SSL Website Security and Non-Secure Warnings

I’m Rob Wenz I am the CEO for VisionFriendly

com Right now, we are entering a new phase of security on the internet We are aware that there is a lot of security problems out there You’ve seen it in the news almost everyday, of cyber attacks and sites being hacked Google has actually taken the lead in trying to move forward on making our websites more secure They (Google) are doing this on the new release of Chrome which is going to come out in October And it’s going to warn people that your site is not secure if you do not have a secure site

It’s going to be a warning on the address bar that says the site’s “not secure” It’s going to start with only affecting those pages on your website that has interactivity to the world such as forms Pretty much all our customers have forms on their website so when somebody fills out that form information and it sends it off to our servers or other locations that data at that time is secure as it travels through the internet That problem can be fixed and your site can be secure by adding a security certificate called and “SSL” That “SSL” is going to be a popular word you are going to hear a lot over the next few months stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”

Aren’t you glad you know that now! It’s to encrypt data in and out of your website We have to get that (the SSL certificate) from another company The company we use is Thawte They are considered the leader, if not one of the leaders in the industry of having security certificates We then take that certificate, add it to the server for your website, then we link your pages to that certificate so that they become secure

Customer are not going to see an insecure site warning They are going to see, if you look up, a padlock on the address bar to say your site is secure This is just the beginning of what is going to follow in the future Other browsers are most likely going to be doing the same thing and it’s also going to be applied to all your pages on your website Now if you thing about it, if you go to a site and it says it’s not secure, it’s very likely you are going to feel uncomfortable dealing with that company and you might go away and go somewhere else

We don’t want to have that happen to your customers and I’m sure you don’t want to have that either So what we are suggesting is that we move your site have a certificate and we can take it from there Now do you need one (an SSL certificate) or not? That’s a really good question If you go to Best Buy and buy a TV, they are going to ask you, pretty aggressively at times, to buy a protection plan Or you get a car and they are gonna want to have you maybe buy an extended warranty

This is the same sort of thing If you have this (SSL Website Security), you are actually going to sleep better at night In that sense, you say “I don’t have that much traffic to my site” or “I am not too worried about it” That’s fine, let it go and see what happens For most people, the website is the most valuable part of their business, or at least one of the most valuable parts of the business

Certainly having a secure website is now going to become almost equally as valuable to making sure people want to stay on your website So adding this (SSL Website Security) certificate is going to be important in that sense It’s also 3 other things: 1) If your site is secure, and your competition isn’t, you are probably going to get some additional people coming over because they won’t want to work with an insecure site Conversely, if your competition’s site is secure and yours is not, well, the same in reverse is going to happen If you are both secure, at least you are staying with your competition

2) The second thing that happens is we have found that a (SSL) security certificate added to a website, which people have been adding (SSL Security Certificates) over the last few months for this reason, is that your visibility, your SEO score, is going to probably get a little higher because of the (SSL) certificate When we did it to VisionFriendlycom’s site our visibility score went from 87 to 90 on the (desktop) website On the mobile searches, it went from 84 to 90 Average of around 4% or 5% increase visibility

Getting that kind of increase at that high a level is significant and it was as simple as adding a (SSL) security certificate There is a cost associated with it, there is no question about that We have to get the (SSL Website Security) certificate We have to pay for the (SSL Website Security) certificate We have to get it (SSL Website Security Certificate) installed on your website We have to make sure all the pages are linked up to it (SSL Website Security Certificate) To have a secure site, we can take care of all that Since we are talking about security, I’d also want to mention that we have some attractive security packages available We will automatically update your plugins for WordPress sites

We will ensure that your site is backed-up nightly with incremental back-ups so if anything happened, you can go back to it and there is three different packages you can have and you can go on our website to find out more about that If you’ve got some issues, some questions, and I think a lot of you might, under what’s going on here, you can contact us at our SSL hotline at (331)256-2241 Or you can email us at SSL@visionfriendlycom (IF YOU ARE ALREADY A CUSTOMER) If you put “Do It!” in the subject line, you don’t have to worry about anything Pricing, again, is on the website, you can check that out

Relatively speaking, it (an SSL Website Security Certificate) is an inexpensive fix but it’s also an additional cost we didn’t have to deal with before Thank you very much for all you bad guys out there for making that happen

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