Social Warfare Plugin Tutorial – My Secret of Social Media Success

Welcome to another video in this series where I share secrets of my social media success thanks for joining me today if this is your first time here my name is Ileane and I'm with ileanesmithcom and one of the things that can help you get your content shared like crazy on social media is a little bit of social proof and I like to use a plug-in on my wordpress blog that's called social warfare let me take you behind the scenes to give you a look at social warfare one of the things I love about it is it makes it so easy for people to share my content I can add the sharing icons at the top of the page I can also add them at the bottom of the blog post as well and they include the sharing counts and you know nobody likes to be alone people like to share when they see other people sharing as well the other thing that I love about social warfare is that I can add these click to tweet buttons right inside of my blog post and let me just take you over to the dashboard and you'll see here that I have different styles that I can use for the click to tweet button for example send her my love is a plain one roll with the changes thunderstruck so you see there we have different options and another thing that's really cool about social warfare is when someone shares your blog post on Twitter and I'll just share this one really quickly so you can see what I mean I'll just it also adds my Twitter handle but I don't like retweeting myself so I'll take that out and I'll just post that tweet really quickly and let me just go over to Twitter now and refresh the page on my tweets and you'll see here because of the Twitter card that's built in to social warfare that that image is along with the tweet now the other thing is there's built-in Pinterest sharing features that will help you share a Pinterest optimized image and you don't have to worry about loading that image up and slowing down your blog you'll do it all from the back end so I highly recommend you check out social warfare if you want more tips like this be sure to subscribe and if you want exclusive content come over to my patreon page and that's ileanesmith

com slash no that's patreoncom/ileane I'll see you in the next video take care and have a wonderful day

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