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Many of my clients choose to learn WordPress so they can take over management of their company website Often they've had a really negative experience with a professional website designer and I get to hear the stories of how they've had to fight in order to gain access to what already belongs to them

Here's what you need to be certain of before contracting with anyone to work on your website 1 Register your own domain name Do not let a web designer or agency do this for you Some companies will take the liberty of registering your domain name as their own property

My Web Wow is an example of one such company 2 Insist on full administrative access to your hosting account This is where your website files exist No hosting means no website

3 Make sure you have full administrative access to your WordPress dashboard Do not settle for a limited access If you take care these three things then you'll be in the right position to take over or transfer control of your website assets at any time

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