SafeSAI – Start to fix security vulnerabilities in 3 steps

This is Bob, web developer And here is Tom, application developer Both of them have products that serve thousands of users everyday

One day, a few of the applications of them are attacked by hackers, makes service of Bob and Tom interrupt, lose money And the most important is the client‘s confidence in Bob and Tom's products is greatly reduced They are very worried about the rest of their products whether there is any security vulnerability or not? What Bob and Tom need now is a solution available support to detect vulnerabilities that exist in the web and mobile applications

And help the developers to fix before the bad guys can take advantage to attack their products And that's why SafeSAI was born So, what is SafeSAI? SafeSAI is a cloud service that provides web and mobile web application security scanning that the developers can proactively detect vulnerabilities in the application, fix them promptly and minimize damages SafeSAI system addresses two main issues: 1 Experience Application developers often lack the experience and expertise to detect and fix security vulnerabilities 2 High cost when hiring an expert or purchasing security solutions

It's not suitable for individual and small and medium enterprises To do so, the SafeSAI system has the following main components: 1 Web-based system with dashboard: intuitive, friendly, easy to use, helps users manipulate tasks 2 Scan website, Users enter their website address, SafeSAI system will automatically scan

3 View reports: After a successful scan, the system will return a report of the vulnerability of the website 4 Engine scan system SafeSAI easily integrates other engines to the system

Users can get report from many different engines What are the benefits of SafeSAI? Why do the developers need it? 1 With SafeSAI, Users can start only in three steps Enter website or application to check Activate scanning by accessing the link SafeSAI has sent

Get report from SafeSAI 2 Users can easily conduct detect website and applications wherever they are 3 With SafeSAI, users do not have to spend too much money to buy expensive solutions but they can use the service effectively

4 Network of security experts: SafeSAI connects the website owners and the network of security experts to have the best advices Thanks to SafeSAI, Bob and Tom in particular, and application developers in general can proactively discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their web applications, mobile easily And can overcome these disadvantages easily and economically

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