The Single Purpose Of Your Website, Yoast Price Increase + WordPress SEO Plugins, Channel Updates

In this video we are going to talk about the recent Yoast price increase over and talk about some other SEO plug-in alternatives and were also going to talk about website copy and the single question that you need to answer for your website visitors hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom where I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you knew your consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don't want to miss thing click on the bell you to let you know I have a new video this actually my weekly wrap up show it into last week I try to do this every week were a wrap up the week and some of the things going on here with W crafter talk about some current stories and also try to get into some other meat and potatoes so welcome to this video episode and so first of all I want to just give you couple updates on WPCrafter

com when I'm referring to that that's the channel in the community and the Facebook group just a few updates on on what's going on here number 101 to update you on the community guideline strike that I got on YouTube so I'm not to be able to beat this thing so for a period of time until June 3 I will be able to do any live streaming that's okay I'm in a roll with it YouTube I pilled to YouTube said that there was some thing that they think I've violated and they wouldn't listen to reason and so that's okay sometimes you just have to roll with it and I I finally got a response on that which is good so I can't wait to go live again so there can be questions and answering and all that kind of stuff so now were just in a row that the weight is June 3 is the date I should get that back this week I had a variety of videos next we come to try to focus on all of the advanced Elementor Pro features so the focus of the week will be covering all the new features that came out with Elementor Pro version 2 I'll have other video content as well this is what came out this week the five videos on Monday I had a video about the GDPR in that something we all have to really take serious and start paying attention to especially since it goes into effect next month on the 25th GDPR that's a great video to go over to follow video this week there was two videos about AppSumo deals you could check those out SerpStat and 24sessions and I had a video about Beaver Builder now I have said that the reason I don't make as many videos about Beaver Builder is because they don't really get watch that much this is a private good example right here Beaver Builder video and it got not even a thousand views on it which is actually kinda low usually if this was about Elementor it would be a four or 5000 views right now about four or five times more views it is what it is that's okay and also with this it did get some promotion from Beaver Builder itself and it still it's just not getting much traction but that's okay because I'm still gonna make videos on Beaver Builder but that's what I had there so that's just some of the updates going on right here I did want to take a moment to read some of the funny comments that or maybe funny or offensive comments that I received this week on the channel so this is a comment right here from Chris if you live about it, and it just might end up in this video and Chris says in this one video I made about how to make a pop up for Beaver Builder ices thank you vars and I said it's usually that or Dr evil if you don't know who vars is is a character in game of thrones is matter fact I never even thought that there was a resemblance between me and VARs however one day I think it was Sue J from brainstorm force they make the Astra Theme and all I can do stuff they had said he sent me a picture that was going around in their office about me looking like bars and that's when I first realized hey I probably do look like vars so it's either vars or Dr evil I got this one today going to click on it I don't want to offend anyone so might be little risqu'e9 hopefully I don't offend you so I got this from someone lot size will they pop on the channel they pop out there knocking them be here on a regular basis and this person said to me and I don't mean this to offend anyone said I like your tutorial but you should definitely work on your voice it sounds very gay no offense but it makes it not easy to stay focused I don't even know they do this, this this is a comment that I will delete I probably actually have already deleted it and you know what my voice is my voice I can't really change it a funny thing about my voice though and so I understand this whenever I have had to pick up the phone and call a business like maybe a credit card or youth public utility or pick up the phone call a restaurant or something like that for some reason they've always thought the way my voice sounds on the phone that I'm a woman so I always see thou say yes ma'am and that's how I know it's just a funny funny thing so it's good if I ever need to call anything on my wife's behalf I just say I'm her and no one even questions it so anyways I do delete comments just you know on the channel so if there is a viable or offensive and they come regularly I just delete it there's no sense in leaving anything like that on their MI if you have notice my comments are moderated you can criticize me and that's okay I'll leave that in answer that but then once there is vulgarity in all kinds of like that in I will go ahead and cut that out okay so next I want to talk about Yoast Yoast makes an SEO plug-in and most of us know it as just free but they also have a paid version of that plug-in that has some additional features now Yoast the recently increase the price significantly and according this this as there's actually been discussion about this going on in the WP crafter Facebook group and here's an article about it as well talking about how the price increase equates to about 240% which is pretty massive and I actually think that it's too expensive I do I mean if you're using it in your getting value and you just had a single license or not can you feel it is much but if you had multiple licenses that's where it's really going to hurt they used to have a discount if you purchase a license for multiple websites they don't have an unlimited license version and so those discounts was like a stacking discount so if you had a for five sites it be a bigger discount and they kind of remove that and that's where most of the price increases coming from and a lot of upset users reached out to Yoast and said I don't get it this is just so not right it's such a drastic price increases not 10% 20% it's it's much more than that and essentially Yost got back into all those people with probably the same can answer that you know we've had a lot of features and and stuff like that and that's why we did these other things and that's why you should pay this higher price you know what I'll tell you I don't think Yoast premium is worth it if you have more than one website that being said I do use Yoast premium on my website WB crafter I am using ghost premium but this is a pretty dramatic price increase if you ask me and I hope is not a sign of things that, I do think this price increase is so dramatic that they they might feel it think they might definitely feel it in renewals and the good news is there's a lot of alternatives now let me tell you the only reason I use the paid version of Yoast is because I like the redirect feature now you can get that in a free plug-in where if I delete a page it'll automatically set up my redirect I like that the second thing I like and I don't know of an alternative that has this it scans your content of your blog posts so if you're writing a new blog post or content anywhere on your blog it'll suggests these other articles on your website so makes it easy to have interlinking content which is very important with SEO it has that feature I really like that feature lots I don't know if it's use it enough to make it worth the higher renewal costs but there's lots of alternatives there's the Frio spelling and I think most people don't even upgrade to premium they just have the free one there is the SEO framework which is a much leaner SEO plug-in there is SEO press the developer actually on this reached out to me and I sent them an email back and I never heard back from him I might've offended him unintentionally in my email I basically said you should change your logo it doesn't look professional and you should change a couple things it doesn't look that great but there is said it's a good value it's only $39 and you get unlimited sites and that's that per year I think he'll probably increase the price but when you go to his website it doesn't look like a serious plug in the mean I think there's a lot of things that you could do to just make it visually look better so there's lots of alternatives to Yoast than goodness and the reality is you don't need to necessarily be so married to an SEO plug-in because it's very easy to switch all of them pretty much have my graders built-in so for Yoast if you're using something else and you want to start using Yoast they have a migrate or where it will take the data out of the other one and put it into Yoast and all of the other ones have the same type of migration so it's easy to move from one SEO plug into another SEO plug-in really for what most people use these SEO plug-ins for its really basic and you could probably I would think get the same exact value in a leaner package out of the SEO framework and then if you wanted some more advanced stuff if you were someone that was going to pay for Aiden SEO plug-in you might want to take a look at SEO press also for you web designer web developers developing websites for the people I think there's also white label built into SEO press so that's a nice feature a lot of people tend to like that so that's it for the news and I wanted to talk about something that I've been thinking a lot about and I think this applies to anyone that has a website I've been working on some sales pages for my website for the training courses so I can actually start properly selling them and one of the things that I realized is the most important aspect of any website that means that your will get there though once doesn't apply to say you have a blog and you just putting up pictures of your trip to Iceland or to the zoo and it's just for your friends family and followers not so much those types of websites but the real practical websites ones that you're building my website the most important thing that needs to be communicated right when someone gets onto your webpage is very simple what problem do you solve that is the single most important question that needs to get answered and I probably need to do better job of doing that here on this website of mine but I want to challenge you to spend some time to really think about what problem are you solving for people people buy solutions how can you identify the problem that you solve for them and then communicated to them and there's a lot that might go into it but it's definitely something that I want to challenge you to think about you know when you have those free moments just to be thinking about what is the problem that you solve and how to put that into words that someone can quickly understand and connect with and part of that is understanding who your customer is to begin with or who your website visitor is to begin with or who you wants to be your customer or client identifying who those people are and then figure out the problem that you want to solve for them and that's what your website should communicate instantaneously when someone lands on it and this applies to every single websites and once you understand that then your next question are you next need is how can I how can I make more money through my website and the answer is actually very simple just solve bigger problems and so when you think about your business your website in that framework it's good to make it a whole lot easier for you to effectively communicate to your potential clients potential customers are the people that are on your website what the websites about what they're there for what they can't what you are prepared and ready to do for them what problem are you going to solve so you know we think that we know what someone's problem is but sometimes we really don't so say you're a website designer developer and someone comes to you you think that they are coming to you because they want a website and that's the problem but that's not the problem and if you do a little bit of digging to find out what is the problem that is bringing them to actually want the website in the first place that's when you can make a greater connection with them and have a solution to what their problem is wanting a website is not a solution to the problem it's maybe they need to have more business coming in and they think the websites can get them that or maybe they're trying to compete they have some competitors that have some nice websites and they want to compete they want to look really good maybe that's the problem they have just dig a little deeper into their business their potential customers business and why they say they want what they want to identify what they see as the problem and then solve that problem for them offer them a solution that's how you sell that's how you use your website is an effective selling tool so I don't want to beat this as a debt or actually I can't say that because animal rights people get mad at me sometimes I do I love animals but sometimes I might make a reference to maybe beat the dead horse and that's a yeah a figure speech of you know I don't need to continue talking about this point it's already been made anyways I want to challenge you with that what is the problem you're trying to solve with your website or what are is a problem you're trying to solve that you need to communicate to people that come to your website and I like you to work on that think about that and in the comment section down below right out in one or two sentence sentences the problem that you are trying to solve for the people that come to your website I know the problem I'm trying to solve I'm trying to help people understand something that it could be seen as technical and I'm trying to explain it in a way that anyone can understand its WordPress for non-techies it's just what three or four words right there I think it gets the point across very quickly however I do think there's a better there is I can do things better so I want to challenge you with that thinking about what problems do you actually solve how can you put that into words and make that be the first thing someone sees at the top of your website and let me know about it in the comments section down below have a great weekend I will see you in the next video

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