The 4 Essential Plugins For Every WordPress Website

Here is what I consider these four most important plug-ins that you can have on your WordPress website hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom where I make WordPress videos for non-techies and I upload these daily so if you enjoy the content in this video I would encourage you to click on the subscribe button down below now I get asked this question I've actually had this as a request to make a video like this now all the plug-ins I'm going to talk about in this video are three some might have a paid version if there is I will tell you about that just so you know but I am talking about the free versions of all of the software's and these are the plug as I consider anyone every WordPress website really needs to have in stalled so let's get started so obviously you can do these searches inside your WordPress website and install them directly by going to plug-ins add new in doing the same search so the first thing you need is a security plug in and this is because there are people that want to hack into your website for whatever purpose it's there it's out there there's nothing you can do to stop it there are things you can do to protect you if this is happening to you now I'm to share with you the plug-in that I like for this and why now when you do start a search for security Juergen received several options here now if I'm saying I use a particular one that doesn't mean the other ones are bad so let me just get that out there right now so the number one plug-in for security is a word fence security and I've used it I'm not really a fan and that's because and I really should be fair though and say I would have to try it today but before when I would use it the default installation of it enable certain things that slows down the performance of your website and these are I believe it's called a live view and Leslie changed what it's called it's called live view and I didn't like this egg made the size of my database much larger and it slowed it down and the problem I have is not with this feature it said this feature was enabled by default now the average WordPress users not going to realize that an organ have a slower website and a bigger database I don't know if that's the case today but that was always my experience and there's this other one here all-in-one W because security I have not use that what I use is I-beams security and it's probably the only product that I like from my themes it actually was and originally there's they acquired it used to be called better WP security now what I like about this is it's very simple to configure it's very comprehensive they also have a paid version but in my experience I have the paid version but I don't use any of the features that are exclusive to the paid versions of this is one of those ones where the free version is perfectly fine the pain one offers like two factor authentication and somethings like that that I don't think are necessary one of the things the paid version does have that's nice is the ability to export and import settings that's the only thing I really like from the paid version the free version is perfectly fine and what I really like about it in a word friend fence does this as well you can opt into a network of security so what that does is if someone is trying to hack into your website that information on that person with her IP address gets put into a network so if they go and tried to hack into someone else's website it will and he's use they're using the same IP address they'll immediately be blocked they won't even get to attempted so there's this community aspect about the plug-in where if you're plugged in using this plug-in and in the network which is free when some transaction of my site and they won't be able to hack into your site etc

etc hacking is really there several different ways they try to do but usually it's his brute force attempts of trying to get in through the login page and it will definitely prevent that and it has all the settings you would need in order to have some pretty complete comprehensive security coverage on your websites now I will be making a specific video on this plug-in and its settings so look out for that in the future the next category of plug in his backup you have to have a backup don't procrastinate don't delay and it needs to be off site away from your web hosting company in you cannot trust your web hosting company to back up your website for you do not make that mistake I have a video on the solution that I use but for this video I want you know the one that I've been using is actually that there's a new one up but it's traditionally it's been up drafts of drafts plus right here what's nice about this plug-in is it has never let me down I have put it through its paces and just you know I have used every WordPress backup plug-in there is a lot of people might swear by this winter by this one but they haven't really put it to the test I have used them all and I put them all to the test and the only one that has come out and covered my rear end is updrafts plus it's the only one now they also have a premium package that isn't necessary but if you did want some feature that he gave you you could use it but the free version is perfectly fine it'll allow you to back your website up off-site to one of the cloud hosting providers like dropbox or Google drive and you will be able to it's actually like easier to do the dropbox by the way they make it easier Google Drive does not make it easy but you can backup off-site in a 100% free plug-in now there's other backup plug-ins by far listen to me the best one is updrafts but there's a new one and it's not even like on this page I made a video about it about a month ago let me get to it it's right here it's called WP time capsule and this is a different type of backup updrafts and every other backup solution makes a full backup every file every the database itself everything it just makes a full backup every single time now if you have a small website that doesn't change often this is going to be okay for you but if you have a large website that has traffic on it you're probably good to be better off with WP time capsule and what this is going to allow you to do is make an incremental backup incremental means when it goes to make a backup at season only what has changed in it only backs up what has changed and so it's a much smarter way to back your backup your website is can use a lot less resources on your web hosting account and it's been good I been using it on my main website because I would get a couple complaints when I was using updrafts and if someone was on my website when it was making its backup I would get some complaints it was and often it might've been once a month but it would happen and I would make my backup in the middle of the night for me but the middle and night for me might be the morning for you and so there's no way to win and that's why WP time capsule I think it's been really good for me so Nexus move on to SCO you have to have an SCO plug-in on your website if you want Google to send you traffic and even if you don't you need it as well because are certain bits of information you need to put into your website via an SCO plug-in in order for your listening when your website is index on Google for to look right there so you look professional and you look right and there are several SCO plug-ins is by far my favorite one that I've always used is Yoast Yoast SCO and it's free yes have a premium version I don't use the premium version it does add a couple of little features that are nice but for 999% of the people the free version is going to be perfectly fine so the reason I personally choose to stick with Yoast is because Yoast is actually backed by a big company they have staff they have full-time developers that are actively engaged in making Yoast better with each release and I'm not saying they are the experts in SCO but they they do come across as experts in web sight SCO and I really like what they're doing and the tools they are building if I was a put my money on a horse it would definitely be that horse it wouldn't be the all-in-one Seo pack I'm not saying your nephrons and all in one SCO if you're a fan or current user of it but I would go the Yoast route and there's definitely more integration and support around Yoast and what I mean is with other things you can use on your website they're more Yoast friendly than other plug-ins definitely love Yoast and the fourth plug-in is cashing you absolutely need a caching solution for your website caching is going to make your website run faster which is good to make it rank better and by the mere fact this can write better and it's also going to keep your visitors on your website think about it when you visit a website and it takes forever to load are you really going to stay on that website I know I'm not I am out of there I don't have the patience to wait 10 or 15 seconds per website alone I'll just go to the next one and I'll get to the next one before yours even loads caching solves that problem it's gonna make your website load faster for your website visitors and it's been a benefit you with your SCO rankings in Google is also going to reduce your bounce rate with Google now there are a bunch of different caching solutions out there and there are free ones in their spayed ones right now I'm using a paid solution called WP rocket you could check that out if you chose to but there's also excellent free options and the what really is getting the most traction these days and really is receiving all the praise and the users and the excitement is this one right here called Otto put them up on my dome eyes I don't even know I can even pronounce it right they should probably work on that name October put to my eyes I don't know it's me down below if you know how it's pronounced maybe spell it out phonetically the competency area now there's also one that you definitely want to stay away from in this category and Mrs WP or W3 total cash stay away from it this thing is had problems it is cause problems for people it has been around for a long time it's not really supported properly and I just want you to not go there with this plug-in one of the more popular ones is definitely WP super cash I think that is controlled and maintained by the makers of WordPress themselves and their some other up and comers now I guess that I trust my caching with WP rocket but this one right here is definitely the one that I want to make a video on that I'm in a put on this channel all the settings and how to do it properly if I had to choose something free this is the one that I would probably choose today now with caching it's definitely something you need to be careful with if you haven't dynamic areas of your website here's what a dynamic area is a shopping cart if you have any kind of e-commerce shopping cart things like that those are dynamic areas that are changing user by user so if one person's on your website and they have widget a in their shopping cart and someone else is on your website nabbed a widget be on your shopping cart you need a caching solution that is going to be aware of the most popular shopping carts input exclusions in there so that those shopping carts are not cash this is also the case for learning management systems so if you've watched any of my videos on how to create an online course of in a complete playlist on it you will run into troubles with caching if you do your caching solution doesn't give you the option to exclude certain pages so that is something to think about also with caching if you make a change on a page and you're looking at your page and are wondering why you don't see the change just because you have to flush the cache such as something you're gonna want to be familiar with and familiarize yourself with you can get yourself into trouble by implementing caching as well make a complete video on it to just keep an eye on my channel and I'm another on a bonus thing right here and that is Google analytics guys you want to know how much traffic you're getting on your website you really do and you want to get Google analytics installed now Google analytics is really easy to add to your website Google analytics you go there you set up an account you plug in your website address they give you little snippet of code that you could go and paste into the footer of your website but unfortunately not all themes provide a setting to put in these analytic tracking pixels and with Google analytics or to give you so that is why there are specific plug-ins available to make the process a little easier and also add more trigger recording events and so one of the top plug-ins is right here it's called a Google analytics for WordPress by monster insights and sexy just called monster insights they have all those other words so that when someone searching for the solution it shows on WordPress but it just called monster insights and this was recently taken over by the owner of WP beginner he took over this plug-in project and they're building a business model around it so if traffic or analytics matters to you you probably want to go with them and their package there are other analytics solutions here is one you're gonna want to definitely check out and see which one best meets your needs if you even want to do that my theme that I use on my website has a section to paste in that Google analytics code that's working perfectly fine for me and that's all I use that everything needs to be done through plug-in but if you wanted to be a little easier you could definitely do it through a plug-in I would caution you against some of the tracking plug-ins for WordPress that save all that information to your WordPress database one of those being slim's that there's a couple of them out there like that if they are kind of need to have but what it does is it makes your WordPress database a larger over time which could in turn so down your website so I would definitely caution you against that everyone uses Google analytics you should use Google analytics and there's lots of different ways to get that tracking code into your website so I Mexican to do a video in-depth on the Google analytics number one getting it in your WordPress website and then some of the cool things that you could do with Google analytics to see where your traffics coming from how much traffic is coming where in the world it's coming from and all these demographics how you can start tracking that stuff and you really want to start doing that from day one so anyways these are my four top plug-ins that you need to have on every website I threw in this Google analytics bonus now if you have anything to add to the conversation and I'm sure you do leave it, down below let me know what plug-in you think I might have missed that is crucial to you or maybe list out the top five plug-ins that you use on every WordPress website hate when you do that it benefits everyone in this community here we are here to help each other out and I want to hear what you use and what you do with your WordPress website

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