Password Protect WordPress: How To Use Password Protected Plugin

In this video, I'll to show you how to protect your entire WordPress site content with a password Hi, and welcome to our channel! My name is Robert from ThemeIsle

com This option may be useful if you plan to create unique content and then make it available to a specific audience in your email list, for example So, here is how you can do it using a WordPress plugin named Password Protected Install and activate the plugin like you would any other WordPress plugin Then, head to Settings ? Password Protected

All you need to do is configure the following page To enable password protection just check this box If you check one of these boxes, visitors with those permissions will not need to enter a password They'll just see your site like normal Further down you need to enter a new password twice and then, if you enter an IP address here, anyone visiting your site from that IP address will not need to enter a password

Once you click Save Changes, anyone who doesn't fit one of the access rules you defined will see this screen before they can access your site If you want to customize the style of this page, you can do it the same way you customize the normal WordPress login page, and I invite you to see how in the currently recommended video above or by accessing the link in the description box below If someone has a direct link to an image or file on your server they'll still be able to access that file The password protection only affects your actual WordPress site That's it! It was easy, right? Check out our next video about how you can protect different content type on your WordPress site

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