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You've heard of SSL, but you're not really sure what it is SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer

It's a technology that encrypts or scrambles data while it travels between websites and web servers And it's pretty much bulletproof; keeping hackers from deciphering the data even if they manage to get their hands on it SSL-protected sites have web addresses that start with HTTPS, instead of HTTP More and more people look for that powerful little 's' It's a great way to earn customer trust

It may even increase traffic to your site because Google rewards HTTPS encrypted websites with higher rankings But wait there's more! Some visitors to your site may miss the little 's' at the end of HTTPS, but they won't miss the lock icon in their browsers address bar And if you decide to get the highest class of SSL, designed for e-commerce and banking websites, the address bar will turn green It's easy to add SSL encryption to your site, you just install a certificate Best of all we automate the entire process for GoDaddy hosting and SSL customers, so everything is done seamlessly behind the scenes, you need to lift a finger

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