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hi there everybody you found this video because you want to learn more about SEOPressor Connect it's a wordpress plugin which i'm sure you're aware which will help you the our SEO now i'll say right off the bat if you believe that this will help your website and help your business then you are absolutely right, yes it will I've just got out of a meeting from a client actually which prompted me to quickly record this for you whilst it's still fresh in my mind I'm a Digital Marketer and I've been trying to look a good solution for SEO wordpress sites for years it's a bit of a journey for me but i finally found SEOPressor connect and i really love it, it works for me The clients I've spoken to it works for them too , so it's a win win all round, it's been around for about five years now and it's really grown to enable and great results for websites which is really important now if you want to get your ranking up on your wordpress site this really is that the tool for you

There are a number of SEO plugins out there, some free and some paid for, the free ones really don't help you at all they will say off in the general direction which is right direction to go in but they fall way short of really help your SEO so I would always recommend SEOPressor and there are a could of key reasons for that 1, it understands kinda Google and what Google is looking for in websites probably better than anything else, any other software for wordpress or outside of wordpress that I know It really does understand Google, and understands the algorithms and what Google is looking for which makes it really good benefit It's got a nice feature that you can get with other products as well It caan optimise for one keyword, but some of the better-known WordPress ones like Yoast for example which is free won't let you do multiple keywords, automatic multiple keywords so it beats that you know you can do it on Yoast but you have to start paying for it, one of the brilliant features about SEOpressor is the fact that it understands LSI and will actually give you some LSI recommendations LSI is latent semantic indexing, basically is what google itself uses to understand a lot more about what's from contents being used what our website or webpage is all about so for example if you put in the primary keyword into SEOpressor Connect "used cars" it will come up with a list of recommendations are things you should put in there and it actually goes away to google and bing and investigates them to find out what you should be using what other keywords you should be using so for "used cars" for example, it will come up with suggestions like a "used cars for sale in my area", "cheap used cars" that sort of thing so it really does help you so when you writing your content, when you put your keyword in, you know all the the keywords should be putting in there to help Google understand understand what your page and your websites all about

It calculates your keyword density for you in real time so if you liked and like to understand keep track of keyword density then it will do that for in real time which is useful Another important feature of SEOPressor is the fact that it will tell you if you have over optimized the website now if you have an over optimized website if you put too much content in there then it will flag to google that you've done too much optimization and Google will actually penalize you for that so you don't want to be penalized so this will give you an alert as you are typing away in real time to help you out with that and kind of give recommendations on what to do to avoid that It checks your internal linking structure, again google loves that and it does just as as Google does it so that's another one that this WordPress plug-in does that nothing else doors and also monitors your keyword decorations, so are you putting ALTtags in places should you be using – putting bold in words or phrases and it will check that for you and give recommendations to help with SEO Google takes a look at things like that as well and makes makes sense of, helps it make sense of what your pages are and how you should rank So the fact that this plug-in does it is an absolute bonus It also helps you – it has a social SEO feature as well now normal plugins and normal SEO software when you do a social share it will just take the generic description or are you the social platform will make a kind of judgment and generate its own its own descriptions for you if you use the feature on SEOPressor you can actually tell Twitter and Facebook for example what description you want next to your link which means you're optimizing social platforms as well and you're making it easier for people to find you through the those social platforms because you're getting your keywords into those platforms which is really good, So there you have it, I think there's about eight reasons there why SEOPressor is the right plug in for you if you want to dominate the search engine rankings for your wordpress site Like I said it's the closest thing I've ever seen too understanding the Google algorithm actually in WordPress itself

It does cost $9 a month, and like I said there are some free offerings out there, but for $9 a month it easy pays for itself it's not expensive and for the benefits you get above and beyond the free stuff then it's worthwhile You can run the free software like Yoast alongside SEOPressor so you can run them side by side and just see, you know, just give it a little bit of a trying to see – When you run them side by side I think you start to see quite instantly the benefits that it brings because of the the extra recommendations that it shows you, the things like Yoast doesn't show you If you want to find out more about this great plugin then in the description of this video i will put a link to the website where you can go and take a look at it, I think there's another video on their website as well and an explaination as to kinda a lot more that it does I just want to leave that with that for now like I say, I just want to make this quick video for you guys, so its out there now All the best for your SEO in the future and i'll see you all later cheers bye

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