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use videos to start getting more Amazon affiliate sales this plug-in will grab Amazon products and YouTube review videos to help people see more about the products you are promoting this will help you get more sales and make more money try it today building quality Amazon affiliate sites can be time-consuming but you don't have to sacrifice quality for speed when you use associate Goliath to build your product pages this plugin is extremely easy to use on the outside but very powerful on the inside it will generate complete product review pages on WordPress sites and it is something you can add to both new and existing sites one of my favorite features with this plug-in is that it can load up a nice selection of Amazon product review videos for you to help sell each product but you don't have to do any work to create those videos they come from YouTube when I built an Amazon site I have a list of the exact products that I want to promote on that site with associate Goliath I can enter that list and have it automatically create all of those review pages for me then I simply revisit those pages and make customizations to ensure that I get search rankings this plug-in helps me save a ton of time with this process because all I need to focus on is the content I also have my own amazon WP plugins that automatically integrate with associate Goliath and I'm providing a free copy of both of them to you when you get a g5 through a link on this page you'll get a developer's license for these plugins with lifetime updates and you can use the plug-in on an unlimited number of sites these two commercial plugins will add more features to associate Goliath so you get the most out of your purchase see the bonus list below for details on what these two plugins add to associate Goliath on top of the two bonus plugins that I'm including you're also going to get instant access to a four-part training series for associate Goliath when you buy through this page this video series shows you exactly how to get this plug-in set up and running and it teaches you my personal recommendations and tactics for using it and customizing product review pages

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