Online Marketing Tools on a Budget with Sally Hendrick

Alrighty welcome everybody to the Booming Business podcast glad you're here with me today Today, we've got a great conversation happening live on BLAB on online marketing tools on a budget with Strategy and Technology Coach, Sally Hendrick

Now Sally's a strategy and tech coach, helping people maximize online software and juggle their business on the go Her step-by-step video tutorials teach entrepreneurs exactly how we use tools Which we can all use because it can be overwhelming very stressful And confusing while she coaches them on strategy and analytics, so they can be responsive to the performance of their campaigns Hence that kind of equals an increase in your ROI and decreasing the leakage in your business her website is go-sally-go

com She runs the 50 Shades of Orange Club a free discussion group on Facebook about social media tips and online software tricks I'm so stoked to have you here today, and I got a little surprise here Here we go! Can you believe I'm not wearing my orange ones, they're upstairs Oh, it's awesome I met a Sally for those of you listening to the audio version of this podcast I just put some orange sunglasses on because I met sally at the Periscope Summit in New York City

A couple months ago, and she handed out these orange sunglasses This is part of her branding which is super cool, so absolutely love it Yeah, I would keep them on except I can't really see much I popped the lenses out of mine, because they're too dark Oh yeah, that's probably a good idea

Then they just kind of looked you know They're like nothing But with us they're covered in four year old slobber, so Yeah Yeah, well that's it They are kind of like kids glasses, but you know you get what you can get

Oh so much fun I am so stop by today We're talking about online tools on a budget and my goodness is there a ton of tools that people can be buying for their online businesses? Yeah So what are some – what are some of the challenges that when you're working with your coaching clients and you're developing their strategy? What are some of the challenges that they're that you're seeing out there that people are facing that you're helping them to resolve? First of all they think that they are going to buy some big expensive program and it's going to do everything for them Then they realize they have to open it up and figure out how to use it

It's a whole different world You could literally buy and I don't want to like bash any tools or anything But you can literally buy Click Funnels or OntraPort or something like that and spend a lot of money when you first get started thinking well these are the best tools and I want to be the best, so this is what I'm going to get and then it takes them – they get so overwhelmed opening it up, and then they don't use it and six months later they've paid all this money, and they haven't gotten anywhere with it And they haven't tried to use an easier tool to get started either, and their not making money Yeah, I you know I've seen that so many times to because people

You know you hear from people that are very successful like when I'm out there on webinars and stuff I do talk about the tools that I use in my business But I've also been in business for 13 years You know list is my list size is different, the dynamics of my business or different so you know paying ninety seven dollars a month for Click Funnels or the three hundred dollars a month now that they've got actionetics and all that For me it's not a big deal, but it also isn't how I got started

No, it's not but I took a lot of people who are getting started? because they don't know how to how to set up opt ins and how to do sales funnels and how to do email marketing and things like that A lot of people that I've worked with literally think that all you do is open up Facebook and start posting things and then magically you have a business Now I know there's a little bit more than that It would be so awesome if that was how it worked be like some Facebook genie You just probably rub Facebook and all of a sudden the money starts pouring in Yeah, if the ROI was based on how many times I've posted a picture on Facebook that went nowhere I would be a millionaire, you know so instead of like clicking on the phone all day long Oh, I gotta get that on instagram Oh, I gotta get that on Facebook you've really got to understand that it's great that you're meeting people in that fashion but if you're not doing any email collecting or if you're not interacting with these people with some sort of follow up then you're really not doing anything People think that you can run an ad and get 2,000 people to sign up on your list, just because you ran the ad and ran it to enough people Right Not the case you've got to build rapport a reputation

You've got to have a following you've got to you know – It's viral in that things will ultimately start to spin out for you But when you first get started it takes time and you need to start out with some of the simpler tools the free ones, the really inexpensive ones to get your feet wet Yeah I'm going to post this to to Twitter here again It's very important that people understand that because you know and the other thing I think happens Sally, you can you can speak on this but I think people look at trainers who are already successful and they expect that you know if somebody says if I say, yes I'm doing Facebook ads they expect that they're going to run one Facebook ad or two Facebook ads and get a ton of leads from it and that could happen you know it definitely could be a possibility, but what they don't see on the back end is the amount of strategy that goes into that

You know like when I'm placing a Facebook ad I might place 15 or 20 Facebook ads at a time to different targets, track every single one of them use pixels to create custom audiences repost to those custom audiences and then delete ads that don't produce at all Right You know so there's a lot that that really does go into that strategy The other thing about the tools is You know when people get started in business one of the things that I feel – my heart literally goes out to them – is they do sign up for a ton of tools Like they might sign up for Ontraport or Infusion Soft slash – Confusion soft and they do get so overwhelmed but now they're outflow financially is so stressful that it really takes away from the creativity required to create the inflow Yes, and then if you do need help with using some of these things that you've purchased and you don't know how to use it, you end up paying a VA to do it for you

Right Then you really have no money Right "I am doing everything and I'm paying for all these tools as well" So I mean my advice to people typically is to start out with you know, a free email marketing program or one that's at least very inexpensive because you don't have a big list yet

Or even if you do have a big list if you're not communicating with your list and nurturing your list You're not really doing things correctly anyway, so you need to understand start sending out information to the your prospects and your targeted list that you've got and find out how people are reacting to what you're sending If you're open rate are less than industry you need to go in and figure out why and you need to go in and look at okay, so who did open this and who didn't and out of the ones who didn't did they not open it because it went in their junk folder? You don't know you have no idea

So you know, I tell people okay if you really want to figure out if these people are going to work for you to be on your list or if you need to find out what it is they're looking for you need to carve out those people and do a plain email with that will go straight to their inbox Right You have to do that every once in a while in order for them to actually see your messages When you send out all the fancy messages with these graphics and videos and things in them and all these links there's this detection out there by these email programs that will put that automatically in it into a junk folder My own emails go into my junk folder a third of the time Sometimes they go, right to my inbox

But other times they go to my junk folder, and you have to really look at that and see why? Right Yeah, so let's let's map this out for people So they're going to get an inexpensive email provider What are the the ones that you recommend? I like to start out with Mailchimp typically because with Mailchimp you can have up to two thousand subscribers for free You don't get the fancy features with the free account

But you do get enough to be dangerous And you get enough to be able to communicate with people and to at least get started and understand what's happening with your list And you can also set up an opt-in that has an automated return message or a redirected thank you page, and all of that is free I like that program because there's no time limit on it Whereas if you sign up for Aweber You've got 30 days to figure it out, and if you sign up for it in then you get busy and you're not able to get to it and really learn the program you're going to start paying for it in 30 days, and you haven't done it yet

Yeah, I love Mailchimp I've I started with Aweber back in 2002 [wow], so like when they were pretty much new you know I was I was a pioneer at the time A pioneer Aweber Yeah, I was a pioneer

So I think those are great tools And then of course they're going to need an opt-in page right? or some type of opt-in funnel What are the tools that you recommend for that? To do an opt-in funnel? Uh-huh Well actually I just like to do all of that with in Mailchimp because if you're making a post out to Facebook and you have a sign up link that goes with it You can use that link to go straight to it

You can customize the page that people get A lot of people think that It's just that plain looking page that you go to when you opt in but you can add graphics to it and you can make it look very different So if you play with it and go into the design feature, you can make that look like a page You can also embed it on to a page

So if you have a blog post or something like that, and you want to get the embed code you can put that on your blog Okay, that's fantastic so with Mailchimp You can actually create an opt-in page where people can opt-in So well you can yes, it looks like a lead box if you will Okay, I got it

It looks more like a lead box Well in speaking of lead boxes one of the tools that I recommend a lot is Leadpages I love Leadpages Love Leadpages totally addicted to Leadpages And Leadpages is pretty inexpensive in terms of like a website creator, editor I think it's what forty dollars a month for the middle package or twenty dollars a month or something like that for the the base

Well for the low end package it was $17 a month if it's prepaid for two years, but then they move it up to $25 So that just happened a couple of weeks ago But yeah leadpages is really good it is inexpensive, and if you don't have a website yet or you don't have an interactive website yet that has everything you want on it or you don't know how to really create good looking pages Going to Leadpages is a great place to start to kind of get familiar with what can be done, okay? And then you can embed those onto a WordPress site, or you could even download templates and use them you know use the coding for that on your website I like it because you can be very responsive when you're trying to like create a whole new campaign for something

You can like set up a whole webinar funnel if you want Yeah, and I love pages because it does integrate it with a lot of the other tools out there It integrates very well with Mailchimp and Aweber and a lot of the tools that we use I use Ontraport but it integrates well with that as well Yeah And then for people that want more of a website, so let's say they want a blog

They want a complete sales funnel where they're selling you know a product all moving through And welcome to the gentlemen that I just hopped on Robert Allen and Justin Lindsey welcome So if they want a complete sales funnel, what tools do you recommend for that? For doing Like for making their web page, know your website and everything? Yeah Let's say they want a checkout page They want a shopping cart Yes, Well, I mean you've got – I think you have to go with WordPress to be honest, because you want to grow and if you want to own your site you have to start there So get a hosted site go ahead and get your blog going with that

Make sure that you set up your pages if you don't know how to do that, go in and get a good theme that already has some things set up so you can easily you know make things look nicer that way, but on your work with me page or your checkout page, or whatever it is it's I mean it great as a funnel I think the funnels need to go through various steps there are so many strategies on how to get people to your page But when it comes to having your page set up and ready to go You need something basic to start with that they can see if it is a shopping site, I mean obviously you're going to have a shopping cart to be able to buy things But There's so much strategy involved like if you're a coach like I'm a business coach, and you're a business coach, right? There's a whole lot more strategy involved you don't have people go to your site and go buy my $5,000 coaching package

Right It freaks them out that is not what they're coming to your site for they're coming to your site because you wrote this awesome blog or somehow they saw something about you, and they found you online, and you've got to be able to kind of like open the door a little bit And have them come into your world and then you start feeding them information You know via email or via social media posts or YouTube videos or whatever it is that you get them to subscribe to To build that relationship and build that rapport

Then move into the sales technique Yeah, I agree You know when I go to a website and it you know I kind of When I'm working with coaching clients, and in some of my programs I compare it to dating and I'm like you know in a women can relate to this very much, so men I you know I don't know this might be their ideal situation You going to first date

And you're on a date and the person's all over you It's just a it's ick Oh, you know back off And I feel that way about websites

You know if you go to a website and immediately they're selling you something Without you even having the opportunity to get to know them It's that same type of feeling you know it's that ok stop groping my wallet or my pocketbook You know let me learn – give me some value here first Right So I think that's important

The WordPress theme that I recommend, I just posted it down there to people is Optimized Press It's you know relatively inexpensive It's ninety seven dollars one time and you can set up anything you can set up your sales page or blog your opt-in pages or your shopping cart So it's a really good tool and for people that aren't very technical, you know I think it's a great theme where you can just get in there and learn it pretty quickly plus James who developed it does a great job of providing really good tutorials? Oh Donald, I'm glad that you like the dating reference because it is what it's like You know it's basically like you can tell when somebody wants something from you And it's like it's like

I remember I've been married a long time I've been with my husband now 17 years

But I remember the whole dating scene I was 23 years old you know and you'd sit down and you'd either have a great dinner with someone and there'd be good conversation or you can tell that the guy was just like come on eat fast Let's get out of here this movie sucks can we leave? Yeah exactly Yeah That's great Now what advice do you have for people when they're just getting started in terms of choosing the proper tools for their business? The first things I like tell people to do if they're on social media channels and they really like them such as twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or whatever that they need to go in and put a consist message across all of them first

Use the same profile picture use the same short bio or the information there, the link or whatever Optimize all the social Media channels that way Go in and get an email program to start list building Come up with some sort of lead magnet Because you do have to be able to get people on your list even if you're not ready to totally do anything with them yet

You still need to build them up on your list Go in and maximize your efforts on your Facebook page And if you have a business that where it makes sense to use a Facebook group Create a Facebook group Use those tools first

Then I would say to get something like Hootsuite and learn how to use it because You can connect up to five different channels and or groups to that and when you hook that up you can automate a lot of posts Pre-scheduled a lot of things so that you're not stuck in the phone all the time trying to post on these social media channels You're not spinning your wheels out of control thinking that that's how it needs to be done You need to have you know Every week you need to have a plan for what's going to go out for You that week so you don't have to think about that Then during the week is when you work on connecting with people that are responding to what you're putting out there on Social Media so that you can actually engage and get them into your list get them into your world and Start communicating with them on what it is You're trying to sell but get to the selling part later Yeah, It's so important, and people do miss that step where they're posting and they're posting and they're posting and they're doing it all day long but they're not converting

You know sometimes when I have new clients that come to me, they'll have enormous followings on Social Media But they'll have a list of like 500 people you know so they never really converted their followers into Buyers and having all of that following really doesn't matter unless you're converting it into a list where now you can build a relationship with people about your products and what you're selling A lot of times people have that misconception that they're just going to post a link to a sales page on Instagram or Pinterest and people are going to happily hop over there and buy their products They're not They're not Links posted on social media to sales pages

I would say are one of the lowest converting ways of selling products in building your business It really is best to do that through the relationship Now the exception to the rule would be if you're someone like Kim Kardashian who's got a huge following on Instagram, but the way that she's monetized it is she has endorsements companies pay her to promote their products But very few people have that opportunity on hand Most of us are creating our products

Building a following then bringing that following to a list where now you're communicating Inviting them to a webinar and selling your products through the relationship building of the value-add of the webinar Right and you're teaching them something I mean if you're not giving them something- giving them something, they can use in their business Why would they want to buy from you? They've got to understand that you're actually knowledgeable and that you're really going to help them and that the message you're bringing a cross resonates with them They're not going to buy the Bitly link That you stick on a Twitter post with a fancy picture that says you know here you go, so

That's awesome Yeah, they're not going to buy the Bitly link and you know people are so distracted so quickly In a course that I have called the Booming Business Funnel In the course and when I'm doing the the webinar I talked about the three questions your site has to answer within the first three seconds or people are going to be gone You know one of those questions is what do I get? like what's in it for me? and It's so important you know people are going to get more of that if you've already given them a ton of value add content if you've solved their worst problems first people are more likely to buy from you Yeah, they are you know I was consulting with a woman this morning She is My favorite client she has this autistic She's an autism specialist and so she helps people with how to deal with their children who are autistic or relatives or whatever and We were talking about her opt-in and what she has and the opt-in directs people more to what are the seven things you look for in an autism advocate And I said well, that's great except that what I want you to do and right now I'm teaching her how to use mailchimp so that she can get everything set up and I told her, What I want you to do when you go through this mail chip course with me and you start learning how to set this up I want you to go ahead and set up a new opt-in that tells people like the seven tools to use to help calm your child in a situation You know etcetera etcetera etcetera something with more along the lines of that as opposed to the seven things to look for in an advocate

Right because I think we solve a problem Right and so she was like Oh, that's really interesting and I said yeah I said I know that you've already gotten a lot of people into your list and into your group and all of that And that's wonderful but I think that if we try to move towards this way this could be your next opt-in because you're not going to have the same opt in forever Which is why do you need to learn how to use this program so you can create new ones Yeah, you know what I love that, too I love your twist on that

It's a very common mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make when they're developing their lead Magnets and stuff is that they come up with something that they think their audience will value instead of surveying their audience and really finding out what the number one problem that they're dealing with is When your survey your audience, whenever I survey my audience I do it a couple times a year It's always so revealing to me what problems they're dealing with at that time which I never would have even thought they were dealing with Right

Yeah, and then you can solve that My number one downloaded ebook which is the "Ultimate Guide to a Balanced Life and Booming Business," I never would have thought to put together an ebook on time management strategies until you know I did a survey, and I said what are you what are the most challenging things that you're experiencing right now and Unanimously, they came back to me and said they're overwhelmed with everything they have to do and how to try and balance it and still have time for their family Right yeah, which I? I'll be honest with you I have been very guilty of being stuck right here in this phone

You know posting posting posting I did this for months and months until I finally went this is ridiculous I don't have to post something just because the thought came to my head Which happened a lot, I get a lot of thoughts and ideas as I go through my day, and I feel like oh I better to let that out right now And I've learned how to realize that if that idea is something that's worthy It's going to come back to me, and it's okay if it doesn't Then when I sit down on Sunday night, and I plan out my week I typically go to my Hootsuite, and I get all my social media posts set up for the entire week I put on my calendar the things that I absolutely must do which today I've got to do my Blab show flyer because I have a blab show scheduled with three guests on Friday, and I always send it out on Tuesday and then I post it again throughout the week

There's only a couple of things that I absolutely must do every week The posting part which I can sit down in an hour and get my entire week done I like to write a blog here and there, but I've started – II went to the business boutique a couple of weeks ago Which was put on by Kristy, Wright She works with Dave Ramsey

It was excellent excellent event and I went to one of the blogging workshops and learned a lot about different blogs I tend to write stories and I haven't really done a lot with monetizing my blog, and I haven't done a lot with really capturing attention with my blog I just tend to write It's almost like I'm talking to my clients to try to give them some help on something But I really need to expand that so I can use it to build my list so There's great strategies on that too, and you know one of the things – well first of all I love Hootsuite, so I'm glad that you brought Hootsuite up, I was really torn between Hootsuite and Buffer Very much torn between the two and what I love about Hootsuite in particular is that it also puts all my messages on to the dashboard so I don't even have to log into the platform which keeps me off of the platforms I have a blog post coming up in a couple weeks

Now I do my blog posts 30 days in Advance, so they're all scheduled in advance And then I take December off completely so everything I have is scheduled are ready for December and with — I have a blog post coming up called Do You Have FDS? and it's kind of funny for women because we we know what that is But I do have FDS, and it's Facebook Distraction Syndrome Mine is SOS, Shiny Objects Syndrome Oh, I love that

I love that You have to on your shades to get it Absolutely! Because now, it's every tool right – its Buffer Hootsuite Clip Tracker I mean there's just like a gazillion different tools that you could possibly use So I love Hootsuite But the other thing is you know when I get an idea like that – because I did the same thing Sally I mean I would I have an idea and next thing you know I'd spend like five hours posting it on Facebook writing a blog post

Everything on my to-do list never got touched Right So then I'd be up 'til two am trying to catch up with all this stuff

Now what I do is if I have an idea I lean heavily on Evernote so I use Evernote a lot I have an Evernote notebook called Content Bundles and I've got one Evernote that is Content Ideas, and I just go in there and I type it down at the bottom and then when I am going to do a blog post I scour through that list and I'm like Oh that's a really cool idea I had let me write about that Right And if it fits what you're doing that week or that month with whatever you're Selling it's even better

Yeah, there are some time specific things like right now there's a ton of news going on in a lot of it isn't positive Thank you I have the best husband in the world he works from home with me as well

He just brought me my water I was like how I need some water There's a ton of news that's happening right now thats negative So doing a blog post on like five strategies to stay positive when you're confronted with negative news You know oh, yes, that would be time relevant so taking time out to do that, but still not getting overly distracted, Right and don't spend five hours on it because you've got ten other things to do like to set up this webinar and to do this funnel and to do this – fix this webpage or fix some link that you screwed up the other day – that always happens

Don't you love that? Oh Yeah, I love when I do Facebook ads to the wrong the wrong link Yeah, that's really nice or if you do or if you misspell something that's so obvious And you're just like and just oh that just irritates the fire out of me when I do that you know? Yeah, exactly Speaking of webinars What are the tools that you recommend people utilize that are for webinars? Okay, well first off if you have Leadpages And you want to go free You can really make a cool webinar funnel and you can make some nice housing basically nice pages for your webinar to funnel through

You just hook it up with YouTube and Google hangouts and funny enough anybody that buys Leadpages using my affiliate link I give them a class on how to do all this stuff So they actually get a course that teaches them the tutorials on how to set up sales pages opt-in pages, Webinar funnels and all of those things So that they can use it right away I know that the company teaches that too, but there is so much value when you've got a person you can get in touch with that you know

when you're doing something like that So I typically like to go that route because it just makes it look nice, and it's pretty easy But I did, just buy Webinar Jam and I am really excited about it because I like how everything is so set up and automated and you don't have to think about – oh my gosh, I've got to send that reminder Oh my goodness I have to make sure I get my email setup properly in the right format So that it goes to the right people because if you don't Set everything up you might miss something in the steps

Ya like like reminders They're really important Or sending out the replay I don't think it's a bad idea when somebody's starting out first of all they're not going to get 300 people on their first Webinar and if they think they are Well good luck and and I think that it's it be wonderful if you did It'd be a great problem to have But when you first get started doing these things you can do a Zoom Room which would be completely free up to 25 people for 30 minutes or Do a google hangout with Youtube live streaming totally free just go straight to the Youtube

You've got a chat box that you can use there, it's really easy You know you can just set all that up yourself with your email marketing tool along with those other tools You don't have to go and spend all this money on Go To Webinar and all these other things Yes, that's great advice too I didn't start with Go to Webinar I started with Google hangouts and embedding it in an Optimized Press right on my site Yeah

I just use Chat Role for the chat box Which is a great tool But I use webinar Jam now and I love it What do you use now? I webinar Jam Okay? Yeah

I use Webinar Jam, but I also use Leadpages for the opt-in Pages I and Connect it integrate it with Webinar Jam Okay, right well so I'm getting ready to start all that I'm hoping to Have that setup for my next webinar in December Which is going to be about taxes

Oh? on taxes? Yes, I just did a Blab couple of weeks ago with a lady from Canada and one from Baltimore they're both accountants, and then another one from Colorado who just did her taxes in for the October, you know whenever you file late Yeah, October 15th Yeah She had just done hers and so we did a Blab about Taxes and about the tools that you can use in your business to make it a lot easier for you when tax time comes around Oh great

It was really it was a great Blab and somebody from Hub Duck Hopped on because they saw on Twitter that they were mentioned So they came in and hopped on with us and they're a company that has an app where you can just literally take a picture of your receipt and it gets uploaded into your into your accounting software, so it was really good But this friend of mine her name is Lashonda She is Called The virtual CFO and she's developing a program for people where she can teach them how to get their business Accounting function done properly and then of course she's moving into the tax season very soon and she wants to be able to Talk about what it is that she's planning on launching in January, so it'll be a really good thing for her So we're going to do a webinar together on that subject Yeah, that's great, and Chuck just said so if you understand the small business tax Ramifications, have seen many high income earners get ruined for not operating with the true business mindset

Yeah Yes, you know there's a tremendous number of benefits to having your own business But there's also a tremendous amount of responsibility That goes along with that right because nobody's just pulling taxes out of your paycheck every week No, they're not and you have to be aware of what's going on, and if you're not saving back any of that money you're pulling in or keeping up with your expenses appropriately and the time comes to file you could really be in trouble Oh, yeah It's a mess

It's a huge mess, and you've got to be able to keep up with that I'll be honest with you I've been a statistician for over 20 years, and I'm really good with numbers, and I keep up with everything but It's Gonna be a hell of a time December is my month to get this year fixed and then be ready with 2016 being completely automated because I think I probably have three different Accounts that things went through this past year, and I've got a job ahead of me You know Yeah I use a couple of really cool tools I my business

I use one called Shoe Boxed Have you heard of them? No Shoe Boxed is awesome I will hold this up They send you this blue envelope and yang of all of your receipts in it and then you send it back to them and They digitize everything I mean you can do the picture route I'm not I'm not like I'm not savvy enough to take a picture of every receipt because there's tons of receipts

But then they give it back to you like really neat and orderly It's the other thing is the thermal receipts the ink goes away and from someone who's been repeatedly audited and has successfully beat the audit If you don't have your receipts, and you're like, oh, sorry the ink went off of it They disallow whatever that charge was Yeah, Hopefully, it's just something you bought it Office Depot as opposed to somebody's two-thousand-dollar course

No, could you imagine? Oh my gosh? Hotel in New York We just took a tangent, huh? Yes, awesome So we have some really cool tools We talked about a Mailchimp for Automating your email list we talked about Leadpages Which is a phenomenal tool for anybody who wants to create opt-in pages, webinar pages, great thank you pages

We talked about webinar Jam and Google hangouts for webinars Some people are still subscribed to Go to Meeting Go to Webinar I'm not a fan I haven't been for a long time I think it's very pricey and very glitchy

Yeah, but some people still prefer you know Webinar Jam, or Go to Meeting – Go to Webinar Which is cool We talked about Hootsuite and social media balancing your social media and I totally agree Also and this is something to talk about to you that we didn't mention was really having that Social Media strategy Putting it into – I like to have my clients do mind maps

I do too, I am obsessed I'm Obsessed with my maps, and I like people to really get the picture of the flow of their business Mm-Hmm, so you know when people are posting to Facebook and posting to Twitter And posting an Instagram Pinterest and Linkedin or whatever social Media Avenue you choose to do it's really – Why are you posting? What's the expected outcome to your business and seeing that in a mind map Can really get you understanding And then the other thing is what is the centralized message of your business? Because I see people also posting things that literally have nothing to do with their business It can be like kind of a left turn, or can be on polarizing to people about their business right like on your business page stay away from topics like politics, religion you know current affairs not really Anything to do with your business unless you're you know a political correspondent Stay away from that stuff

Post stuff that has to do with your brand message Right I mean there are times when you can bring out something maybe personal about yourself or something that you observed in your life, but you can always bring that back to the message that you're trying to create in your Branding you know you don't – when we were Periscopes of summit The thing that I learned from that is that you don't always have to post Oh, here's how you do an email funnel, and here's how you do you know this you know whatever here's how you do this and that on Periscope, that's fine, but Sometimes you can get on there and it depends on the platform like Periscope is a really good one to Show your personality and to show who you are As opposed to always talking about Every business aspect that you have to do with so that's a way to drive people and to Understand that you're a real person and that you have you know real things going on in your life And and you're not a hundred percent made up every time you present yourself to Periscope group There was that one guy that was the funniest thing ever Did you go to that morning session that first morning when Grant Cardone spoke

Yes Before that there were the it was like some surfer guy from Australia or something and and how he literally scopes about, He does have some business things going on but he also scopes himself sleeping, and people get onto his scope and they use his scope as a chat room It's pure entertainment Wow Yeah, do you remember that? No? I came a little late that day

Okay, well people send him – Somebody sent him a lava lamp and said he needed to put it in the room for some atmosphere Dan Morris is who you're talking about Right? Yeah It was so funny, but when he does talk That's his persona, and it goes along with with what his personality is like, and that's fine But he is teaching the rest of the time Yes, exactly That was hilarious the Lava lamp

I remember that Yes, it was pretty funny Well this has been an amazing conversation And are there any other tools that you think are must-haves for business owners? um when I think back and look at What I like IFTTT is one thing that I thought of It makes social media posting – It's like cross promoting across different Platforms IFTTT I think you left the t out

it means If This Then That and you could create these recipes to get people on your twitter lists You can create recipes to cross-Promote from Instagram to Facebook or Instagram To Twitter or whatever to Pinterest or you know all these different things I think that it's very important to go into these social Media platforms and to always check the analytics behind the scene because if you're posting all day long To Twitter and you're not getting any engagement And you're not seeing any return on what you're posting There's probably a tool that you could implement That's free that could ratchet that up And it's something that you need to just research You know I could teach you how to do it You know I know a lot of people could teach you how to do it

You could teach people how to do it That's where the strategy comes involved you know comes into play When we're using these free tools sometimes you just got to know which ones work together That's a great point is that knowing how the tools work into a system And then knowing what your system is So that you don't get shiny object syndrome right? Right Like when you can fill a place or two places and then you're done Yes, exactly, I you know I've been guilty of over tooling

Totally over tooling by Shannon Lavenia What my course is Gonna be how to over tool How not over tool Exactly Yeah, I have a bunch of tools that I use in my toolbox

But then I also do tend to evaluate tools because you know my clients and my audience will ask me what I think about something Then to formulate an opinion You know I have to have experienced it And everything can seem like it's a huge benefit You know and sometimes you just have to find the right tool for you It's Like what I was talking about with Buffer and Hootsuite

They're both great tools um Buffer is awesome for posting But it doesn't give me the feedback that I'm looking for, like it doesn't It doesn't show my posts and the activity on my post It doesn't show me what Facebook messages came in So it's not giving me an overall view of what I'm looking for If people are looking for something That's just going to post and give them analytics on their post It's great

I Hootsuite I love and it took me using both to really decide Yeah, I just did that myself I actually I had paid for Hootsuite for a year And then I turned it down to just every month because I wasn't sure if I was going to switch And then I went in to start using Buffer a little bit And then I thought you know I really can't the things that I was getting before over here I know that this is great for planning my posts out, but I don't just use it for that I have three different dashboards I have one where I follow various YouTube channels I like to watch

I have one where I watch my twitter lists and my Facebook groups and you know various things like that So I can monitor my business activity but then I also have a family dashboard and I monitor my kids Instagram I look at what they're looking at on YouTube I look at what their Twitter posts are what people are posting on theirs and They you know they don't necessarily Realize this but all I have to do [is] click one button and all of my kid I have three kids all of my kids accounts are on one screen

Wow It's been important too because I had one of my children was bullied on Instagram where a lot of people – Yeah, and she was 11 years old 11 and now she shouldn't have been there, and I didn't realize what was happening until this Particular incident happened, but you know who saw it Her older sister saw it and a friend of mine who was in her 40s Saw it they took screenshots of what was happening and sent it to me and I immediately went to school Wow, I mean, it was like what just happened and the kids that were doing it I was like who are these people They were another friend's older sibling and their friends at another school across town Wow, it made no sense whatsoever to me how it all happened, but it happened very quickly and from then on I went in and I made sure that I could see everything and that Her account was private and then I went and I created my Hootsuite Dashboard and now I just take a look at it, and I see if anything's changed Just to make sure because she wasn't telling me about it

She was trying to handle it herself Yeah, that's tough plus that age you know so young Yeah Yeah, these are these are the Modern-day problems that we deal with to as parents yeah, but it's also a great consideration when you are looking at the tools is how you can multi-purpose them In what value is it going to have just beyond your business, too? Yeah, yeah, and you need to really think about that because we're on] social media so much and it is a social tool and that's how you get to know people, and that's where sales come from is from relationships, so You need to also think about well, if I'm going to be on this all day long with my business I may as well use it to my advantage for my family because You know it's hard these days to manage all of the things that we manage in our in our world Oh very true very true

Well this has been a great conversation Sally I'm so excited that you were here with me today I'm sharing all about the online marketing tools that marketers can use to expand their businesses while on a budget And then also excited to share with people that they can turn to you if they need help with the systems, if they need to know how to put it all together, so Sally's website is go-sally-gocom

You can learn more about her and her services there on her web site Any parting words as we conclude today? Well my daughter is getting out of school in five minutes I'm going to go and pick her up, but Basically I say start out with the free stuff Figure it out actually go in and learn it don't jump into opening up 15 accounts on 15 different Platforms trying to figure out what to do on all of them at once Stop think write down what you need to write down mind map it if you need to I love mind maps too

Get advice from people who have done this Tto be honest with you I wish I had hired a coach who could have helped me with this over a year ago, but I didn't do it I thought I could start this out on my own and it took me six months before I hired somebody and then it took me another six months before I hired a coach for a different reason and My business has exploded Since I hired the people that I needed to hire That's awesome Well congratulations on your success, and thank you so much for being here with us today And for everybody who wants more information you can always hop over to my website as well

ShannonLaveniaCom I'll be posting the replay there with a download of the tools that we mentioned today as well Yeah, that'd be great Awesome Well everybody have a great day Thanks for being here and Sally

Thanks again Yeah, you're welcome Thanks Thanks for coming everybody Bye guys

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