Tips para detectar nichos rentables para comenzar tu negocio de Affiliate Marketing

Hello here Gopika from LivingWellandHappycom, today we are going to see some tips so you can discover if a niche is profitable when it comes to starting with your affiliate marketing business

There are four things that we can analyze for See if a niche is worth it when it comes to sales 1 is to see that in that niche there is some big problem in which people are looking for a solution desperately, urgently, for example my back hurts when I sit down work on my desk so I urgently need to find a chair that I help to be working at my desk for several hours without my back hurts, urgently, I need to solve that The 2nd point is this topic a hobby, something that people are passionate about looking for things on this topic If you notice when people have a hobby, when we have a hobby we are pretty passionate about of that topic, we really like everything that is related to the topic, we want know what is the last thing that came out about that

If I like to sculpt wood I will not have only a gouge in my house to sculpt the wood but I will always be looking for better gouges and reading about how is the best technique for carving wood, new art forms in wood, I will always be looking for something that makes my hobby more pleasant and that can continue to practice in new ways or deepen what I am doing, I have a passion for that Point number 3 is to check if people who is interested in that topic is really on the internet looking for the solution to the problem Point number 4: we will investigate if there are products To solve these problems, we will look for product names and let's make a list and let's see what they really sell on the internet, because sometimes there are also problems that people are looking for a solution but you're not looking for it on the internet or you're looking for it on the internet but the Solve with free things, with information that you do not need to buy a product So it's important that you see that these products exist and that they do they sell on the internet, that there are already people who are buying this product So, if you find a niche where there is 1) a big problem where people are looking an urgent immediate solution plus 2) it's a hobby or people are passionate about this topic, 3) there are also many products that are already selling enough to solve this problem and also see that 4) there is a whole group of people, an audience that is on the internet looking for these products for these solutions, then that means you've found a niche that is profitable, a niche in which people are ready to invest for get these solutions that you offer him

So here in this short video I gave them some tips so they can start to analyze and understand how to find niches that are profitable when it comes to starting your Affiliate business marketing Do not forget to like this video if you liked it, put your questions if you have questions in the comments, subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive more information and download here down in the link that I put here download a free book where I give them more tips so you can start your online Affiliate marketing business successful way and until next time

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