See How Memberium Works: Build Powerful WordPress Membership Sites with Infusionsoft

>> Micah: Hey there and welcome, my name is Micah In this presentation, you’ll get a demo of Memberium and learn how you can use it to make your membership site smarter, faster, and perform better overall for your business

Let’s go ahead and get started As a quick overview, we are going to talk about what Memberium is, some of its features, examples of it, and action in the real world We’ll talk about the set-up process, look at what it’s like on the back-end for you as an administrator or whoever is going to build your site, and why top internet marketers are using Memberium First off, Memberium works with Infusionsoft and WordPress Infusionsoft, obviously, is the CRM system and WordPress is the content builder

Being separate systems, those two need something in the middle, and that’s where Memberium comes in Memberium is a little bit like an adaptor cable between two things that make them work as one system, and that’s what we’re doing with Infusionsoft and WordPress They now work together to make your membership site Infusionsoft in a Nutshell is still going to handle the e-mail automation, the e-mail campaigns, the e-commerce functionality It will still do the web forms, although Memberium does have a registration form and a log-in form and some of those membership-related things, and Infusionsoft, of course, is still going to be the CRM system

What Memberium lets you do is control access to your content inside of your membership site It basically takes the member’s data from Infusionsoft, and when they log-in, it syncs that data down so that you can display things in the site based on their Infusionsoft data That’s things like the tags that they have, the orders that they have, what they opted into, and it lets you do a lot of other awesome stuff that will show you throughout this video In a nutshell, your customer – there on the left – is going to either go and buy that same membership or they might join for free, maybe it’s a free course Either way, as they take that action on the left through the automation between Infusionsoft and Memberium, they’ll get access to your website where they can watch the videos – on the right there – with it unlocked, and they’ll only get the videos you want them to have

So, you can definitely do a bunch of different membership levels So to dive into a little bit more detail, in this example on the left, they’re opting in for a free thing When they opt-in on the website, that data goes to Infusionsoft, and Infusionsoft is going to generate the password using Memberium, and then it’s going to send them an e-mail from Infusionsoft that they can click to log-in, or they can click to go type in their username and password to log-in But between them opting in or buying and getting access on the site is Memberium So to use Memberium, just to be really clear, you must have Infusionsoft

If you’re using ActiveCampaign, we do have a free starter version for that as well that you can look up But most of the things we’re going to show in this video really pertain to Infusionsoft Infusionsoft is a full-service solution, and Memberium takes advantage of all the capabilities it can with Infusionsoft Also, to use Memberium, you definitely need WordPress And there’s wordpress

com and there’s wordpressorg We do not work with wordpresscom We do work with wordpress

org And the difference is, wordpressorg is hosted on your website where you can ask your host about it It’s usually pretty easy And to be extra clear, we don’t work with things like Wix or Squarespace

Here’s a few real-life examples of what you can do with Memberium and how it works Here’s one of our client sites, and what it looks like when you log-in into that site So you can see up top is the video, and then below it, are two buttons on the right and left where they can kind of go forward and backward, and below that are icons for other things that go along with the video Now, that’s just one example Another cool example here where they have multiple courses is DM labs where you can see there, each one of those – they call them execution plans – those four things on the bottom

Each one of them will have multiple videos Here’s another example of how one client set theirs up And these little tile images – you can see some of them say ”Access Now” The top two on the left say “Access Now” and they are full color And then the others, they have to join the site for a dollar

It’s basically a trial, I believe, and those are grayed out because they don’t have access yet We’ll get into it more in a minute, but the look and feel is totally up to you Here’s another example where they’re selling digital products, but also e-books So these are all examples of content that you can protect, and we’ll get into some other things But even with content, not only can you protect it, but you can also drip it out over time

So you can see there up on Week 1 on the upper left, they only have one thing available, and by Week 9, all nine are available You do that using Infusionsoft, and it’s actually really easy You just use Infusionsoft’s campaign timers That’s why I say with Memberium, Infusionsoft and WordPress kind of work together as one system because we integrate as much as we possibly can between them This is an example of one of our courses where you can actually see a progress bar

So the course on the upper left – the Theory of Automation – they’ve actually done that The progress bar is green And then the one to the right of it, you can see is open The “Start Course” button in blue is ready, and the one on the far right – the Infusionsoft Campaign Building – the “Start Course” button actually, isn’t available It’s locked

So it’s not just what’s open and not You can also do progress tracking with some add-ons Another cool thing that’s going on in membership sites is certification programs This is where, you’re not just selling the training, but the training has a point – it ends in a certification A really great example is DigitalMarketer

They now have a ton of certification courses Basically, they used to have a lot of content, but by repackaging it in smaller focused courses, it helps the user to get through one thing at a time, and then also the user is able to become certified and show that badge off It can be really useful for their business So you might find a way to use certifications with your membership site Of course, you can bundle these things together, so you can buy any sort of bundle where we’re going to open up a certification, some videos, some audios, and maybe an area in the community

Here’s a great example of that where they’re basically selling a bundle of stuff So when somebody buys that, it’s going to open up a bunch of stuff inside a WordPress form One growing use of membership sites is to use it for internal training for your employees So it’s actually almost the same as if you were to sell it or give it away for free You sign people up the same

You give them permission the same But then the training is just different and you can do some additional things with internal training that make it even better We actually use our own membership site that we sell to clients for internal training as well when we bring on new support reps… And then aside from doing one-click upsells later in the membership site, you can also do them as part of the initial purchase So if somebody can buy there one the left, then they can immediately buy more on the Thanks page, and through automation, you can open both of those things at once So we sell Memberium, and after you buy, you have a page like this most likely where you can actually add some training to it, and that’s released through a membership site sign-in

When they talked about Infusionsoft being full-power or full-service CRM, they actually call it “all-in-one” What that means is the e-commerce is in there The referral partners are in there And so, because you’re connecting that to WordPress now with Memberium, you can run a referral partner program in your own membership site And what that really means is you can design their resources

So, on this page, we have two banners This affiliate has logged into this site, they came to this page, and they can see the banner and say, “I want this banner” And then below it is the swipe – you can see that code in the boxes at the bottom They just copy and paste that onto their website, and then that banner appears on their website, but it’s already embedded with their unique affiliate code because they logged into the membership site With a couple of these examples, if you go to the Videos page on memberium

com, there’s in-depth walkthroughs of these sites So with this one, for example, you can go look at it It’s the Elite Blog Academy site You can see how they did it, why they did it, how they structured training and resources for their affiliates inside the site It’s really brilliant stuff, especially if you’re into doing a referral partner program

You definitely want to check that out And the one I’ve mentioned a few times but haven’t dove into is the free thing So, there’s a lead magnet – something that somebody wants to sign up for free and is willing to give you their name and e-mail for Again, through the same automation, you can unlock it

And here’s a good example of a page that does that So, he’s got this thing that looks really high-value It’s even got a price point scratched out And really, this is just an opt-in for him, but they deliver it as if it were a product So, they give them a username

They give them a password When they go into the site, there it is By taking the time to really make this nice and build up the value of the free thing, they’re really earning the right to offer an actual product to this person You can see that they did a great job all throughout This is the e-mail that people get that they can click that button to automatically log in using a Memberium auto log-in link

So, there’s just a ton of uses And on the backend, after people get into the site, they can update their profile information, their credit card information – you can see that on the left They can cancel their account if you want They can view and pay pass invoices And here’s an example of one of those pages with a form on it where someone is logged in and they can now update their info

On this page, they can actually see their subscription there – the MMMastery Infusionsoft Training – and then there’s that blue Cancel button down there So they can see they’re a member since this date, their next bill date, and that it’s active And if they wanted to, they could cancel it This is one of the views of a list of invoices You can see at the top, there’s two invoices that they have a balance on, and they can hit “pay now”, or they could switch credit cards if they added a different card

You can obviously prompt them to add a card as well And the design here, again, it’s really up to you You can do whatever you want So this one, for example, this is on one of our sandbox or test sites where it’s very vanilla We didn’t do anything to design

It’s just laid out But you can actually change the columns if you want You can decide if the button up there for “Pay Now,” for example, appears or doesn’t It’s all configurable is what I’m trying to say So you get to choose exactly how you want your site to look

And with WordPress, that means themes WordPress has all of these themes, which are like a template, if you’re not familiar with it And really, what’s happening is, the design – the look and feel – is going to be handled by the theme, and the functionality is going to be handled by Memberium So, how do you install and set-up Memberium? It’s actually really easy and have a couple of options You can install it yourself by watching our easy-to-follow videos

And the cool thing, too, is there’s set-up wizard, so it walks you through the whole thing – really simple You could also have us do it We’d be happy to install it and do the basic configuration, connecting it to Infusionsoft and setting up a couple of membership levels for you ourselves And a third option is, you can always hire someone else to do it for you So real quick, let’s have a peek at how to install and set up Memberium yourself

When you first install it, you’ll hit this screen where you can see there’s a video, and then you just hit “Get Started”, and it basically walks you through a little wizard It’ll detect settings on your site and your web host, and basically ask you different things if it needs to And when you’re done, you end up on a page like this where there’s a little checklist, and it’s basically saying, “Hey, you’ve installed and configured it, so the site is ready to go” Now, you need to maybe add content to it, or you need to invite some users Maybe you need to go create your campaign in Infusionsoft

So you can see there, it’ll kind of walk you through it and you can click on any of those blue links to go and read more about it, or in some cases, watch a video But when you’re done, you just check them off And you don’t have to do those, but it’s just to help guide you through it So, to give you a little bit of a demo inside an actual WordPress site, here I am There’s my checklist

Over here, I can click on “Membership,” which I’ve already opened And this site actually happens to be the same site – if you go to our website, you go under Documentation and Video Tutorials, it’s the same site these first nine videos are about So if you want more information on the site, you can go check out these videos and you can see the whole set-up But basically, once I have membership levels, then I can apply them to a page So, here, I have a sample page called “Demo14 Free Membership Content” – I just made it as an example – and you’d put your content on the page

So, if it written content, you can put it here If it was images or video, you can click here to add media You can embed video This is a very plain WordPress install I don’t have all the cool plug-ins you can have to build your pages

But what Memberium is really doing is it’s giving you this content protection box, so it’s saying, “Hey, only people with the Demo14 Free tag from Infusionsoft get access to this page Only those people get access to the content I put here” And then I can basically say, “Well, if they don’t have that – if they don’t have the tag where they’re not logged in – where do I want to send them?” So I can send them to a sign-up page, or I could turn on excerpt, which is like a teaser, and then I could put the teaser info here You can see the excerpt that says, “Teaser goes here” So sometimes, I’ll put the full length video content up here, and then I’ll put a video with maybe just a minute of it that cuts to commercial and tells them how to sign-up for the program as the excerpt

So if they’re not a member, it’s like watching a little bit of content that turns into a commercial and tries to sell them And if they are a member, they get the full content There’s a lot more you can do here inside the WordPress, but that’s the really basic idea You’ve got your membership levels, which align with Infusionsoft tags, and then you can protect the pages, or posts, or other types of content by just checking the box for that level As I’ve said, you can get way more advanced

But on the Infusionsoft side – just to give you an idea – this is someone signing up through a web form This is somebody purchasing With Infusionsoft best practices, typically when they sign up through a web form, you’d make them confirm their e-mail And then once they do confirm, you’d give them their new member details The same thing when they buy

You’d probably ask them to confirm, but you might ask them to confirm and give them their new paid member details because they did pay, so you probably should deliver it But this is just an example campaign to show you that, whatever they do in Infusionsoft, you can connect into a sequence where you’re just going to set the password, give them a tag – this is that membership tag that we’re talking about – wait a minute, and go ahead and send them a welcome e-mail with their information in it Like I said, that’s just the basics I would go to the videos page and check out these for more details, and then go beyond that and check out some of the walk-throughs we’ve done with high-level clients and see what they’re doing, as well as some of the webinars we’ve done with partners – and those are some of the third party add-ons, like LearnDash, where you can watch us walk through how the two worked together in some of the best practices Now, if you’d like to hire someone else to set-up Memberium for you, then that’s great

We actually have people who are certified to implement Memberium So if you go to our site, under “Support”, you’ll find the implementation partner page Any of them who had a badge like that you see on the left that says “Certified” with the red ribbon across it – those partners are certified And there’s other partners on there as well who you can contact I’d suggest contacting more than one and then just seeing which one is going to fit you the best, but I’d check them out

If you want any help with your site, we, Memberium, the company, don’t do service work ourselves, but I’ll definitely have a look at that page if you want any help building your site Memberium also comes with built-in integrations for a bunch of popular WordPress plug-ins There’s LearnDash where you can see this person is going through the course, and the checkmarks that are in green are the ones they’ve done, and the little blue circles there – in the center and at the bottom – are the ones they’ve haven’t done This is a different view of that horizontally across the top And you can see also, over in the right, they have a progress bar going

On the backend, inside of WordPress, on the far right, you see where it says, “LearnDash Infusionsoft Integration” Those are the few of the settings you can do You can do more But to give you an example, it’s basically saying, “Hey, when they complete this section, let’s go ahead and apply these tags” You can see there’s a couple of tags there

But you could achieve campaign builder goals You can run actions sets And in this case – again, this is working with an add-on called LearnDash – and we’re saying, “When you complete something in LearnDash, we’ll run actions in Infusionsoft” So a good example here, you can see the video, and then there’s a giant marked “Complete Button” in blue at the bottom When they click that, we can change the e-mails they’re getting in Infusionsoft

So with your members, you could give them a course, and then send them a reminder e-mail to finish it And when they do, it will stop those reminder e-mails, and then you can give them the next course LearnDash and Memberium also integrate with something called BadgeOS which is where when they complete a course, you can give them a badge As an example here, you can see this person earn the Sugar-Free Body badge They also have a concept of groups which is where people can belong to little groups within your community

So you’ve got the ex-smokers here, the anxiety relievers – whatever it is, you can let people go and discuss whatever they want to discuss And BuddyPress here that we’re talking about is, again, a WordPress plug-in but since it’s connected to Infusionsoft through Memberium, you can say, “Hey, if you have this tag and Infusionsoft or if you’ve bought this product, then you can access to this group, or this training course, or whatever in order to earn these badges” Another WordPress plug-in, bbPress, let’s you build forms And then with Memberium again connecting to Infusionsoft, then you can say, “Hey, you only have access to this part of the form, or these particular forms

” And again, that would be based on their tags, or what they’ve bought in Infusionsoft So it can do a lot It can integrate with a lot of cool stuff and power up your website, but the software’s just a little part of it We really care about helping you grow your business At Memberium, we pride ourselves in our extremely short support response times, and of course, the quality of our support

We have over a hundred 5-star reviews in the marketplace and we’re always trying to grow that number by providing amazing service So if you need help building your membership site, not only do we have great training and documentation, but we do have a bunch of full-time reps Our Support Department is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 p

m mountain time We try as hard as possible to also answer outside of those hours, but we can’t always guarantee that In addition to our great support, we have a ton of easy-to-follow video tutorials on our site that’ll walk you through how to set-up Memberium and take advantage of it and some of its other advanced features, and there’s a ton of written documentations as well You’ll notice this as you go through the software

Next to most settings, there’s a little question mark or a “What’s this?” that you can click on, and then it’ll go to a page on our site that will tell you all about it We’re currently also holding weekly group coaching calls – that’s a Q&A format Go to our support page to see the current hours, and it’s Tuesday mornings at 10 am mountain, and then Thursday afternoons at 4 p

m mountain, and those are literally just Q&A We get on and we take the first person, and we un-mute them and we say, “How can we help you?”, and they tell us whatever they need So you can come in and talk to the founders, the owners – typically, at least once a week, unless there’s some event that we’re traveling for Memberium is used and trusted by companies like DigitalMarketer, Jeff Walker’s company, Frank Kern, GKIC in the Infusionsoft space, GetUWired, ThinkAutomateGrow, Fusion, Box Out Marketing – basically, the main people who use Infusionsoft all use Memberium for their membership site

Loral Langemeier who’s a five time New York times’ best-seller, speaker, and money expert – she was on the “Secret” She basically said, “My team and I have used several membership platforms in the past, and nothing can compare to features and functionality provided by Memberium It is hands down my favorite Infusionsoft add-on I love it and I highly recommend using Memberium to any small business owner who wants to leverage their business in Infusionsoft success” Ryan Deiss, the CEO of DigitalMarketer said, “We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites

Memberium is hands down the best membership plug-in available for Infusionsoft” And he goes on to say, “I recommend Memberium for any business owner wanting a safe, reliable, and profitable membership site” And there’s a reason they’re saying this That’s us on the top right – Memberium with the 5-star reviews there You can go check out the Infusionsoft marketplace for more reviews

So if you want something that’s easy to use, has great support, the technology itself is amazing – otherwise, these top internet marketers would not be using it – then it’s really easy to get started We have a 30-day money-back guarantee So if it doesn’t work out for any reason, we’ll always give you your money back, but I think you’ll find that it is more than easy enough to use You’ll love our support We’d be happy to help

Go ahead and reach out to us If you have any questions at all at the end of this video, feel free to let us know If you want more information about the product or some more technical videos, you can go to memberiumcom, under Documentation Video Tutorials, and start at the top You can see exactly how to use it, exactly how to build the whole site

But like I said, it’s super easy to signup and it’s priced really affordably It’s only $4 for a single domain, so for a whole membership site And then if you have more than one membership site, it’s only $87 for unlimited domains connected to a single Infusionsoft application So whether you have one site or a bunch of sites, we’d be happy to help you We can even help you get switched over from another platform

Like I said, any questions or anything you want to figure out, go to our support page and either reach out to Support or join our office-hours calls – in other words, those Q&A calls Or if you’re ready to get started with Memberium, we’re excited to help you set up your perfect membership site Simply click the button below and pick a plan that’s right for you Go ahead below and click to get started now

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