Profit Builder review Landing Page WordPress Plugin Drag and Drop Website Builder

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9600}viewkind4uc1 pardltrparsa200sl276slmult1fs22lang1033 0:00 Intro to the landing page plugin for WPpar 0:35 What types of pages can you create?par 1:13 Installing the plugin – from the beginningpar 3:11 The templatespar 6:28 Publishing for real-time updatespar 7:03 Sitewide logos, favicon, mobile icons, etcpar 7:31 The drag and drop editor interfacepar 8:15 Loading and customizing the page templatespar 8:30 ClickBank product review site examplepar 9:20 Header, footer, menus, breadcrumbs, etcpar 9:27 Homepage template – Stellar Themepar 10:30 Customizing/formatting text fieldspar 11:55 Adding new elements to existing blank fieldspar 12:17 Adding entire rows with custom-width columspar 12:38 Embedding videos very quickly and easilypar 13:15 Removing elements vs entire rowspar 13:55 Custom video formatting (remove controls, re-sizing etc)par 14:52 Features that make your site pop!par 15:56 Custom backgrounds with 3D parallax scrolling!par 16:50 Gradient backgroundspar 17:13 Buttons and call-to-actionpar 19:00 Copy/paste & cloning elements or rowspar 20:00 Video backgroundpar 22:00 Miscellaneous stuffpar }

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