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Hi, my name is Conor Treacy, and I'm with Big Red SEO Today I want to talk to you about SSL Certificates, HTTPS security, and encryption

What this means, in short is, security for your users and security for your website When you go to a website, at the top in the browser bar (the URL section), you'll see a little gold padlock or green padlock and then it'll say HTTPS right beside the domain name That means the site is secure Anything you enter in that transaction, at least that portion of the transaction, is encrypted As you look around the web, most websites are moving towards it, and there's a couple different reasons, but one of the reasons is Google has stated you actually get a little bit of an SEO ranking boost by using SSL certificates

Usually you see them on ecommerce websites, so your shopping carts for when you're entering in credit card details, where you're entering in usernames and passwords, those are all encrypted And they should be! If you have a website and you're collecting any sort of sensitive information, whether it's the passwords, or driver's license information even, anything like that, all of that should be encrypted Not stored in a database because that defeats the whole purpose of the encryption SSL Certificates! You can get them (SSL Certificates) at a number of different places You can get them at Verisign, you can get them at GeoTrust, Comodo, GoDaddy sells them also They should run you somewhere around that $100 maybe $150 for the year

I have seen some cheaper ones out there like the $15 range I've not used them They do say they encrypt the website, but you'll need to do some checking on that If you don't use an SSL certificate right now in the top of browser bar it says "not secure" If you're using Chrome it says "not secure

" As we move forward here in 2017, Google has said that they're going to make it more prevalent and more obvious to users that the website is not encrypted So what that's going to mean as we move forward in the middle of 2017? There's supposed to be a red banner that will show up that says the website is not secure Then you have to click the link, and then you'll get the website It's intrusive It's a problem for people

So get an SSL Certificate It doesn't really cost a whole lot, you know ten bucks a month whatever happens to be Once again, my name is Conor I'm with Big Red SEO If you need more information about SSL Certificates, security, how to implement them, you can check out our blog at https://bigredseo


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