Hello guys welcome to my channel in this video I will show you how to download Photoshop or any other Adobe program for free! Let's start Go to the first link in the description and make sure you log in with your Adobe account Now look for the program that you want to download, in my case it's Photoshop Click download trail

Adobe will now open the Creative Cloud app if you don't have this app yet, Go to the second link in the description and download it It's 100% free As you can see Photoshop starts downloading By the way my PC is in Dutch, so you probably can't read it, but it will look exactly the same in your language Photoshop is now downloaded it will automatically open up this window my trial version is already expired, but that's not a problem So now close this window and make sure Photoshop is closed, too Go to your files and click on your PC You go to the search bar and look for Adobe AMT Open the file AMT Now resize your windows so you can put something on your desktop When that's done look for the file named applicationxml Drag it on your desktop and click continue Right-click on the file and click Edit This will open in your WordPad Now look for this code named trail serial number Go to the end of the code and change The last numbers as long if the new number is bigger than the old one it will work After you changed the code save it and close this window Now go back to the AMT file and drag this file back into it Everything is done now open Photoshop and this win We'll pop up login and start the free trail every time the free trail is over You have to do the previous steps and As you can see this is not a fake or hacked version It's the real Photoshop, and it's free You can get any Adobe program for free if you follow those steps I hope you enjoyed watching my first tutorial on this channel, please like subscribe and comment if you want to see more if something goes wrong Comment your problem, and I'll try to help you out thanks For watching, here is some proof that Photoshop really works

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