Theme WordPress Blog Cuisine / Changer les couleurs et les typos dans Holly Foody

Now I'll show you how it goes in back office including the color modification as you will see how powerful Holly Foody is! So simply go to your back office WordPress here the button Customize to access the customization panel Here we are on the customization panel it is something you have base in WordPress but we added a LOT of options to customize as you please! Change your look at your convenience! Here change the site's identity: title and description Here you can change the logo / the header image

By default, the logo size is 1080 pixels by 500 pixels if you need to change when you buy your theme contact me by email and I would indicate to you the price of the change Let's go to the "custom colors" menu It reveals a lot of items: with each item the different colors that you can change Here a first example with a color change of the sticky menu If I want to change its color, I go to the customizer and custom colors menu and then I'll choose sticky menu background

I put in blue There you go! You will immediately see your changes! To validate my changes, I click "save and publish" I check in forehead my color change is effective! There are dozens of options of the same order If for example I want to address the colors of the recipes plugin, I return then in the customizer in recipes plugin I make my changes color

There: the text color that turns red the color of titles Wooo! What graphic colorful charter! Ah ah! If I want to save my changes, I click on the cross the window will close and if I go back on my post to see, we see that changes were not saved You can also change the fonts Let me show you how it works

Go to the WordPress admin in the customize menu after that in the "FONT" menu You see I can change a number of elements! The main typo, the fonts titles, plugins etc Every time I can change the family of the font but also the SIZE of the font Let's test! Modify the fonts on the part recipe Choose a font

Now change the font size You see, immediately, my changes appear on the screen) There, it's pretty ugly But hey, why not! Here is the end of this tutorial on the theme WordPress Holly Foody See you soon on epiceriedublogcom!

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