Protect your website from spammers -2 Tips to protect your website from spammers

Hi Emi Koulev here, coming to you from my home studio in beautiful British Columbia and today I have some very cool stuff for you so lets go get started! Today I am going to show you 2 things you Can do to protect your website from spammers First you want to install Akismet From your Dashboard Go to plugins click add new Search for Akismet Click install confirm that you want to install The plugin and activate once you have that You want to come over here to Settings and then to Discussion Scroll down to "Comment Blacklist" And put all the websites, names That you know will spam you These are the ones that I have Akismet will put them to the spam folder So you have to go there from time to time And clean it up

Happy Blogging Hope you enjoyed the video I will appreciate if you let me know your thoughts and questions just comment below and subscribe to my channel so we can keep in touch Talk to you in the next video Emi Koulev here, Till next time take care & stay Cool!

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