The HeartBleed Web Security Vulnerability : Certificate Revocation Check

Use and/or View at "Your Own Risk"! I wanted to address the recent HeartBleed Web Encryption Vulnerability and show you some ways you can help protect yourself Now, the things I'm going to show you to do will not protect you until the Web Servers or the Operating Systems affected, patch their systems

But, It's generally a good thing to do So, If you're using Mozilla Firefox, click it, open it Then under the Menu Bar, click Tools, Then options Once the options menu is open make sure advanced is highlighted and the sub tab Certificates is clicked Then click the Button Validation and make sure both checkboxes are checked

You can simply click ok, ok on the Options Menu and close Firefox If You are using Internet Explorer, open it Go to the Tools Button, it's in the far top right hand corner, click it, then select Internet Options If all you have available to you is the Menu Bar select Tools and then Options, or the Command Bar Tools and then Internet Options Once the Internet Options Menu becomes available, make sure and select the Advanced Tab, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and under the heading of Security make sure four Boxes are checked here, Check for Publishers Certificate Revocation, Check for Server Certificate Revocation, Check for Signatures

and Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk Make sure atleast those four are checked Select OK and you can close Internet Explorer

If You are using Chrome, open it and in the top right hand corner select Customizing and Controls Button This will bring-up your Options Menu for Chrome I'm sorry and then go to settings That'll bring-up your Options Menu for Chrome Scroll down, until you see Show Advanced Settings, click it

And, You'll want to make sure two boxes are checked here One under Privacy, Enable Fishing and Malware Protection, make sure that's checked, scroll down and under HTTPSSSL make sure to check, Check for Server Certificate Revocation Now you can re-hide the Advanced Options if you want to and simply close Chrome out For a more detailed explanation of this Vulnerability, please click the link below Thank You for Watching

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