Social Media SEO – How To Get Social Buttons On Your WordPress Blog

Hi Guys, Derek Armson at APD Internet Marketing here with a slight cold so I do sound a bit snuffly today so my apologies for that I just wanted to make a quick video for your today on the subject of socialising your blogs

In the new world that Google is now creating, we are told all sorts of things about Search Engine Optimization, that we shouldn't actually effectively SEO our webpages And, that social footprint is vitally important these days, more important than backlinks and other SEO techniques that we might use So, it's vitally important that you are using social engagement to get traffic and build the credibility of your websites in Google's eyes Consequently I have been asked a lot about this recently in the Dream Team and other places So, I thought I'd make this quick video to show you what I do

Now, this is a ste that has literally only been up a couple of days and you can see that I am using this share button here which is a plugin I am using on my WordPress sites What's realy, really cool about this is that it gives you two options for getting socialized Firstly the social bar at the side, and you'll notice Pinterest is on the bar as Pinterest is vitally important these days I know it's a no follow link but it is a PR 8 link, I think I've mentioned that before But what you also get is you get these social buttons at the bottom of the post as well

As I said this site has only been up literally a couple of days and I'm already getting some social action on this, through this plugin So, I just wanted to show you today how I'm implementing this plugin and it really is very, very simple indeed I have here a new blog, as you can see I've bought my name as a domain name – quick tip for you there, if you can get your name as a domain name do it I am going to install a new plugin Search plugins and the plugin I want is called share this

Now it's not the first one that actually comes up in this list, it's not this oneit's this one here Share This – Share Buttons and Analytics by Manu Mukerji – I hope I said that right

I'm sure you have seen me install plugins before, but we'll go through the process Install, activate and once you've activated, as you can see this is a brand new virgin blog, go to settings and you'll see share this come up on your settings Very, very, very simple to do this The buttons at the bottom of the post are already implemented for you – you can take them off if you want but I can't see why you would want to do that? The only other thing I do, is I check that these two boxes are ticked "yes" because you wnat to add sgare this to both your posts and pages – there's eally not that much difference And the other one is "enable the hovering bar" – its that there, big red hand by it

Make sure that is ticked This is something new because this box is not normally ticked by default, but it is on this installation, so do just make sure this is ticked This is what makes the bar "come up" for you You can also have one of these share buttons on the side I have played around with this and tested it a bit but I have found the hover bar is better

What I tend to do, because if you implement this, this will take the left hand side which is where the hot point is on the website for eyeballs So I tend to keep the hover bar on that side All I do is update options You see here I've got the blog open and if I refresh that you'll see the little hover bar come up There it is

And also you see that, that's there (the bottom social share buttons) So, I hope you found that useful, I hope that will enable you to go out there and socialize your blogs and get that kuos in Google that the social footprint brings I'll be back very soon with some more tips for you

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