The BEST Business To Start Online? (Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping)

what's going to fill up your PayPal account faster drop shipping or affiliate marketing that's what I want to talk about in this video because they're both two completely different things but they both make a lot of money for people so what one is actually right for you so you've probably seen a big trend of drop shipping online everyone's doing it it was trying to do it people are failing people are succeeding but there's also a flair marketing that's really really big and there's actually tends to be a lot more passive in the long run than drop shipping so I'm going to talk about both of these things it's really important to talk about these and we're gonna start from kinda like the beginning to the end so let's get started the first thing you look to think about is how much time do you have because these things have a different amount of time that they need to make them successful so for example drop shipping you're gonna need quite a lot of time to test products fill orders deal with refunds and stuff like that when you first start now later on you can get a team on board but when you're first starting it's gonna take you a lot of time now with affiliate marketing you have a couple of options so it depends on what you want to do first of all you can literally go on YouTube right now start a YouTube channel and do a video on how to create a website and put a link in the description for an affiliate link for a hosting service right that doesn't take very long to do and it literally doesn't really cost anything doesn't cost any money but we'll talk about that in a second or you can go out and do what we call search engine optimization and you rank websites in Google but that can take quite a long time three or four months before you start to see some money roll in drop shipping you see the money coming a lot faster that it does take a lot of time to test and find winners that can take days it can take weeks it could take months or it might never even happen so there's that that's the one thing you've got to first figure out is how much time do you have in your day or your week or your life to actually do these two things so our drop shipping a lot of time however you can go and try free stuff get sales for free but you're probably gonna have to do search engine optimization for that anyway so in my opinion you probably want to steer towards the Follette marketing if you have to go and do that for other reasons and we'll talk about that in a second so time is the first major factor the next thing is money how much money do you have dropshipping you're gonna be looking at at least minimum $500 plus after you've bought a course or whatever to start doing it you need to do Facebook advertising Facebook advertising isn't free it essentially becomes free later on once you start to get money rolling in but you're gonna have to have some upfront cost I know you don't pay much you don't paint it up for a cost on products but advertising you have to get some money because I have to you have to put some money in it because if you don't you're not going to get any traffic now affiliate marketing is kind of the same it depends so let's say you want to do paid affiliate marketing which is when you do CPA stuff like but that's really advanced you don't really if you're a beginner you don't want to miss with that okay you don't want to miss with CPA any of that type of stuff there's a lot of conversion optimization there's a lot of money involved with that type of stuff but if you're very very short on money I would recommend a fillip marketing because there's a lot less stress so what you would I would recommend you do is go and learn how to do search engine optimization ranked websites and rank YouTube videos at the top it's essentially low maintenance because these timers there's not much time involved it's just doing stuff after working at slowly ranks but the thing is you can do most of the search engine optimization for free you might pay 10 bucks a year for a domain name for a website and let's say 3 dollars a month usually for a toaster website so the cost is really really low and search engine optimization is free to do if you can build the links yourself you can rank these websites and Google yourself and you can learn how to do pretty much all of that on line so you have to like in this video I'm not saying one is better than the other I'm trying to outline the pros and cons so you can decide which one is the best for you number one a drop shipping is gonna cost you quite a bit of money to start with but essentially you are gonna make profit a lot quicker once you have that one in product you could go from let's say you're a thousand dollars in the hole you've put a thousand bucks in you haven't made me profit and then you hit a winner you could make a million dollars by the end of the year well fulfilling at marketing if you initially paid marketing which you can do as well but it's the same thing you'll put a lot more on the hole before you start making money back but if you don't a search engine optimization to make a million dollars with search engine optimization affiliate marketing it's gonna take a very long time but you can easily do six figures a year but it just takes a longer time to get their money to start coming in and then it's just a matter of scaling putting money back in so it just really comes down to what what you're willing to do okay so time and money is the first two major factors now the one that I another factor is customer service so you know it really depends on what like what time person you are see I have a team that does customer service my drop shipping stuff but with a flip marketing there's literally no customer service you are promoting a product that the other person deals with all of that stuff so there's a really bitty big plus there you literally a send the traffic that that's all you do drop shipping you have to deal with a lot of stuff so kind of I don't mind that but it really depends but then again with affiliate marketing some people don't you know don't wanna do a YouTube video you know I met quite a bit of money from affiliate marketing for YouTube and the SEO stuff I don't have to show my face but you know even though you don't have to deal with customers on the flip marketing sometimes if you want to be successful affiliate marketing and like YouTube and stuff you have to show your face we don't have to but it does help with personal branding and stuff like that with drop shipping you're not the brand the website is a brand and stuff like that so essentially you're going to show your face and stuff so it's kind of has nothing to do with customer service but I want to throw that in there in case you're wondering do I need to put my face in this and that because I know that can put a lot of people off starting to work online so we have kind of the time the money the customer support there is literally no customer support with affiliate marketing there is quite a lot of customer support of dropshipping I'm going to tell you the truth here you are going to get complaints you are gonna get refunds and you are going to have to deal with those accordingly that's really part of the game with that the next thing is passive how passive is dropshipping compared to affiliate marketing as dropshipping really truly passive because essentially you have to put in a lot of work and what I mean passive is one day you want your online business to run sufficiently without you doing much work so with drop shipping it's not passive for a long time you have to put in a lot of work you have to find a a winner you have to get a team together if you really want to become passive so with drop shipping it does become passive later on but not super a passive passive because you have to have a you have to either deal with the customers yourself run your store yourself find products to stuff it will get a team to do it to become truly passive with affiliate marketing it does become very very passive in the long run so like for example I have sites right now that I started two years ago they have gone down and revenue quite a bit because I haven't really touched the sites but they still make a money today I have a video on my youtube channel how to create a website and I actually just got three sales from that today commissioners and sometimes I get four or five a day so and that videos done two years ago right so affiliate marketing is really really super honest truly passive in the long run it is really apparent especially if you can get people onto monthly subscriptions for something for a software for a products or eath know that it becomes really really passive drop shipping on the other side on the other hand yes it becomes passive but you you really have to build a team to for it to become truly truly passive so what once the best drop shipping or affiliate marketing in my opinion if you were just starting online and you have absolutely no idea where you should start and you know you're getting flooded with the drop shipping videos I would honestly recommend looking into a flare marketing because it's not big right now no one's really jumping on a flip marketing entrenched trends and essentially you can start for free there's no excuse you can go and start a YouTube channel you can go and start a blog blog a lot of people said blogs I did nope I have two I have three blogs now if she just started a new one but the other two blocks both of those blogs do six figures per year for me and one of them I haven't touched in a year in a bit and one of them I still work on but blogs and YouTube channels really really passive and you can start those well blog will cost you maybe 20 30 bucks the year to run but a YouTube channel is completely free for you to start our drop shipping I would recommend if you have a lot of a lot more time if you have at least $500 plus but probably more like a thousand plus to be realistic to start your drop shipping business drop shipping you don't have to show your face okay don't do any of that however you have to deal with customer service affiliate marketing you don't have to show your face but it is better if you do because you you create a personal brand but it depends what kind of a flip marketing you're going to do if you don't do YouTube then you should really it'll help if you're not going to do YouTube and you're going to go and do a affiliate blog online will you rank in Google you can use a persona or a pin name username so you don't have to show your face right so it really depends on what you want to do and I recommend you stick to one thing because that's what a lot of people get distracted by so as people come into my econ course and then a week later they're like hey Frank I wanna jump into your affiliate course nice no no no triathlon fried rock show you first then if that isn't really what you want to do then jump into the affiliate stuff don't try and do both at once so that's my opinion guys it really comes down to those things they both make a lot of money but really in my opinion of flip Marketing is better in the long run and better for a beginner drop shipping has been at if you have the time and you will make a lot of money if you followed people's guides and you actually put in the time and effort into that but then if you let's say six months later you haven't made any money with drop shipping and you've spent thousands of dollars like some people do honestly just stop it's clearly not working for you move on to something else there's so much stuff you can do online a flip marketing you can share information products you can do consulting you can build funnels for people you can build websites for people you can be a middleman and sell final I build files before people take the money and you can pay someone else to build the funnel for you and take a cat there's so much you can do online so just don't get stuck on one thing if something's not working for you six months a year down the track and still feeling money into that it's a dead business for you it's not gonna work alright guys that's it for this video pick what you want to do time money watch more pestered feel in the end and I'll see you guys next video subscribe like check out my other videos and I'll see you guys soon

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