Pinterest Style WordPress Theme:WP Clone Pin Board Theme Like Pinterest Best Premium Theme 2014

Pinterest Style WordPress Theme right now let me show you all in just minutes from right now you can be running in first block that sucks in social factory like nothing you ever seen before he I'm bouncing live into wanna my what's the issue sp and show its actually artworks how it looks on what I can do so here we are inside the weapons at an area of wanna my sexy on the weak side of all this is a test site is set up this being and have to decide is to publish funny pictures jokes incident means and that sort of stuff up simply because I had a low that like at this time a bit of a collector all that sort of stuff be anyway if we get in and in here and look at the site the first thing you notice is that it looks exactly like interest you had a good start post here ir donor focusing on the image may have different sizes ended it puts them in according to the science here and it has two pence was feature of if you scroll down it will automatically load the next we'll post and so on he will keep going I on so you don't have any more posts and this is one of the features that makes much more likely that people going to open one year post because they had this page and have already been conditioned on Pinterest that they can stroll down and keep loading loading on till they find something interesting the other thing you notice is issued at like on Pinterest we have this yellow what it's called Mac a and is in axiom which in the area in the man you can put anything you want in this area and you can also turn on/off série like up here we have a or post categories as a navigation menu and you have full control small am at the search bar a everything up there though this is designed to look sec like interest and if you open up a post office open up you at here you'll notice that again it is made to look except like interest you have the post title that he was in on the state you have the image and the polls you right field and a common area you'll also notice he the time you think you cite bosnia and Lisa a plays Amazon as for various Pinterest WordPress Theme books and products that are related to you the point on the block when jokes and and stuff like that I'm you can choose to use no sidebars at all just use one either left or right are used to sidebar here and suddenly on the front page you can choose to use sidebars for I've interest doesn't do is about to fall we don't do it but you can't use show a sidebar left to right it saw front page to place your ad somewhere else you want another thing you notice in here is that there is a funny here exactly like on Pinterest and is actually a lot of people click on Pinterest if they like a post a complete waste from Pinterest Style WordPress Theme to see more of the same

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