SEO Online Week 4 – 01

Welcome back to Search Engine Optimization online I'm your instructor Victor Campos

Alright, so what I want to talk about in this video are examples of WordPress plugins that will really help you improve your rankings on the search engines Now if you don't have WordPress you need to find your equivalent plug-in or software or features for your particular platform WordPress is the most famous platform for making a website That's what I'm going to focus on here I have an example website built in WordPress

I have various plugins that i have installed Not all of these apply to our particular SEO concerns but I will list the ones and the reasons that they are most valuable for the course So i'm going to make some notes and I'll provide these notes in the class So advanced database cleaner You can get this and all of these plugins from your WordPress Dashboard, once you go to Plugins > Add New

What the Advanced Database Cleaner lets you do is remove revisions in blog posts and other stray data So as you work in WordPress creating blog posts, revisions will be saved, which are useful if you want to go back in time and retrieve an article as it was on a previous state But that adds up Every time you save a draft there's a revision There's other bits of data in the database of WordPress that kind of accumulates over time; which might be useful to clean out

The purpose of this is not quite SEO-related but is that it's for having a more efficient and faster site, which does relate to SEO, because good user experience is also part of good SEO Meaning that people have a good experience on your website; people don't leave frustrated They stay on your site longer So cleaning up your database once in a while is useful Now be careful: this is an advanced technique

So if you're not comfortable with cleaning out the detritus of your database don't use this plugin I would recommend don't use this plugin unless you know what you're doing Akismet is not a very scary plugin at all This is to help prevent spammers from overunning your blog posts So the concept of blog posts, of blogging, comes up again: you should be blogging

And to prevent the spammers from filling your comments of your posts with junk and thus lowering the quality of your site you need to clean out those comments Using a plug-in like Akismet helps in this task because it's rather automated and it works very well Code Snippets is another advanced plugin which allows you to add special bits of code to your site This is not very relevant to many people but if you need to add code to your site perhaps to improve upon basic aspects of your site, you don't want to poke around in the Appearance > Editor of your site because that's the raw code of your website Instead a plug-in like Code Snippets will let you change this code safely

Duplicator is one of my most favorite plugins It's also pretty boring because what it does is it makes a copy of your site That's not boring! That is utterly important! You want to backup your site once in a while and that's what this does: Makes a perfect backup copy of your site So this will allow you to restore your site in case something goes bad It's rather advanced but a necessary kind of plug-in So I would check that plug-in out

Read the documentation and use the plug-in to make copies of your site Google Analytics by Monster Insights I'll just write MIS Google Analytics by Monster Insights: easily connect Google Analytics to your WordPress Site that's the that's the big purpose of this plug-in

It's one of the most straightforward ways to connect Google Analytics with your website Jetpack: this is another great multi-featured plugin Many, many useful features are added to your site from wordpresscom This is like the Swiss Army Knife of plugins

It gives you lots of features like easy site validation, sitemap creation, social sharing icons There's just a plethora of things that you can do Redirection is yet another boring but essential plug-in This helps you track and fix broken links Broken links are detrimental to the health of your site; to the ranking of your site

Google will see this site has broken links, dead and links, why would we favor to show them on search results? So knowing what links of your site are broken and then being able to do something about them is imperative Let's say someone visits an article on your site in the blog but you rename the article a few months later Thus changing the link, thus creating broken links Because you might have had traffic going to that article with the old link, which doesn't exist anymore So with Redirection you will redirect traffic over to your correct link Thus showing you as a high-quality professional website which the search engines can easily rank

Regen Thumbnails: this optimizes your images As you use WordPress, as you add images to your site, as you use images throughout your site, various versions are created of your images The original full sized one, a thumbnail a size of a hundred pixels, a medium size of three hundred etc Various versions are created of your image Well maybe you've deleted a page

Maybe you've moved pages and these thumbnails are sort of leftover Taking up space on your server Slowing down your website and again affecting your user experience So if you optimize your images once in a while, every six months or so especially, if you add a lot of new images to your site or delete from them, that will keep your site more optimized, faster and easier for the search engines to rank Next is social Media Widget: place social sharing buttons throughout your site So if you've got a website, WordPress Drupal Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, whatever, you need a way for people to be able to share your website easily

People are spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter Instagram whatever and maybe they find something useful of your site and they would like other people to know about it So giving them the ability to easily share your article to their Facebook is useful because the search engines look at that, too How popular are you on social media And finally Yoast SEO: this one's often the top recommendation plugin for dealing with SEO so optimize your site page by page For better ranking On a previous exercise we developed some keywords, basic keywords longtail keywords, to add them to your site

You would use the Yoast plug-in I will demonstrate some of these plugins to show you how they may be used The Yoast SEO plugin for example is one of the ones that is most easiest to demonstrate So this is how it works: I have that plug-in installed I have a new category of SEO

This will give me an overview if there are any problems on my site; suggestions for improvements; other important information here that I cannot quite show because this is a real site But you would go in, set up your webmaster tools, check security, fill in your information about your site to help you get ranked You can go to the Help Center and get more information There are video tutorials Most of these plugins are free or have a version that is free and then you pay a little bit extra to get more features

Check with the plug-in to how to see how much those features cost But for this particular plug-in we also have the ability to create site maps and once our search console is connected we can see all that data straight from our website instead of leaving it to go to a Google Search Console Where this plug-in really shines is if I go to a post or a page I will be able to optimize each post and page at a time For example I have an About Page on my site and I get the Green: that says the optimization of this page is good

So is the readability It's basically, Yost will rank you from a gray circle, which is you have not attempted optimization yet, red circle which is bad SEO And we've got orange and yellow circles which is okay SEO And then green circles which is good SEO You should strive to get green marks on your content or the second highest which is yellow

You don't want red or grey When I actually edit a page or a post I get a new section of Yoast SEO where I will be able to edit my snippet that appears on the Google Search add a Keyword or Phrase and then various dimensions for optimization that helped me get ranked Posts is the same: I want to get as many greens as possible I want to avoid reds Orange is okay and gray is I haven't checked Haven't checked SEO rankings yet

So you see in this particular one I have a lot of orange which is better than red or grey And I have a few that are greens So these need to be optimized a bit more The reason that some of these might be somewhat low is because the actual content on the page is not very much to to go by One of the dimensions of optimization is the length of the post

These particular posts focus more on video so then Yoast has a difficult time ranking those pages which are rather short But using the Yoast plug-in will help Us another useful plugin to take a quick look at is Jetpack So once you've got that installed you get some stats about your website But then we have that we have been protected from 1255 malicious attacks to the site Spam has prevented: 31,000 spam posts and the site is being optimized her faster image performance and that's all free from Jetpack

There are versions of it such as backing up your site and malware scanning which are not free but the the free items are very useful Lastly I'll take a look at the Redirection plug-in which actually hides itself under the Tools screen Under Tools we then have Redirection and what this plug-in does is it basically monitors broken links and lets you fix them In this example there were some links that were broken This was the original link; this is the new version of the link

The Title had changed so we needed to redirect people to the new address You can see all your broken links up at the 404 window and then create rules to redirect people to the proper content So I hope these plugins are helpful to you I know they've been helpful for my sites and my client's sites They helped me fix some of the loose ends of being a Webmaster and help in having Good Search Engine Optimization Results This has been Victor Campos

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