Three Easy Ways To Protect Your Website | GoDaddy

If you haven’t thought about your website’s security—or are avoiding the thought, take heart Keeping your site and your customers safe is less daunting than you may imagine

Your house has locks, right? You may even have a high-tech security system Or a large low-tech watchdog — whatever it takes to protect your home from thieves and other bad actors It’s just as important to protect your website and your customers from unsavory cyber characters If you think that because you’re business is small, or new, or not doing online sales, you can fly under the cyber-crime radar Sorry…

any website can be a target But here’s the good news It takes just a few security basics to protect your website, your customers, and your business – no computer science degree or huge bank account required And by ‘few’ we mean three: SSL encryption, malware protection, and automatic website backups This security trifecta will keep your site and customers safe, and your reputation sterling

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