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If you're a CEO, IT specialist or even a private person, already be using a firewall and antivirus product to protect your website against hackers We think that's good – but it's probably not good enough

You could even be stronger! According to recent studies, hacker's break through common security measures with increasing frequency And, unfortunately, in most cases this is realized too late and after the damage has been done But there's no need to worry! Our mission is to protect you against website data breaches So we developed a more effective solution for you! We present: NIMBUSEC! Nimbusec is a cloud service, which monitors and controls your web space – 24/7 It constantly checks for Malware blacklisting and – uniquely – for defacement

Thereby it constantly analyzes your website's content and its design to identify any manipulations as soon as they happen Furthermore, a server agent keeps a watch on webshells and any malware on your web server Best of all, Nimbusec does not interfere with your data traffic, because Nimbusec is fully compliant with the strongest European Data Protection Directives If a network attack is detected, the system immediately notifies you via a text message and e-mail So you can react immediately and respond as quickly as possible to protect against any damage to your company's reputation or any financial damage

Finally, most of Nimbusec's functions are instantly available There's no installation required! Needless repair costs, but you'll be protecting your company's good name and most crucial of all, your business! Just sign up for our trial version at wwwnimbuseccom Nimbusec – Your Website Security Monitor

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