Niche Website Content Plan – Publishing 200 Articles on an Amazon Affiliate Authority Site

– I published 200 articles using the keyword golden ratio and I'm gonna tell you what happened My name is Doug Cunnington I'm the founder of Niche Side Project and I also made up the keyword golden ratio

I've been testing it for a few years and I'll tell you a little bit more about it On my channel I normally talk about Amazon affiliate marketing, productivity and project management If it's your first time here, have a look around If you like it, subscribe I published these 200 articles that were keyword golden ratio compliant GKR is what I'll just say

So the KGR is a data driven way to find keywords that are underserved on the internet Basically it's the supply and demand of keywords So you could find these keywords where essentially, you could publish content on your niche site and it'll rank without backlinks Back links are sort of tricky A lot of people hate building backlinks they don't understand how to build backlinks and it's a struggle to build backlinks

So the fact you can publish content without building backlinks and have it rank and make money well that's huge The other part is, if you're gonna publish 200 articles it's really hard to build backlinks to all those posts So the fact that I didn't have to build backlinks made it possible, otherwise it would be like an unmanageable mess publishing all this content then having to figure out how to build backlinks to it By the way, it was mostly affiliate content reviews which are a little more difficult to get backlinks to, like a piece of affiliate content because you know, if you write a guest post for someone they don't really want to link to your affiliate content So what happened after I published all this content? Well, traffic went up and revenue went up

In fact, I can tell you that in January of 2016 revenue for this particular site was about $100, not much I mean it's nice to make 100 bucks on a website passively but at that point, it wasn't really ROI positive I started getting a little bit more traffic and a few more backlinks here and there But it really wasn't, you know going through the roof or anything like that So in May and June of 2016 I decided I was gonna publish a lot of content so I found about 200 KGR phrases and started hiring writers

Now the thing is, if you're going to build a team you must do it slowly You have to hire someone and then train them make sure they're good before you hire more people even if you have, like, an unlimited budget and unlimited time you would still have trouble hiring say, five writers all at once and then trying to get them to do all this work The reason why is, they will have questions about the process, they may need to tweak some of their writing or the way their formatting it and let's say you hire five writers and each person asks you one question each day, five days a week That's a lot of questions That's a lot of emails going back and forth so even if you have unlimited time and unlimited money it's gonna be frustrating

Basically, whenever you hire people whenever you outsource a job it's gonna go a little slower first until everyone is communicating properly everyone is trained in It just takes a day or two or maybe a week depending on how quickly they're working to get trained and then move forward The key thing, right, is to grow slow So I hired one writer at first and we worked together for about a week she wrote a couple articles for me Then the following week, I hired a couple more writers and trained them

Now each time I hired new people I was improving my process, right? So when I worked the first week with the first writer I knew the common questions that writers would have I learned there were gaps in my process gaps in my documentation so I needed to improve that So when I hired the other two writers there were fewer questions and I could anticipate what questions they may ask and tell them beforehand So everything got a little bit everything got a little bit faster After I hired a few more people, a few more writers like two more, I had five total I realized that I was the bottleneck and I needed to hire someone to take the written content, draft it into WordPress, right? So that was taking me a long time So I hired an editor/content manager

She would edit the grammar in the article in general and then she would also format it in WordPress she'd move it over to WordPress and do all the subheadings and add images, embed a video, stuff like that By the way, if you're interested in getting the task list and basically everything you need to hire people to do the same kind of work check out the link in the description I'll put a link in the card as well Basically, you could download all my content templates and you can hire your own team There's a job listing that I used in Upwork and it's really everything you need So if you're interested, be sure to check out the link below

Once I hired this content manager it saved me, like hours So it would take me like an hour to do the editing and formatting and uploading and all that stuff But after I hired someone, it would take me like three minutes to double check their work Now I had to give them a WordPress log in but you don't make them an admin or anything like that You just make them an editor or maybe an author, right? So go check out the different roles that a person can have in WordPress figure out what's right for you

I made the person an editor but double check on your own and make sure it's right for you So they would draft the content and essentially I would just log on check out the drafts, take a quick look make sure the affiliate links were proper and then I would hit publish and it would take me like three minutes instead of like, 93 minutes It was amazing and I saved so much time As the team got trained and everyone knew what their role was I was able to go to the writers and say hey you're only doing two articles per week right now do you wanna do five articles per week? Let me know A lot of times they would

They wanna work with one person instead of like, five or six people, right? They don't wanna keep getting one-off jobs If they like working with you well sure they will stick with you for a long time After everyone knew what they were supposed to do and we were communicating well I just asked the writers if they wanted to write more and they did! So I upped it and they were writing quite a bit Now I mentioned I'm growing slowly so I could tell you the first month I think I only published like, 10 new posts, right? But the second month it was like 25 then the third month I published, like, 65 so once I had the system down I knew that I could publish way more and again, even if you have unlimited resources unlimited money, it's a little difficult working with a team especially a team that is not located in the same place you're typically just using email or texting or chatting back and forth for your communication So keep that in mind

It takes a little work to build a team and the communications are really important you need to make sure you have that down before you start scaling up So what happened? I'm taking a lot of time telling you how I did it basically, the site made about 100 bucks in January 2016 by December of 2016, the site made $15,000 or just short of that, it was like $14,893 or something like that So the value of the site increased by a huge amount If you take the average monthly earnings and the profit and all that stuff into account you know, the value of the site went up by like $130,000 or something like that Now, you may be thinking, Doug, that sounds expensive if you're hiring these writers you're publishing 200 articles and so on and so forth you're right, it cost about $4,000

I spent $3,200 on the content paying writers to do the writing so $3,200 For the content management role, I spent about $800 So I published 200 articles and it cost about $800 for the editors and stuff to draft it, that's it, right? So you can see the value of the site like I just mentioned it went up by over $130,000 Aside from the time, the monetary investment was about $4,000 If you're thinking hey Doug I don't have the money to invest

Well, you can just reinvest the profits As I mentioned, the site was making about $100 per month in January it was slowly growing so I think by June or so it was making $1,000 a month As I mentioned, I was growing slowly so you could just reinvest the profits back into the business via content Then as the site grows more, you can continue to reinvest So for me, I never laid out additional revenue, right? I never laid out additional capital to invest into the content I merely reinvested

So I definitely took a slow approach for one reason, it's a great case study, right? To show reinvestment and the value you can get out of it and at the time, I wasn't super confident in the keyword golden ratio yet Let me know in the comments if you've used the keyword golden ratio, by the way But I hear that people are using the keyword golden ratio they're making hundreds of dollars per month with a young site or multiple thousand dollars per month on a fairly young site just by using the keyword golden ratio It's that powerful So at the time in 2016 I was testing it out it was starting to kind of work but at this point, I'm fully confident I've seen it work on multiple sites of my own really well and then I've seen it on a lot of other people's sites too

So if you have any question about scaling content or anything like that, let me know in the comments The question of the day is have you scaled content like this? Have you published over 100 articles and if so, what happened? Was it worthwhile? Were you able to get a positive ROI? And yeah, just tell us about it below Again, I'm Doug Cunnington If you liked the video, please subscribe Don't forget, you can get all the templates that I use you know, I don't hold anything back so just check out the description below or click the link and you'll be able to get those templates

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