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Hey hi friends Here Julie epiceriedublog

com Today little tutorial to show you how works the plugin built-in Recipes So to enter a recipe, go to a new article or an existing article Currently my item looks like this and I would like it to look more like the article on the cake chocolate cherry! So here with the recipe: ingredients, the cooking time and preparation and the steps of the recipe So I go into the back office WordPress on my article "Pancake à la framboise"

Scroll down the page to see where the fields are located They are just below the box layouts I get my title Then the ingredients (Name and quantity) Here I copy a recipe from the site Marmiton: D

Then I enter the preparation time and cooking The preparation time is ten minutes The cooking time is thirty minutes I then joined my instructions Here there: D

I save and show you what happens If I return to my post, you see that NOTHING has changed! This is totally normal! Why? I explain to you: Once you have entered the recipe but at no time you have inserted in your article! You must add it to the article! So I place myself where I want to view the recipe And then, very simply, I'll click on "add medias" button Choose the "insert an item element" then choose "recipe" here you will have the opportunity to choose between three models I will show you what they look like the 3 styles

You can even customize certain colors of these models! Let's start with the basic model I click "insert an item" I save and I update my page And tadaaa! I have my recipe appearing now! My ingredients, my times, my preparation steps etc I show you now the other formatting recipes style "box" and style "border"

I update You see the styles Box with a colorful background and the border style unsurprisingly puts a border around You can change some colors of the plugin Go to Customize WordPress menu and custom colors then in recipe plugin So you will be able to change text color for example, put the text in red

I can also change the color of titles and the background color of titles Let the green background for example And the text in yellow Here The changes are effective, you see, the 3 models Then I can change the background color of the box Choose orange Taddaaaa! Now change the color Border

In blue There you go! To validate these changes, I click save and publish This action will change the style of your revenue on all tickets upcoming and existing tickets

The other advantage of this plugin recipe is that we develop it with rich snippets These are (roughly) data for Google This will tell Google "look, here are ingredients" "Here is the title of my recipe" etc It is very USEFUL for food bloggers! Here This is the end of this little tutorial Holly Foody and plugin recipes! Feel free to ask us questions if you have them

See you soon on epiceriedublogcom!

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