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Hi besties! Establishing an online reputation is hard, but it is harder to continue to manage it successfully after you've gotten BIG When you have created accounts on different platforms, you might find it hard to manage them one by one

The good thing is, there are already a lot of tools that you can use in order to check as well as manage your online reputation Z! Go get the tools! I love getting the tools First, UberSuggest This tool displays different versions of your Autocomplete results Autocomplete results are the ones that show up as you type in your desired key phrase in the search bar

While Autocomplete shows about 4 results, UberSuggest shows 10 instant results, making it easier for you to identify any problem that might be lurking whenever someone types in a letter of your brand name Next, IFTTTcom This stands for 'IF This, Then That' The way it works is very simple

First, you will need to create a rule When the rule you created occurs, then your desired action will occur Here are some of the most popular examples of how this works When Facebook profile picture changes, update Twitter profile picture Another one is every time you are tagged in a photo in Facebook, it will be sent to Dropbox

Got it? This tool simply allows you to easily manage your reputation Last, Social Mention This tool scans the web for sites that mention your brand name It will then classify the mentions as neutral, positive or negative This is recommended for those who have unique brand name as the results are more likely to be reliable

All these tools are free, so make sure you take advantage of them They will make your online reputation management a lot of easier Of course, aside from managing your reputation, you should also learn how to properly manage your business When you are a newbie, feel free to grab your free failure report from richmombusinesscom/NewBestie

This report features the top 10 reasons new businesses fail within the first few years Luv you all! Peace out yo!

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