Three Tools Online Business Owners Need

– This is where I'm going to do a shameless promotion here for Design Pickle (chuckles) I do not know how to do anything when it comes to graphic design, and I've been a part of Design Pickle since it's inception

For me, for the simple man, I create something, I come up with the concept I put it down on a paper on a napkin with crayon, and I send it out and I get a revision back so that I can now create more content to share with the world, instead of spending hours at Kinkos or on the phone with somebody trying to make it happen So, Design Pickle shout out, "That's all you!" If I could share three companies that I use for the digital business that I have, Design Pickle at the very top, Zoom for live video recorded calls, Easy Text for sending out texts Those three right there if you are looking to launch a business or get started and do your own thing, start right there At the top, Design Pickle

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