application in the history, that consists of financial access, you can pay online, you can shop online, through Taobao, and Lazada and you can also in the future pay your MRT bils, electric bills, internet bills by simply using TogaChat app

So that is for TogaPay Now we will be talking about TogaGo, through using TogaChat, you can now book your Hotels and Airline bookings through using TogaChat app It is a great opportunity, because you don't need to go to websites like Agodacom, Bookingcom, Expedia

Buy just accessing your TogaChat app, it will direct you right in to the websites of these best hotel booking flatforms that TogaChat is well affiliated with We are affiliated and tied up, with these companies and so we are giving you the best price right in the convenience of your Super APP TogaChat TogaGames We also have hundreds of thousands of games that you can use that you will enjoy right inside your Social Media App It is a great chance for the the company to consume a lot of data base where we help the company to increase the listing of it's data base consumption of TogaChat where in we users are giving the company to belong to the most highly consumed data based app in the world

TogaAcademy It is one of the most useful tools that you can find inside TogaChat app If you are an entrepreneur like me, for sure you want to learn how to earn possibly, online, through the power of the internet In this academy, we are teaching all of the Toga App members and users, to have an access to all of the training that the company provides for us You will learn online marketing, you will learn the strategies and masterminds with top entrepreneurs around the worlds

TogaAcademy is like a university inside your app In other companies they sell these training and tools, but with TogaChat academy, you will have an access once you are a user and once you are an agent in the company So isn't that a great opportunity for you guys to learn online in the convenience of your home TogaFinance With TogaFinance you will be able to have an access to Forex Exchange, Stock Market, Indices, and many more

Many business people in the world now, when they have too much and massive result with their career they will want to have an access to invest and if you are an agent with TogaChat once you have made a really good fortune with the company, you will have the rights to become an investor with your very own company which is called TogaChat You will have the chance to become an investor, certified with it's IPO launching in NASDAQ So isn't it that great This means with Facebook after they launched Facebook and earned a huge income with their data base consumption, once TogaChat has been listed to NASDAQ by 2019 which is the aim of the company You as an agent will have the rights to be a stockholder earning the dividends from your SHARE

So why do you think there are so many Social Media APPs are being released from time to time There is only one reason, these developers of Social Media application, sees opportunities in the future Once millions or billions of users are suing their app They now have people who are consuming BIG Data base Where they earn huge income not in millions but in billions of dollars

They give away free registration and free sign ups So us as a user of FACEBOOK it is free to use the site right? It is free to register and free to sign up So you might wonder how Mark Zuckerberg earn from it if the registration is for free Facebook is categorized as Social Media Networking website There will be no more site like this to beat and copy what Facebook has done Just like how Yahoo really diversified and conquered the market before, when Google came it beat Yahoo

I do not know if Yahoo can still survive but I think Google is now the thriving website for search engine nowadays But in the world of Social Media app Messaging, may companies like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, et are known in the world but they have their own features that others do not have and none of these are actually thriving globally That is why TogaChat can still win the game Where in the company aims by 2019 to have 500 Million users worldwide WhatsApp is a very famous app in Europe and in the United States of America

From being a private company, from its offer to be sold from 22 Billion US Dollars It was bought by another private company for 19 Billion Dollars If that is a lot to imagine, let's take a look at another app Which is WeChat, from being a private company with 300 million users WeChat was 250 Billion Dollars in networth After they reached 870 Million users worldwide, and after trading publicly in Trade in Hong Kong Stock Market Their networth now is a whooping, 300 Billion US Dollars

Those are just really heavy examples but in this world of biggest companies, online, we all know that technology is the one that is really thriving the game Just like how the riches person in the world Bill Gates, own Microsoft But remember, when Bill Gates started his business he doesn't have his hardwares and softwares that he has in present time So if you are going to join Bill Gates's business and become his partner in his business for it requires a huge capital joining his venture So it is the same with Mark Zuckerberg, did you know, when he was starting to network Facebook back when he was in collage in Harvard University, he invited his two friends and out of his two friends only one of them actually really believed and joined him

Now in present time, his friend is one of the multi-billionaire of this company In present time Facebook has a networth of 370 Billion US Dollars Mark Zuckerberg himself has a networth of 50 Billion US Dollars by simply bringing Facebook to the public through IPO If you are going to join Mark Zuckerberg's business now, through joining Facebook's stock in NASDAQ, well for sure it will eat up huge capital Not just HUUUUGE capital

Reaaaaaaaaaaaaly huge CAPITAL! 🙂 So my message to you guys is all about TIMING Now that TogaChat need 500 Million users worldwide before 2019 it is going to be the best 2 years of your life to grind and start entering the world of Social Media and TECHNOLOGY We all know that timing is everything Now we are introducing to you Social Media App that is far more stand out, far more useful and far more different than other Social Media Apps that we know in the world We are continuously exceeding and developing our Social Media App to exceed what other Social Media Apps can offer out there

With emoji and animated characters TogaChat has a lot of applications than other Social Media Apps do not have My message to you is very simple, I want you guys to open your eyes and see how Social Media Marketing is thriving in the world and how it could possibly create fortune in your life A huge financial breakthrough is happening in the world of technology now a days, and if you will become part of that, I believe in myself it is now the best time of the decade in the history that a Social Media App is embracing the power of Multi Level Marketing To help ordinary people like us Who wants to uplift their lives by promoting a company with a service that is useful and profitable

Through the use of the power of word of the mouth marketing, TogaChat will be able to get it's aim to have 500 Million users worldwide by year 2019 It will help more ordinary people globally, to have extraordinary income by simply advertising to their friends to download the APP and become users for the company to have a huge DATA BASE consumption in the world of Social Media Application In that way, the company will be rewarding you $1 per download globally Isn't that a great opportunity for all of us The NEXT BEST THING YOU SHOULD DO is to become an AGENT

Later on we will talk about how you will have an access to become an AGENT with TogaChat Academy Many Network Marketing companies now in the world just like Amway, where as it is the oldest MLM company worldwide still needs to have products and services where most of it's agents and members are having a hard time first of all ship products, collect payments, stock items, and many more Let's admit that it is really hard to carry around products because first of all it requires product demo, present products, share testimonies and different results that the product you promote can do to it's consumers and users One of the struggles of most distributors is the collection of payment specially if your company is not yet international it is really difficult to collect payments for membership fee from those who wants to partner with you specially collect payment from the retail sales that you made worldwide even if you do online marketing The most promises of Network Marketing companies is that if you work hard and really do how the marketing plan works, is that one day you will become big and you will become successful

But it got nothing when it comes to the income that a can be provided by a Social Media App like Facebook Messenger and TogaChat With Amway as a good example, Amway only earned 95 Billion US Dollars from 1959 up to present time There are sill so many member of it as of now, distributors and product users But compare 9

5 Billion to 370 Billion Dollars, there is really a huge difference In the world of business industry, we all know, that as you grow your business you have to grow your business expenses You need to have manpower, you need to have your own factory, you need to keep on growing everything So in the world of Social Media App, the only thing you need to grow is the NUMBER OF USERS of the app that you have Keep on DEVELOPING your APP is the only expense of it

The best thing about this is that if you promote, TogaChat, just simply or text, or chat, or call your friends anywhere they are in the world and they can have an access to download the TogaChat APP Right in the convenience of their home wherever they are in the world As long as they have an android apple smart phone that can connect to the internet They can download it to google play and apple store and there yo go, by simply messaging your friends you will earn $1 per download If you can promote to 100 friends per day That means you have a chance to earn 100 US Dollars right in the convenience of your home Isn't that a great opportunity for us Filipinos? The best thing about this is that you will not need to sell products that needs to be shipped that requires extra cost there will be no more collection of payment wherein your subscribers or members will need to send money to register which is another cost for them there will be no more storage of products you are forced to purchased and sell You can do Network Marketing all your life It can change your life, it can change your future, your finances But to me it is such a great opportunity to do a business wherein you don't carry products and you can simply ask your friends to download this Social Media APP

The level of success is lower compared to doing something like promoting a Social Media App that is based upon technology and a thriving income through massive usage of data base The rate of success with TogaChat is so big that you cannot compare it with other MLM companies in the world The opportunity only has a short window in a short period of time We are not just encouraging users to use TogaChat But we are also encouraging agents to become pioneer and have the chance to earn potential income and at the same time for you to become a stock holder and part of the company earning the dividends in future time You can do it part time or full time by simply asking your friends to download this App right in the convenience of your home, isn't that simple? Now let us discuss the most awaiting and most exciting part the most exciting part how you are going to earn your fortune with TogaChat

We encourage users to become agets of TogaChat APP by simply buying your own entry you can have an access to duplicate the value of your entry by simply purchasing Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium, packages Later on we will be discuss dig more exciting benefits about this Why do you think a Social Media App like TogaChat embraced the power of Multi Level Marketing? the top most reason of it is what we call ''time span'' TogaChat and it's CEO's believe from the United States, from Malaysia that if Facebook was able to earn 370 Billion US Dollars in a span of 12 years we can have more power to reach that thorgh the power of unity of the people who will promote it through the use of world of the mouth marketing in less spent cost, yet will be much more reward for ordinary people like us TogaChat aims to have 500 Million users worldwide That is a quarter of Facebook users in the world in just 2 years span of time

Now we will talk of the most exciting part, how to become part of TogaChat Academy and how you can possibly earn the fortune that only Social Media App business industry can offer

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