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hey what's up this is the Friday Q & A Doug Huntington here from niche site project it looks like we have a handful of folks on already and today is the day that I answer whatever questions you have several were sent in it looks like we actually have a sort of a smaller crew right now though we're right at the beginning so if you're watching the replay I know a ton of people watch the replay so if you're watching the replay thanks a couple of quick announcements there will be a webinar there will be a webinar next Thursday so those are generally sort of announced a little bit of a ahead of time and I'll I'll place a link in the description later on I'm not sure if there's one there now so webinar coming up next Thursday additionally there's a free mini course that'll come out in a few weeks I just I'm mentioning it all the time so people don't miss out so it's April 9th through the 13th there's three emails that come out it sort of helps you get in the right mindset to start a site and then it also I guide you through choosing a niche right so starts at mindset choose a niche early start the process right it takes longer than a week but at least you get rolling with it so a few questions were sent in and I'll hit those those are in the description couple other highlights any of the links in the description potentially are probably our affiliate links so don't be alarmed about that you can of course not use the affiliate links but if you do I get a small commission on any of the stuff there any of the stuff that you buy you actually buy and pay for it in general all these tools and stuff they have some sort of a guarantee and/or trial something like that so usually there's like pretty low risk to give it a shot so if you're in the chat right now give me a shout let me know where you're from and if some people are already I'm sharing that hopefully everyone can hear and see me well so John hopped on and left the question he's gonna watch the replay what's up I'll come back to that Duke is on Duke is one of our kind moderators appreciate it Marcel as well Marcela have your question in the queue we have Marc from Atlanta my old town we have John what's up overcast skies not sunny like in the Bay Area we have Jay s from Hawaii we have Jaron on Jaron this J plus K he is the person that was interviewed yesterday so that playlist by the way is doing really well it turns out people like like that stuff so that's awesome if you haven't watched the playlist and watch the videos there's tons of awesome information everyone does things a little bit differently people have different levels of experience so if you haven't checked out the playlist be sure to have a look it's really it's awesome each of the interviews has you know its own insights and I think you know those are the kind of interviews where you know you can listen to them a couple times and get different nuggets I know some people don't necessarily have time but you know those are the ones that you can watch a couple times and get a lot of info from it Sean's on Alexander's on Simon what's up Alex or Alexander's from New York in the city khari from France we have XE from Valencia we have Nell Jay Bonner Ameen bright fish cool all right an ad from Serbia and all Wayne okay I'm gonna start getting to some of the questions thanks for saying hello but as other people join I'm gonna continue making the same announcements and stuff like that you know how these live streams work that coffee is colder than I thought it was going to be alright John says you're hiring writers on up work for information articles with this supplied outline and writers guide do you ask the writer to do research or do you supply the research to the writer what's your experience okay I usually have the writer do the research however in this situation you're the boss and you can specify whatever you want if you want them to do the research you just have them do the research just tell them what to do tell them how you want the research done and then see how it works test revise it if you need to you can you know supply it to them if you want it to be a little easier for them to to get into it so it's totally up to you and in any case whether you're hiring for like writing or you know you're hiring a developer you're hiring just a general assistant or whatever you're literally the boss and it's your responsibility to give a you know set of instructions or responsibilities to your contractor employee assistant whatever so just like a real job right you're the boss and you have to give them the right information me I'd have them do the research and John also mentions that it's a great channel so thanks for saying that appreciate it and as other questions pop up I'll I'll answer them of course I'm going to take a look at the ones that were sent in particularly Marcel Marcel is a good dude and which question is where is okay Marcel says I did a great video with a list of sites to get free stock images I've also talked about the benefit of not using overly glossy professional-looking stock images to add authenticity true Marcel further says I find that using free or creative commons images is time consuming it takes longer to find good ones and add attribution so you're working on a new site with 200kg are post each with a few images you're thinking of switching to paid stock images what's my strategy for a high volume of images okay I did the former all right I did creative commons images and time-consuming ly search for them having the proper attribution and did that over and over and over again two to five times for posts not me personally the editor that I hired so you have to make you know you have to make your own call if you want to add some speed to it then you know the stock images will certainly make it faster what I may recommend in your case Marcel is to do a blend alright so some of the images are gonna be more polished from the stock company but if you potentially can like lead or at least place higher up on the post your authentic more authentic looking image the one from Creative Commons or elsewhere you know something that an amateur took then that'll be in that'll be a way to speed it up still have some authenticity maybe not as much so that's my recommendation if you want to try and save the time of course at that point you know the images will cost you something so either you're paying for the images straight up or you're paying for the time to find entik images I don't know the ROI you know on that it's it's several steps removed so my impression right this is a personal impression about the like authentic looking photos so maybe it doesn't matter or maybe it does so it's so many steps removed that I think it would be hard to really tell okay good question now and if you haven't if you're looking for like free images and stuff there's a video on that which is linked in the description near the question from Marcel super duper socks what's up Amin mentions the interview videos and says they are very inspiring cases true Alexander said you like the new vlog Tuesday Tyrion and success stories awesome thanks for watching those and you know if anyone enjoys these videos actually if you're here now please hit the like button I'm gonna hit it myself you could like your own videos so we went up by one I'd appreciate it helps other people find him and if you like any of the other videos I know a lot of people do leave comments even if you leave a one word or something like that it's great leave a comment really appreciate it I think it helps I'm told with the algorithm so if you want to lend me a hand that's a good way to do it XE says Doug in order to calculate the keyword golden ratio is the monthly search volume indicated by keywords everywhere extension as a valid number for the calculation as given by the Google Adwords Keyword okay that sounds like a sort of a I don't understand exactly what you're asking but I'm gonna answer question that I think that you probably are can you use the number from keywords everywhere yes you can if you were asking something else feel free to clarify but yes slightly unclear from the question probably my father's alright Santiago what's up good to have you on Rose is on how are you always says you hire writers from up work and they all they do is copy other people's work and it's hard to find quality writers yeah okay I am I've never had that issue but you know there are a number of factors involved you know do your best to hire professional folks that you know are not going to do that because they have professional integrity and yes you may have to may have to hire a few people to get one or two good ones okay and and by the way so all Wayne is else I won't read everything but all Wayne is explaining that it's hard to find good writers it sounds like most of the writers that he's been working with are copying other people's information and stuff which is surprised I don't know that I've ever had that happen that you know where I had that happen is I'm text broker I would get back articles and they would send him back in on text broker this is a couple years ago they have like the copyscape score and it would send it back and tell me that there was like 30% copied and I'm like that is ridiculous that you let it go through there which is why I tend not to work with any sort of content machine house you know that they're just providing the administration because I could do that part myself so anyway everything can be difficult including finding writers and some people you know some people have harder times and others you know I'm I'm a I've hired a lot of people in my career so perhaps I have a high high filter for that I don't know what a high filter is but maybe I just do a good job at it alright 10 facts says I'm a huge fan well thanks for hopping on 10 facts what's your name Alexander says do any do I use any tools for tiered link building no I don't and you're asking if I'd use any automated software for that no I don't use any automated software even for our like outreach and stuff I'm trying not to use like any kind of software to just do it manually because I get all these emails from people that are clearly from automated the ones I love I may do a video on this because it kind of pissed me off there was this guy this for an insight project and he he was using automated software clearly so he would send me an email he's like hey I did an infographic do you want me yeah do you want to take a look at it and I'm like no I ignored it right cuz I'm the last thing I want to do is send an email so someone can send me like two or three other emails and then eventually ask me for a favor not really what I'm trying to do so anyway I replied back and I was like hey just sent it sounds kind of interesting send it to me and I'll have a look soon and then he started sending follow-up emails as if I never replied back to him so his automation software didn't get the email that I sent so he was sending messages automated messages like a moron to me after I already replied so like not only did he like fail on that campaign he like burned a bridge like I'm never gonna work with this guy and in fact I'm a I'll probably cover up his last name or whatever but like I'll probably tell you the website that he came from just because I can so maybe not the best thing for me to do but it's like come on man I don't care about your site I'm not gonna do you I'm not gonna send the emails to you asking to get the information I mean I know why they do that but don't try and use marketing tricks on a marketer I think that's the point because there's this book called influence if you have a read influence it's worth taking a look so they go over six Robert E eldini goes over six different sort of influence tactics from a marketing perspective primarily and then at the end he talked about how to resist those tactics so as you read it you know you need to use this stuff for good not evil but at the end of the day it's very easy to pick out like how people are trying to manipulate you if in that that's one of the things to get me to ask for the information it's funny you could basically like tell whatever I can tell whatever story I want no matter what question comes in that was a question about tiered link building I don't use any software for it Alexander that was a good question all right Marv mari on is that right mari on and what about the images from Amazon do I use them someone says it's a no-no and someone says it's okay Amazon doesn't mind although it's against their Terms of Service I don't I don't I I did I did download the image and then put it in a higher res like download the high-resolution and then resize it and we didn't post it on my site and that sort of thing however that is against the Terms of Service and I was I was around a few people like multiple people in the span of like a month this was about a year ago in the span of a month they were telling me that there were multiple multiple people they had their accounts shut down because they were using the images right so it could have been a couple other things but they were using the images so basically I was like I need to fix that so it took a couple months but high it was a problem that was solvable right it's like there's an image I know there's images on like each of the posts so it was a lot of work but I went through and used a site stripe and changed well someone did not me specifically but someone did so all the images are now from the site stripe or their Creative Commons images so I would say you can get away with a lot of stuff right but whenever you get caught it's hard to you know bounce back it's typically a lot of work and if you could control it ahead of time then you should you know you should do that all right Bonner says success stories are your favorite I i'm perceptive says I'm a fifth-year story everyone has failure stories until they have like a better story so I share my timeline often of like ups and downs where most people just hit the highlights so if you haven't seen that I perceptive you should check it yeah so khari is saying this is in reference to hiring writers so English is not Kerry's first language so you need to hire us writers or english-speaking writers yeah and you know what I'm not a lot of people will struggle with writing so I mean you could definitely hire writers if everyone had and always just having a little issue with it people are copying right we don't we have no idea I'll wait how much are you paying them right how much you paying per thousand words let us know that cuz like depending on where you're hiring people you'll end up with different levels of quality Lucas from Denmark what's up Nick tells us Nick's a former interview interview EE on the show probably gonna have them back on again soon so Nick is saying you've had great success DMing people that's direct messaging people on Instagram lately asking to use their images most are super excited and happy to let you use them cool Duke says you found a good writing source can you ping it over to me privately Alexander asked about determining if work was copied you can use copyscape pre Tom's on what's up and press on my I snagged a couple questions that you asked yesterday in the in the webinar so I'll answer a few of those Ross says random question what's my take on Google's mobile first algorithm update you know what I don't know I don't know I'm kind of I'm behind on everything so I'm not sure seems interesting I think Brian Deena backlinko he's more on me not more on the he is on the like leading edge of you know information and stuff like that so I'd take a look at that stuff but I have no clue I have no idea it's probably something to be aware of so for me I basically just make sure my site is responsive okay and Rose says Brian Dean has a guide so yeah check out Brian Dean's stuff he covers it really well okay and Jas has a question around images okay yep and the here's the thing you can use images from Amazon if you use the API so Jas you're right if you're using Wu's own or a plug-in that uses the Amazon API then you're you're fine all right XE says if I target a technology niche topic where the internet content is still small how many articles do you think would be needed to ranked as the number one Authority 10 or 20 I don't know so I would I would say it's probably not about how many articles is probably like the quality of your articles and it's probably like the credentials that you bring to the table so for example Brian Dean only has something like forty articles on his site but he has like a seven-figure business with courses his a seven-figure business and he's like the authority in SEO right he's one of the main authorities in SEO and if you go like start poking around he'll be referenced by a lot of other people so it's not really how many articles you have so you should flip the way you're thinking about it and if you want to be the authority and a certain thing you have to do quality just because you pump out a lot of content doesn't mean anything alexander says does that mean you don't bother with building two or three tiers at all that's correct Alexander I do white hat so I don't really bother with any of the stuff that you're talking about ten facts and I would say Alexander if you don't know what you're doing with that stuff it can be easy to goof up on your second and third tier it's not as good of a buffer as it used to be because Google is much better at looking further down the line so if you have say a pbn that you've pushed with automated software then you may get a bump in metrics but it's unlikely that you're gonna be able to you know pull a fast one out there so okay and as I know we have several other people on so if I've answered your question please hit the thumbs up please hit the like I'd appreciate it it helps other people find it and then a couple of announcements there is a webinar on Thursday coming up here I should have snagged the link previously but I forgot to but if you check out some of the videos next week I'll definitely be putting the link out there just look forward on Thursday those are live sessions those are hosted elsewhere they're not on YouTube so check it out additionally there is a free mini course coming out via email so if you're not on my email list you should sign up there's a link for that I did put a link that in the description and that'll be april 9th through the 13th it's a three part course helping you with sorta some mindset leading up to launching a site and/or growing the site alright 10 facts says so google should deal with the natural similarities between different content because that could really happen we might need the exact content written by different persons it is possible okay I'm not sure what you're asking can you please rephrase it or if someone can rephrase it for me I'd appreciate I'm not sure what you're asking there it seemed like a sentence with a question mark at the end and I don't I don't do what with those in a live situation Roe says there are Makaveli ins in the affiliate marketing you're gonna read the book yeah it's a really good book you should definitely check it out alright breakfast says do I had no follow to Amazon links no I usually don't Angela what's up good to have you on and it looks like oh and it looks like we had a troll popping on here oh and I was gonna say here's what we can do thanks to Marcel for taking care of that and you know what I don't do timeout I kick people out there's a no report yeah there's a zero tolerance situation here I'm not sure what what it was but I'll assume okay thanks thanks Marcel yeah zero tolerance situations so okay and Alexander says as long as your website is mobile-friendly there's literally no reason to worry about the update okay thanks for that mari on says can someone suggest a good plugin for Amazon API images using their site stripe is not a good situation or a good solution the images are too small okay there's actually a link in the description Mariana is my affiliate link but a AWP is really good so that's a great plugin to use as like your one solution I think there's some tables in there as well there's actually a table like solution a plugin that links up to the API it's called A's on tables I'm an affiliate for that as well and if you're interested I can send you a link for that it's I think it's like 20 bucks off for a week or two let me see I may actually have the link here and my clipboard somewhere there's a lot of stuff in my clipboard here I think that's it so I see some additional questions keep them coming I'm currently working my way through and just a reminder if you haven't hit the like button please hit the thumbs up especially if I answered your question I answer your question if you found it even slightly helpful perhaps a little bit misguided but even if it's slightly helpful if you have the ability I know some people were you know other phones or something and you're not able to hit the thumbs up but when you get a chance to later I would really appreciate it ok we have a situation where I lost my spot okay we're back yeah take a look Mariana at the AWP it's very good and then I'm gonna try to place my affiliate link for the A's on table in you know what I better put in the description I have a feeling the old the chat the chat links don't seem to actually work well at all so just think this update should take right and it's actually the JB's u length that I placed in there all right Philips on what's up Phillip event Lucas says may not be related today's a random day so everything's good do I like to add alt description on your images yes definitely and do I think it makes enough of a difference to do it with all your images yes for sure do it and if you have the ability to rename the file names that helps to Nina and says do I cloak Amazon affiliate links no that's a bad idea your shouldn't mislead people alright i cassis is definitely clear about that content is king you're just wondering if there's a minimum amount of articles that you'd recommend to plan your strategy and project plan so you want to do in authority sites here's what I would do in a lot of cases if people have seen more than a couple of the videos with me go do research right I have no idea it depends on the niche it depends on the amount of information out there depends on so many things so go check out your competitors or the closest thing to competitors put together basically you're doing market analysis right so you go research the current state of everything and then actually this is more from my consulting days as well you you take a look at where things are at this is your as is state and then you figure out where you want to go right then you have a gap analysis and then hopefully maybe you'll see something like most of the sites that are in the niche or close to it slightly related they have you know 45 articles on average and there's a couple outliers with too so you can make some determination that you probably want to be over the average but you probably don't need to have 200 yet if your content quality is really high so go do research figure out what other people are doing this is right in line with how long does content need to be well however long it needs to be but you can also get a really good idea about how long it needs to be by looking at your competitors what about keyword density go look at your competitors how many links do I need competitors the data is out there you just have to go find it yourself in any sort of generic question like how many articles or how many links or how long the content anything like that where you're trying to get a specific answer for a generic question question and by the way don't ask the specific question because I don't know the information most of the time whoever is asking the question is a greater expert on the specific topic than I am so put that idea in your toolbox analyze the current situation and then that's the biggest takeaway of today I think all right awesome content said hey Doug are there any do's and don'ts for the Amazon affiliate link text for example get X on Amazon versus get X on Amazon I've heard rumors about putting Amazon outside of the links as well I don't know exactly I recommend you call up right call up the customer service for Amazon Associates and then you can ask like you were specific copy if that's going to be okay the main thing you want to do is not mislead people in any way you want a seamless positive customer experience starting from your site ending on Amazon so if you are saying you're going to Amazon this is an Amazon that it's gonna open an Amazon or whatever that's better than you know not telling them where they're gonna go or saying hey this is the lowest price ever you're gonna save a certain amount and then if that's not accurate then you could get in trouble but my recommendation if you have questions on the specific copy that you can or use then you could check with Amazon directly and they could answer directly and you could have it you know in a documented fact documented fashion JSA changing the post categories from uncharacterized to something that's some category when a post is ranking well what effect the post rankings negatively j/s it should not it should not it may have some difference with someone's putting a flyer on my house not sure why I wonder if those are effective I don't think so we kind of just throw them out it's kind of a waste of time okay next is yeah your ranking shouldn't be negatively affected it may drop for a couple days or something like that I mean any sort of change could could have some impact but it should go back if you're not changing anything else Mariana says the tables from a AWP are super awesome you've seen them on a YouTube tutorial great Phil says do I use other affiliate programs and write content focused on these brands as it's more flexible than Amazon regarding the rules and stuff no and in a related question felt good question I don't I feel that Amazon converts so well that I don't worry about it however you know if you're in a certain industry where you're gonna have direct relationships on a high-end ticket item or something then perhaps it's worthwhile one of the other questions I got and this is from yesterday in the webinar someone asked should you mix and match stores like Amazon Best Buy Walmart and Target to give your reader the best deal in quotes assuming you're an affiliate of all of them my answer is and this question is for from a beginner alright so the answer is don't worry about that stuff just focus on when I recommend I mean everything I talked about his aim is not a failure right so I'm gonna recommend Amazon affiliate it's where I have most experience and people buy a lot of stuff on Amazon yesterday during the live workshop a delivery man dropped off an Amazon box literally like while I was talking the point is people buy a lot of stuff on Amazon so even if you get a 50% Commission rate the conversion rate on other sites and other programs is so like so much lower that it may not be worthwhile now I encourage you to test right you should always test this is just what I've seen this is my impression from my you know seeming lack of experience with other affiliate programs however the cool part with Amazon is if I buy you know 18 things you get credit for all those things even though maybe I didn't even buy anything that you recommended however right in other programs assuming it's a one-off not like the you know Walmart situation if it's like you know from ShareASale or something like that you may get a 20 percent commission rate but you only get it for the one item right so it's it's less typically Amazon works best for me okay I mean says if a keyword has a local monthly search of a thousand per month and all in title equals ten is it considered a kgr okay I'll Amin I'll ask you do you do you consider the kgr and did you publish any content did you try it and then I'll answer the question in a minute when I see your answer below right fish says you can change the image of an amazon picture by changing the format okay and by the way people think that the images are more important that they are then they really are so it's okay to small images okay Papa says what about a small travel niche with Amazon affiliate is it a good idea I'm not sure you should do keyword research and competition analysis to get an idea prep meshes on Phillip asks do I throw Adsense on my site No Duke says do I use the long or short things from site strike the reason you asked is it seems like the short links didn't match up with the outbound link tracking I use typically the the longer version but sometimes I use the short version depending on where I'm putting the link so a lot of times I I put in the correct format of the link because a lot of times the an editor is actually placing the links for me so typically those will redirect to a long form link so sure rush says you can't create a video for each topic can I use other person's videos yes no you don't need to worry about anything will affect your rankings it might you might move up higher Philip says what do you think about adding out beyond links to sites in your articles I feel it doesn't make any difference I think that's fine yeah I add links to out beyond articles oh yeah outbound links to articles bright fish says how many Amazon links in is is in how many Amazon links in a post is too many if you think you have too many then you have too many links I tend to fewer links and a lot of other people so my thought is you don't want to hit people over the head with affiliate links it seems desperate you don't want to seem desperate you have the right kind of visitor and if your copies good they're gonna want to click over to Amazon so think of it that way I usually have about like one link for every you say 150 to 400 words I don't have that many affiliate links in my post you don't need them and again if you if you think hey do I have too many affiliate links on this post then you have too many affiliate links on the post if you ever that ever crosses your mind then you have too many rows is how do I know what pages of a website to rank in Google I don't remember what to put in the search bar on Google to get the pages of a particular website how do I know what pages are ranking on Google you'll need to use a tool like semrush is the one I recommend there's a link in the description which is an affiliate link there are other tools that do similar stuff you can use aage refs but I think is a tad more expensive the Eagles on what's up Pratt mesh says how many backlinks should I take from one guest post at least one but you could put as many as you want in there I recommend you if you put more than one link that you link to you know different URLs don't link to the same URL on your site exceed you've done your research and you're knowledgeable on the niche so you need to execute cool cool yeah let me know how it goes and just start small right you could put together your you know long-term project plan for two years and then back into it but just make sure you know every month every quarter every six months that you're reviewing it you figure out like where you're at are you heading in the right direction stuff like that all right when calculating the kgr this is from Eagle is there an advantage to using the all-in title rather than all-in title you're gonna have to rephrase that I'm not sure I follow is there an advantage in using the all-in title rather than all-in title yeah rephrase that please sure Esch says what do I think about creating a PowerPoint presentation or short PDF related to the topic which contains info on the blog and then uploading to SlideShare academic or wherever will help improve the ranking give it a shot I have no idea my hunch is so this is a tactic that I've heard about for you know since I got started in SEO so four plus years I've heard you can do that my hunch is if you do that and no one looks at it there's no traffic coming through that link that it's probably not going to help that much however if it becomes popular people are reading it people are following that link then I bet it would help the rankings give it a shot though and see what you find so Keith says do we get a do follow link from a blog comment usually no awesome content is great in helpful channel thanks by the way if people have not hit the like button it seems we have a little bit of a deficit in the in the likes today I'm not sure why it just seems lower than normal I'm not sure not sure why but if you have a moment please hit the like button Phillip says will I have I ever built any public case studies you feel like it's always super popular when I am do it and it answers all these questions Phillip I have not done that I've thought about it and I get requests for it all the time and the funny thing is they are super popular and that is the draw is to have some super popular thing right as far as answering all the questions I'll just be blunt with you I've answered all these questions before and if I do the live case study people will still ask the same questions and that is totally fine I mean that is literally why I'm here why spends a few hours a week in answering the questions that I mean literally I'm answered these questions probably in the same session a few weeks ago and it's totally fine so Phillip that is a cool idea it won't alleviate the question thing it could be popular and that could be a thing where like maybe I look at doing that like maybe maybe I look at you know launching it see the thing that I would prefer to do and this is where I think a lot of case studies they don't always work out so number one the big risk is someone's just gonna copy the site and then and or do negative SEO basically the case studies that I've seen that is the outcome so most recent income school they had a site that they gave away it was about like soundproofing or something like that so income school guys are great if you haven't checked them out Jim and Ricky they were on my channel really good interview you should check it out if you haven't and like I said they're good guys but they do public case studies they reveal sites and they had a site that they were working on and they gave it away and I think was making like a few bucks a month they did a contest really help their channel grow and word on the street is the site is has been copied many many times because it's out there and people are like well if that idea works if I already know it works I'm gonna go ahead and I'm just gonna copy it so not not the best idea I mean it can be popular but the outcome is usually poor now filled that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do it it's just there's there's more downsides and the upside is to you know get attention which is I mean I'm trying to grow my audience but I'm doing it my own style I try not to pander so the the other example less recent is Tung Tran over at cloud living so he was working he's been working on the site for you know I think it's like two plus years he was trying to get it to 10k a month it was growing fast he you know he was launching the site in conjunction with launching his course you know direct competition of mine and that's one of the other things I have no issue mentioning the direct competitors and I'll tell you who they are right so Tong Tran and his site did really well you know it's a six-figure site right value-wise however he never reached that tenth 10k per month point at least to my knowledge and last I read in fact someone said hey it looks like it's on D on a decline it's not doing as well and I'm not sure if it got hit with negative SEO some people said maybe it was affected by the thread update but the point is public case studies often like don't work out great and then there's more negative repercussions because of you know like I guess bad people bad people who are doing negative things now the thing that I would be like really cool is if I could do a case study basically finish it or be 90% done then release all the information as I went so if you look back to project white hat that's what I did I was 80% done by the time I started releasing the content so I knew how the story went for quite a long time this is important so that I could tell you hey we did this thing we thought it was going to be a good idea turns out bad idea this was wrong and here's what you should do instead many times case that he's come out and it's a real time you know a situation the problem was with that is people implement as you're going and then you realize you messed up there were some mistake made and you have a bunch of other people make that mistake but maybe I should do a film I don't know what is everyone think let me know in the comments public case study is that an interesting thing ok now we'll get back to it Amin says yes you tried it in the health niche a month ago but it still didn't rank so this was a kook throwback alright so this is uh where does it means original question ok everyone pay attention Amin asks if a keyword has a local monthly search volume of a thousand per month in all in title equals 10 is it still considered kgr so for the people that don't know the keyword golden ratio the local monthly searches should be below 250 and my sort of smart ask question back to Amin was did you try it and did it work and it means answer is it is somewhere in here Ameen sad tried it but it didn't work okay and a meme I'm sorry slightly making an example with you so the answer is no and I already knew that before the answer is no right the formula is the formula for a reason so follow the formula until you like have proven you are effective your site's working now does that mean it's not gonna work a hundred percent of the time no maybe it works ninety percent of the time ten all in title is really low right you should be able to compete with that however like I designed the formula in the specific way for a specific reason and the reason why is it doesn't F at work when you don't follow the formula it's way less likely to work so follow the formula and if you want to experiment and do other stuff then it may not work so follow the formula and it's probably gonna work better but it mean you did the right thing by testing it all right so that is that is the thing like you never know until you test it by the numbers it it should potentially rank you know maybe it'll take longer maybe not it's only been a month but the thing is if you want the formula to work as advertised then you need to follow the formula as it's written and it's pretty specific alright so Keith says project management tips for a naive blogger you write your own content so keep can you be more specific I would say you know try to develop a plan and then stick to it review your plan often Alexander says how do I approach link building in industry where there is zero chance of getting white-hot guest posts okay so I would avoid that industry but if you are stuck with that then I would say you got a ideas from other areas right maybe not SEO maybe not marketing get ideas from somewhere else and see if you could implement them there I have no clue I don't know what your industry is I would potentially you know you're saying there's zero chance of getting white hat guest posts well it sounds like you got to do something else maybe you got to do grey hat or whatever so I don't really know but if you say there's zero chance then well you're not going to be able to do white hat guest post so you'll have to figure out something else I'm not really sure Bonner says are there free tools for finding your keyword or your competitors keyword density yep it's called an SEO quake I have a video on it Eagle says when someone buys on your affiliate with Amazon how many seconds to you set up to go to Amazon for your site when they hit the Buy button with wasone I'm not sure Eagle I don't use wasone my friend Alex over at WP Eagle he does so you should ask him I would say I mean I would just I don't know what any of the stuff that you're talking about is but I would say I would just make it as fast as possible Pratt mesh says can you explain the process of three comment in two emails what's your frequency of commenting daily one comment after two to three days and same about the emails okay so mesh is probably referring to I have a like a high-touch template out there so you comment two to three times or maybe you've watched some videos or something like that nice Pratt mesh so you comment two to three times on the same like blog it can be you know should probably be on different posts and then you email them to three times say hello make friends give them a compliment don't ask for anything and then you can ask for a guest post after that at that point they'll know who you are hopefully they'll like you and then as far as the frequency you can do whatever you want so I would say you know you don't have to follow a formula try what works for you you know I would say give it a few days for me right I mean if I read someone's blog and I've seen people do this on videos for example or when I'm reading you know blogs I don't read them read a blog like every single day but you know potentially you would see people read three articles and they comments on each one in like an hour's period that's not weird right because it's just a normal thing to do if you're linking to other articles within your own blog then it's likely that people are going to read other stuff so you can make it totally random you can make it one week in between each of those you can make it two weeks you can make it two hours so there's no right or wrong answer with the email stuff it's like dating you want to be cool you don't want to seem too needy and like send too many emails and rapid succession or anything like that that's weird so just be cool scenic and I see I'm getting like pretty behind on the questions here Stevie says what's my experience in terms of performance for keywords like backup camera for cars meaning without a buyer's intent they can bring in a lot of traffic but they'll convert less okay Eagle says using the all-in title in quotes versus all entitled without quotes use it without quotes without quotes okay Phillip says if I want someone with experience to build a public site you'll do the work seriously all right thanks Phillip I appreciate that 10 facts says I mean how Google deals with the similarities between contents if you write your own content by yourself doesn't that doesn't necessarily mean that is unique there might be someone who wrote the exact same thing okay good point I guess roses can I give the name of the book influence in the author yeah it's um oh and I thought I put the I'm gonna put the link that's a link for the the table I thought I posted that earlier but I guess it didn't go through the book is called influence and it's by Robert Chi aldini and I think it's like that I think it's that oh yeah some when someone typed it in Thanks all right reading more in Phillip says Tong uses shady tactics and I don't know if that's true I thought he was doing all white hat stuff at least that's what I saw I don't know if that's I I don't I don't follow Tong very closely fit Egyptian says he has a 10k course per person it's like a seminar of a few days interesting all right says it's kinder intuitive you'll spend time and resources getting out of the sandbox and in the end people will copy and they do copy you can't do anything about it okay Jeremy says other than using the keyword golden ratio how many people use the pa and DA to determine the top 10 competitors what do you think about the TF + CF to determine the competition in the top 10 so I don't know I would suggest you look at the number of people in the top 10 in Google so and my hunch is you can use you know pick a metric and then stick with it so if you want to stick with the TF + CF then that's cool you can do that right I teach an answer literally everything so I need to do it at the moment thanks I try alright means says can I recommend a to-do list mobile app that I probably use you know what it doesn't matter what what app use I use a notebook currently and if you want a mobile app I suggest just using like whatever the Notes app is on your phone use the simplest solution with the least number of features I literally have a notebook with not much in it it is a plain notebook come on says it's recommending Google Calendar use Google Calendar as well yeah prime mesh says if you have 10 articles for a new site ready how frequently should I post it daily one article or you can post all of them at once it's totally fine to do that ok G what do I think about content egg and other blogger BOTS I don't know what any of that stuff is so I don't have a I have zero thoughts on it but if you explain what they are maybe I can tell you about it Eagle says you have to Amazon the a what's it called a zon tables plugin yesterday that's cool is it similar to was oh no I don't think so so Keith says if I can show the notebook then we'll be motivated actually I just bought a couple nice notebooks and it's like sort of thick paper so I could I'll pull up the link in a second because I literally I just got a nose a thing that was delivered to me the other day so let me find me find what I actually ordered and I could paste the link for you so you can see what was that thing ice pick paper and then the second really really liked it and it's like way cheaper than some of the other notebooks out there that are you know they're my 25 bucks for like the name-brand sexy notebooks out there so let me find this one and I see the questions have slowed down so you know type more in if you have them no pressure if you don't have more questions I will do a quick reminder if you're interested in the mini course make sure you're on the email list and just curious are there people that are watching this that aren't subscribe to the channel it seems like most of the people are subscribed to the channel and you're you know a frequent watcher it seems that way but just curious additionally if you haven't watched the success interviews from the other day they're awesome and there's some interesting data that learning about like essentially publishing videos in a playlist that are highly related and there they were good interviews right interviews are pretty solid especially when they are like I guess such inspiring stories so yeah basically it ended up like boosting the watch time quite a bit like more than I would have expected so alright I'm trying to find the notebook so all I'll find it in a second it's a key in it like I said it's just plain notebook and it's all about you know writing down what you're trying to do having a clear picture of that and then prioritizing cuz it turns out we can't do everything and I have issues with this as well where I like think I can get more done and I almost never like get everything done that I hope so Primus is does logo and premium theme helping conversions not necessarily so I think you need a minimum baseline of like presenta bility so if your site looks bad and your theme looks bad that's gonna hurt you but as long as it looks okay then it should be fine okay Rose is asking what's covered in the free course in April so I take you from like I kind of walk you through my story and then I tell you about like how I ended up like doing what I'm doing now and I don't want to give too much away but basically it sort of takes you through the mindset of like writing down like what you're actually trying to do your goals and then you know for me like I said I like Amazon affiliate stuff I think it's a great way to get started even if you don't end up doing like niche sites full time in your future you may end up being a you know website developer and you set up WordPress sites for people right you can do that like maybe that's what you get out of it but along the way you're learning you know hosting you're learning about WordPress you're learning about setting up sites you're learning SEO getting traffic so you can you can make this whatever you want so that's basically what's covered it is more about mindset now at the end I do like go through an exercise to help you find a niche or you know expand on a niche that you're already in potentially Charette says what's the ideal frequency of posting kg are based articles one article in a week or eight to ten articles in a month to reach forty or fifty on your blog you should do it as fast as you possibly can so in my experience it doesn't matter frequency doesn't matter so I would literally publish like twenty articles in one day and then post zero things for the next week and then do the same thing again and again or I think the most I published in one day was like thirty five and I did this multiple times over hundreds of articles on different sites okay prime mesh says you're not getting any of the emails all right you should sign up for the email list there's a link in the description smooth operator says just curious will anybody sue you for a screenshot from a video if it's not personal or something exclusive so I don't know I'm not a lawyer but if you're just taking a screenshot then the argument could be made that there is like some fair use situation going on if you're taking a screenshot from a YouTube video then maybe you should just embed the video but that's definitely a gray area there so I would probably not do that probably not do that Jared says is it ok to use a meme in a blog post generally yes but as far as copyright goes which is kind of related to the last thing I'm no expert so you know you would need to make sure that you're attributing properly do your due diligence to check to see if you know the rights are elsewhere and what the situation is you know so you know obviously a lot of people use memes and blog post and there's like meme creators and all that stuff so Shane asks if an old post never ranked for a certain keyword that is a keyword golden ratio term would it do anything to delete the post and repost it my hunch is probably not and if you could tell me what you're like what logic are you using – like what chain like my recommendation instead right maybe you delete it and then put that content on another post that's ranking a little bit better Shane and then maybe at least that post can rank for some other keywords but I would recommend like if you do no work nothing should change that's my hunch if you do something to improve it in some fashion that potentially could work now I would say if it doesn't like do anything it doesn't rank then I would probably just ignore it and move on Rowe says what hosting do I recommend so I used to be big on Bluehost but now I'm more for site railed and if you are looking for hosting I have a link for you so as normal I mean I I do try and throw my affiliate link this is an affiliate link so SiteGround depending on the amount of traffic that you have you would select just more expensive cloud hosting and the reason why I like site ground currently is their customer service is better than Bluehost so Bluehost you know they would take my calls when I called him if I had some issue or question or whatever however whenever I talked to someone at Bluehost they were often not a admin they had no technical any any sort of knowledge that no no freaking idea and it became a little bit of an issue because I needed some tech stuff done and they would generally have to open a ticket for an admin to they could actually touch the server right so it took a while right it took like 24 hours and this is like on this particular site that I was having trouble with it was like it's getting like 2,000 visitors a day I'm losing hundreds of dollars a day while the site's down which it was on site ground you can chat with somebody and like a second and they're an admin there they can literally log on to your server do things check on things for you which is a very big deal so you know Bluehost was really good for a long time and then I had some issues with specific things and I wasn't happy with how quickly they were dealing with it so why I mean I still have a Bluehost account it's just not on one of my like high-traffic sites it's a little bit less traffic so psych ground like I said that is an affiliate link so I get a commission if you use it sure says can I suggest some good free wordpress themes I'll give you two quick recommendations one any of the WordPress default themes so those are pretty good the other is if you want more options then you can go check out all the free themes put out by automatic which is the parent company of WordPress so automatic they have their own themes as well and you know if you're getting something from WordPress or automatic you know that it's going to be fast it's gonna be secure they're gonna update it frequently and it's solid right so you're not going to end up with the same sort of security issues you may have a security issue right they're not immune to it but they will deal with it really quickly prep mesh is how much longer how much longer do I recommend to have content longer than your competitor so 10 to 25% Eagle says does it make a difference when you when you're setting up your post categories with regards to trying to rank generally not unless you you know you have like a keyword within the within the URL for the category but it's not not critical hamed says how do I spend my weekends well the last couple weekends I've spent it in the crawlspace in water trying to pump it out so that's what I have been doing when it's warm out hi hi can try and do stuff outside I also brew beer so a lot of times I'll brew beer I'm a little behind on brewing beer actually with all the you know basically house stuff that I've had to deal with with the flooding of the crawlspace that was that was not very cool and then when it what else would yeah I yeah and try and be active try and be active Sandeep says how many keywords should you target in one post what depends if you're doing a keyword golden ratio type post one if you're doing something else then however many keywords you want to target okay prep mesh says you're already signed up but you're not getting any emails you've also check your spam folder and other folders okay well you may not be signed up I'm not sure it depends on when you signed up you know I don't send out a ton of emails so Sandeep says where to outsource quality content and how all right so I would say up work and you have to hire people and there's templates for it so if you sign up for the email list you can see all the templates that I use including the job posting the communications and stuff like that and unless prat mesh is unable to get any of the emails I'm not sure why you could already be on the email list so that could be it Jerry thanks you're welcome the sale monkey says with the new site should you wait to it you have many articles to post or can you post as you create I post as I create I don't think it makes a difference so so Keith says if you find some very useful video on YouTube can you post it and embed it on your on your blog yeah you can okay Rose is saying you're debating between psych round and Bluehost definitely go with psych round yeah the psych Rhian support is ridiculous it's really good you know it's an interesting thing these links in the chat are messed up like they don't redirect properly hey Rose if you highlight if you just copy the text and and try that it should work okay and Jo is on you made it to a live stream awesome good to have you on Pratt mesh says what will happen after the Google sandbox period well your posts are ranking yeah if you do a good job then probably your post will start ranking higher Lance is on good thanks one of our kind moderators everyone thank the moderators and if you haven't hit the thumbs up to like the video that'd be really cool oh we're so close to 50 we're very close to 50 we just need a few more people sure ash says should you include LSI keywords in the K G are based article or not at all sure putting him in shouldn't hurt anything and sound monkey says thank you you're welcome Pratt mesh is asking about Hostgator I don't know I've never used Hostgator never used them at all ego says you have site grant and they're fantastic for the service ok so multiple votes for site ground and while we're just hanging out here I'm gonna see if I can put that site ground affiliate link in the description we'll see if I can do that here I should put that in there anyway people do ask me for hosting and you know it's tough sometimes because you know Bluehost was good for a long time and you know I got Bluehost because pat flynn recommended them and yeah I stuck with him for a long time they're really good for a long time and then I heard a I think it was a podcast in the last year or so where pat flynn even said he met with the CEO of Bluehost and he was like the service is bad I'm recommending like this hosting service and my fans and customers are trying to use it they're unable to get support and I'm not sure if he stopped working with them as much but he definitely slowed down and tried to figure out what was going on so thanks everyone for the mention of site ground and yeah site ground just kicks ass really good I mean the site is screaming fast I was up to you know close to 5,000 visitors per day I'd you know upgraded hosting over the holidays 5,000 visitors per day and it was just rocked and stir I mean it was paying I'm paying like a hundred and ten bucks a month or something yeah cool and Lance mentions that Alex Cooper over at WP Eagle uses Hostgator so you check with him and David mentions that you had some issues with Hostgator I've had zero experience and what I can say is whatever hosting company you're dealing with the higher price plans tend to work better so it definitely fits for think whatever whatever whatever you're paying is what you're gonna get out of it now the issue that I had with Bluehost is I was paying you know I was paying a reasonable fee and the service didn't back it up so okay Seguin says how do you motivate yourself to start writing when you don't feel like it or do I follow a specific routine I definitely don't follow a routine I wish I could do more so if you don't if you're not motivated and you're not into it maybe take a break take a break see if you're you know it's just your mood maybe you're tired maybe you're hungry maybe you should go have a beer you know that's one of my go-to depending on the time of day and the other part is this is all work and a lot of it is not fun it's fun to talk about it it's fun to think about it but everything is work and it could be interesting for a little while like when you you know Rose is talking about getting hosting and Rose did the link in the scription work by the way so if if you you know your rose you you get hosting it's working well you're using my affiliate link which makes me happy you got all these good vibes going on and then you put your side up you see it you know you have your domain and all that it's great you feel good when it comes down to like the other part like let's say it's a few hours later and you're having trouble with your theme getting it configured right well that part kind of sucks it's frustrating now when you solve it then it's it's good but it's icky that was the point is you know there were gonna be parts where like it's frustrating and maybe if you just take a break then you can you know get your motivation going a little bit like intrinsically Joe says you have a web development company cool and they specialize in WordPress and sycron is the way to go so good another vote for it duckfaces should you go for reseller hosting to host more than one site no I don't think so I mean if you're just gonna host like two sites then I would say just have like the hosting hosting package that can handle the two just keep it simple you don't need a reseller hosting if you're just having a couple you know couple sites here alright Sandeep says how about using the Divi theme with WordPress it's a good for affiliate marketing so I've never used it it seems to be versatile so I would say is probably fine your theme doesn't matter too much so if you're already using a theme that you like then I usually recommend to just stick with it hyhy says oh good original question I love it have I ever used the word press mobile app to edit my site or even just write a rough draft I have tried in the past it's been a while I use like the beta or at least like the first release and it was okay and I haven't gone back to it just because I haven't had a need to but in my head for a short period I was like oh that could be great if I'm out I can like write it you know I could draft up or do the bullet points of a post particularly for like a niche site project and then I was like I don't want to do that so yeah it seems like it's you know they're improving it it's a native you know app and I think they I think WordPress has an app like for max and other systems where it's like native but I just do everything through a browser at my desk Lance says everything sucks like you said last week it gets better the more you do it but it's a grind have a plane and just start working yeah totally I guess that's the theme that I just try and remind everyone because actually I'll tell a little story in a second okay D card says do D cards on what's up I didn't didn't see on divvy is great and you use it ro says I'm it didn't work so you went to the hosting video and clicked on the second link in the description awesome thank you in rows also says studiopress themes are the best and fastest for those look okay so that I haven't yeah I don't know but Bros seems like you know she knows what she's talking about okay so David says can you please tell us why I hate page builders yeah I would love to so number one David I like the inside of the question it shows that you've checked it out you know that I don't like the page builders and I remember I need to find the link to the notebook for for everybody here so the page builders are you like I use a builder for a sales page and like landing pages that's what I use them for because they're versatile in that way what happened a few years ago particularly with thrive their thrive content builder a lot of affiliates started pushing like hey you need to format especially for affiliate sites you need to format your post every post needs to be formatted in this fancy way it's really important to use these elements and it really makes your site stand out turns out doesn't really matter if you go look at like some bigger blogs it's usually just like it's text right I mean that is the important part it's not because you have like a well formatted theme it's not because it's a well formatted piece of content there does need to be some minimum baseline of like readability and stuff but that's simple right I mean go look at medium com I mean it's just it's it's simple that's what people want to see it's easier to read so the problem with page builders is I had an issue with it just being buggy right so I had a personal issue with them being buggy and had major issues like I was trying to change the color of some text and change some text like changed the date I literally wanted to change like one line out of you know a full sales page I wanted to change like one line and I couldn't do it I kept trying to change the font color and do all this stuff and it was it just wouldn't work I would change it and then when I would save it it would revert back super frustrating no clue what to do try to get support couldn't get support that was this was with thrive by the way couldn't get support and really frustrated the reason that I hate the page builder so that was my specific issue but when it comes down to it most people don't need the page builders they're slow right they're slow to use so it's more you know time consuming right so slow to use there are additional features that you are now having to make a decision on whether you're going to use buttons or you're gonna use these tables or a different sort of like box and section and highlighting so you're making decisions you now have to make a decision on whether you want to use a particular feature and it's really not even needed may sound like a minor thing but as you're going through this process and there's a hundred steps that you have to do and you have to make a decision on something that other people don't they're not even thinking about it I'm using you know this was back when I got started I'm using WordPress 2012 I have no options I'm just writing text maybe a couple images that's it right I'm just I'm working on the stuff that matters other people were working on you know putting together a table with the right buttons and the right colouring and what color the buttons were gonna be and a lot of other stuff that doesn't matter so all of a sudden you have to make these decisions on stuff it doesn't matter so and that is a particular that's the particular page builder that I use primarily I've touched a couple others here and there but that is in general why so it's like it's unnecessary for most people and I think a lot of people are convinced to get some of these page builders because affiliates have convinced them that they need it for some reason but really they don't need it and the affiliates are they're just trying to sell the product which I don't blame I mean I pasted several affiliate links in here but I think the products are valid so okay and so David does that answer your question do that was it helpful or did it come off more whiny you know I did not enjoy spending I spent like six hours trying to change this thing and it should've taken like ten minutes so you know back on the productivity thing Sakhi I mean I was just like I wanted to do all this stuff and something that should have taken 15 minutes maybe thirty minutes max right is what I had budgeted it took like half a day and then like three quarters of the next day and it was not cool I was gonna lose my mind so page builders I'm not a fan who's your Ben says hey Doug do you like to use aah roughs I do I love it it's the sort of the best backlink crawler I think if I do do I think it gives good data yeah but what do you mean by good data like useful or do you mean accurate or actionable Andy card says divvy page builder is fast and that's why you stick with it cool so I haven't used that one divvy so I can't comment but you know like I said before – so deep you know I know people that that do use to be a lot of people seem to like it so you know I think if you are using a page builder but you're only using the features that you need then that's probably okay and hoosier says do I think Age refs has accurate data it seems accurate but I have no actual like metric to compare it to so it seems accurate based on say looking at my backlinks that are new and or you know or removed or something like that it seems to be accurate and all right I'm still working on trying to find that link so I'm gonna have to check another way really quickly here let's see so any other questions they they slow they slowed down here a bet and David says do I think the page builders affect the loading speed yes and I know this you know when I was starting to get turned off by the thrive content builder I had a page that was loading pretty slow and I was using you know some of the fancy elements I wrote the page like around the time when I was like first getting thrive so I had all that stuff all the additional formatting and features so it looked it looked good right it looked really nice however it was look the page was loading like incredibly slow and I can't remember if I publish this information but basically I took away the Thrive portion of it and then I just copy and pasted the content into a normal blog post and the size of the page went down from like I can't remember exactly so don't quote me but in this range it went from like you know 35 megabytes to like 0

8 or something like that and then the load speed went from like six seconds to like two and a half so it was like immediate as soon as I took the content builder out it was so much faster and the page looked better because it didn't have these boxes around it so it depends on the page builder right I know the coding can be sloppy right so the coding could be sloppy and it may not be for I don't know right for certain page builders and maybe lean and it may be fast so it could be fine to use however some of them out there could be a mess so I'm gonna attempt to get you this affiliate link here see for the notebook I finally found the link to the notebook here and I just got to make sure I've got the right one any other questions any other questions out there I think I failed think I found it here okay so keep that is the notebook that I use you still wants to keep and that that is a new one I just got that specific one but it seems to be the like the cheapest with thick paper with thick paper and there's page numbers which I enjoy so you can put like an index at the beginning and Sandeep says which page builder do you recommend okay I don't recommend any page builders as David mentioned I actually actively disliked page builders so I don't recommend any of them David said you started using Elementor and it works great you did start feeling it might be unnecessary okay could be true yeah Eagle says do I use sidebars in any of the sites if not what themes do you recommend my I use sidebars sometimes not too too often but you know they're fine they can be fine and if I don't what themes do I recommend you know most themes should be able to give you a single column of you know copy or content right you should be able a lot most themes should be able to do that for you sure ash says what do I think about Cora and Yahoo answer for link building I haven't tried to either of them but I know at I was talking to someone the other day about Cora and they were like yeah brings me a lot of traffic so and David says you were asking about page builders because you don't know if it affects the page load speed yes it probably it probably affects it and slows it down even the fast ones probably slowed it down brant fish says you got a couple of sites that use Elementor however the last update change the look of your site so you had to the update yeah so that's no good okay um I see we still have like 40 people on if you have the ability to and if you haven't yet hit the like button I'd appreciate it I stopped looking oh we didn't make it over 50 so that that is good it's nice that we got over 50 there now what I'll I got a couple couple questions for you right so we still have a handful of people on and apparently the people that are very interested because we've been doing this for a while so question number one I did a live teardown in the last week so I actually ran out of time I didn't get to record one ahead of time so I did one live it went well people were able to ask questions like as we were going and provide their feedback – it was a great discussion and you know live is actually a little easier for me to do because I don't have to record edit and do other stuff right so live was better all around the format worked well so my question is there's there's actually a number of people who you know don't want to buy the Fivefinger niche site course okay so that's fine it's not for everyone it's expensive there's a lot of people that they don't want it or don't need it or forever for whatever reason not a good customer however people do like the tear downs and there's another set of people that like the tear downs and they they want to somehow support me right they want to support me but they don't want and I don't give people many options so people have talked about patreon they they recommended maybe I do patreon I'm not sure the huge advantages that patreon would give me versus like just if I have the infrastructure to handle it myself then I could take out the middleman it looks like they take ten percent or so so I was here's the idea to have like a basically a teardown Club where it's you know a live stream a live session you'd ask questions and then I publish it where there's an archive of tear downs these tear downs right the the ones that I normally publish their surface level I go through quick I show you a little bit of info I never go into the backlinks maybe I think like one time I did some analysis of backlinks but for the teardown Club I was like oh I could do backlinks I could go a little bit deeper I can you know show you a little bit more data so that's sort of the the idea let me know if you know if you're watching the replay let me know in the comments tear down club is that interesting do you want some way to support me right if you're not going to buy the course if you have no interest in any products but you want to have like the live sessions you know it was just an idea and see the other thing is there's enough people who are asking like hey I want to support you somehow like I want to do something but I'm not like I don't think there's not many options for you it's like the course or nothing so anyway Lance says we'll current students be included in the teardown Club for free it depends right there multiple levels of the Fivefinger niche site course so that right now they're independent but there would be some potential to have that content in there and it would probably be in the form of a bonus so the you know there's some interesting you know parts that come along with it there's the live portion of the you know the teardown where you could participate but then we would build an archive right we build an archive we'd probably do maybe three per month or so and then we'd have an archive building up so it you know at some point it's like a library of content of tear downs that are much deeper you know like I said I can go into a drafts I could we could look at backlinks we can look at the back profile we could look at PB ends that are linking to it that sort of stuff so it sounds like some people are lightly interested and okay so that is something that I may roll out and test and like I tell people on these sessions yeah I don't know if that's gonna work maybe you have to test it so maybe we have to test it and see how it works maybe some people are not interested maybe some people don't care you know so what I don't want to do is like create extra work for myself where it doesn't benefit people and then it's just a waste right and Lance you know for moderator types I mean you're helping me out Lance so yeah there are certain perks that comes along with the the moderation stuff so banana gaming you asked a couple questions here and I I need to hop back to it okay Lucas says in regarding WordPress or any difference in the time that Google takes to index a page versus a post or is it basically the same it should be the same it shouldn't matter banana gaming says is it possible to deactivate a page builder plug-in when you finish working on a site without messing up your site and delete them as well it depends it depends on the page builder brian says how can you use the Amazon API on my site so Brian I'm not sure your context or framing around the question but what I'll tell you is you probably want to use a plug-in something like a awp of which I'm an affiliate there's a link below if you want to check it out if you're asking that my assumption is you're not a programmer but if you are a programmer then you could make the calls yourself and write your own plug-in or whatever so I'm assuming you're not and I'm assuming you need a solution such as a awp or even the a's on tables like that that connects to it as well so those are kind of your options or if you use a theme certain themes connect like the ultimate is on theme connects that that's on sale too by the way but in general I'm recommending the table because a trans stay on Steve's okay Albert says how much would I be charging for the Taylor teardown club I'm not sure I was thinking about 20 bucks a month and it depends on a few factors but I think 20 bucks a month is you know a fair price for the content and especially when you're looking at a building of an archive of videos Toki says with your site you noticed it had 400 backlinks from one spammy looking domain how can you block this domain or should you worry you can create a disavow file and submit it in the search console you would type in the documentation on Google is very good by the way so just check that out but you just have a plain text file you would have domain colon and then the domain name do you want a block and then that would be it would omit the that site right it would still show up in backlink crawlers like a drafts it would still show up in your backlinks list on the search console right and basically it'll still show up but that link won't kill you diss about it Rowe says you can also sell course video for every topic like one video on the kgr where I go deep and then one for a niche and then went for backlinks and basically sell your courses and I like to sell them separately interesting yet so some people that is something I've thought about so ROS it's okay a a splintering concept from the digital marketers but I could sell things went off now the slight risk right so I rose I had some I've had some other products that were like cheaper right the interesting thing that happens is if people pay a little bit more money they respect my time and effort a little bit more so one thing that happened and I know there's a solution for this I just haven't spent time on it so I would let's say I had a course a mini course on the keyword golden ratio where it was 20 bucks and I provided you know complete information for what I was trying to cover well then the person would expect like for 20 dollars for me to do like one on one code this is an extreme example but they would expect me to do one on one coaching they would send me a number of emails and generally be a bad customer and I didn't I didn't enjoy that and the people were me and I didn't want to do it anymore right so Rose like I just I was like you know what it is not worth it and I've adjusted my pricing over time and by having a high level of person as the customer like they treated me like a professional I treated them like a professional and it was much much more pleasant for everyone involved so I haven't gone back and I have somebody actually so I have the idea of the teardown Club right so they're popular videos I can do them live I'm holding back on the information that I'm covering you know currently and I could do more right I can do more analysis and actually write up you know like a like a blog post style like a PDF analysis of a certain site in certain areas and then have you know a section where people leave comments right so it can actually be like a good community and it could be generally affordable so you know 20 bucks a month is that is that a rant about the right price 20 bucks a month so like people have some skin in the game and you know it's probably one of those deals where you could probably you know watch you know participate for six months I mean I don't want people to drop right but you participate for six months and like after you see that I mean that's like a few right more than a few tear nails so you kind of got an idea what's going on so you probably don't need to stick with it unless you just like the community which could be cool too so the other idea is keyword research where I just like focus hard on the keyword research part where you know potentially right people can get started it takes you from the beginning sort of stuff but I go deeper say on like tools and using specific tools and like a you know bulk keyword checker fashion where I like go through just stuff more in-depth and then of course with any course that you're working on you would have worksheets and that I mean most of the most of the work is done in worksheets so that's you know something interesting the people I mean the work you have to do the work you can't just watch the videos so anyway the other thoughts would be a keyword course where it's like you know 70 80 bucks under 100 bucks right so but it's more folk is it's focused only on the keyword portion of it and there's you know there's a couple weeks of the keyword analysis and stuff in five figure a niche site but the the portion and the keyword you know potential keyword course would be you know much deeper in this ordinarius okay okay and mark asking a question I'm just gonna remove that because what what I don't want to do is put you know someone's site out there where a bunch of people are gonna find it right so that's just kind of not cool for a lot of people their niche site is our livelihood right or a project they're working on they don't want a bunch of people copying it so so don't don't do that okay fever and this will be the last question here so fever says what's the difference between dqr results and all in title results well I'm not sure what dqr is so if you want to clarify that I can answer it but I have never heard that term all right thanks everyone don't forget if you haven't hit the like button let me know people that are watching the replay let me know in the comments what you think about the tear down club and or a keyword research only type course you know at a lower price point and you know normal stuff next week if you're not on the email list you want to sign up okay so fever is asking what's the difference between the all-in title results with quotes or no quotes the all-in title with quotes gives you only results that have that exact match in quotes that's what quotes mean in the search string so only those specific only the specific results that have the full title in that order it has to match exactly the reason you don't want those is because it's too strict so if you don't use quotes you get a more generous number of results which tends to be more accurate again you know you may have missed it earlier fever but earlier someone asked a question and basically I was like follow the formula there's a there's a specific reason for each of the like caveats that I had and there's a reason 350 is in there there's a reason is 025 there's a reason that you know you're looking at all entitled without quotes verses with quotes so if you follow all this stuff then it should probably work if you if you don't follow any one of the things it may not work and for the people that email me and they say it's not working it's probably that they took liberties and they didn't follow it exactly okay fever says which one's better double quotes or all in title results okay don't use double quotes and this is a perfect last question and fever it's not your fault but it's one that I've already answered today so whenever we get to the point in which we're repeating the questions and answers one it's completely it's over right that that signals the end of the presentation so we'll catch you next week everyone have a good weekend thanks for hopping on and we'll see you next week

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