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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I want to be talking about the hardest part of online business for me personally you know the biggest obstacle that I face how I overcame it and I just actually comes down to like two or three really core problems core issues I have to deal with in online business and in flame marketing with this video I decided I'd share those things with you maybe you guys were dealing with some of the same struggles some of the obstacles that I was and hopefully by the end this video maybe I'll be able to help you guys out just a little bit that's single with this video you know guys with that being said though guys before I actually started this video off if you guys are brand new to the channel it's the first time you're checking out one of my videos I encourage you right now to please subscribe for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys we're going to go ahead and start this video off right now alright guys sort of start off like I said before I had a deal was like one or two really main obstacles and guys the first one was focused as back then when I first started in this online business focus was my biggest issue because guys a lot of you guys might have this as well but for me I had a signing object syndrome like the max like the ultimate level where I was in the beginning of maybe two or three years ago and I was just starting an online business I definitely had shiny object syndrome which is probably why I've been in so many business models it's actually definitely the reason honestly because like I said before guys if you follow the channel follow me you guys know that in the past I've done affiliate marketing Shopify just drop shipping on ebay amazon I've done Amazon FBA I've tried I just trading in stocks I've been crypto I run so many different online business models and the reason that is because I would just keep jumping from one to the other to the other with not a lot of knowledge and every in any any any one field yeah that's a huge problem because you need to spend maybe like a few months but for maybe even a few weeks in an online business model it's gonna be very hard for you to make it successful these guys quite honestly to build up a successful online business want to make sure enough money you're actually happy and content it can definitely take a lot of time guys how many people come into online business with a skewed idea they're gonna come in like the first and we can clear like three thousand dollars in profit by the end of the month and you're making like ten thousand dollars every single month and quite honestly that's not true at least in most cases guys of course you're gonna see those rare stories of some kid who was like 16 dropped out of high school I'm gonna stop by a store in our million but majority of people is that's not gonna be the story for most most cases unfortunately of course of course we all wanna be millionaires but for the majority of us we're not gonna be able to build online businesses in like three weeks they're gonna be able to replace our full-time jobs well I'll see you guys building an online business that's successful and actually works well and take a few months maybe even a year maybe even two years guys some of the most successful people online wouldn't have these online businesses they didn't making them in a week or two weeks they spent months and if not years working on them every single day being super consistent and that's what actually took them to that next level of success well like I said before guys I was not like that I my focus was everywhere I was coming from business model to business model like I said before guys the problem with that is I wasn't sticking with one business model long enough even made successful and even in those business models I was consistently switching niches but for Shopify guys you guys know that I had like three or four Shopify stores over the period of a few months and with that I would switch niches pretty much every few weeks every few months and because that I was never able to really build up a super successful store and that goes across pretty much all the online business models that I was in guys he was like Amazon FBA I spent a few months doing it I didn't spend nearly long enough well if I actually kept doing it the entire time let's just say I was still doing Amazon FBA up until now that would give me like I'm almost a year or two of just Amazon FBA experience I can almost guarantee I would have been so much more successful in it if I just stuck with it and I'm not really giving up but actually switching business models from Amazon FBA to like Shopify or free marketing or whatever I was doing at that time really messing me up because I wasn't able to put in the time and the work necessary actually take it that next level of success and I kind of screwed me over in a few ways and of course because of that I never really reached out I got P level of success in that online business model but I have maybe maybe not who really knows a course that's of course all in the past if you only move forward so we'll never really know but of course guys if you just spend like an entire year working this super dedicated super consistently on one online business model I can guarantee you're gonna have way more success in that one online business model then if you were to do like three or four every and then switch every three or four month and over the course of that same year you did like three or four different business models click into one business model and is sticking with you guys even do those rough times we're not making a lot of money we may be losing money and just really really rough you're really on motive are you guys gonna stick through that eventually guys if you just keep working at something long enough you'll become successful in it that's the way I think at least guys maybe you think the same way maybe you think a little bit differently record us up to you guys but with that said guys focus was probably my number one obstacle in online business and the way I overcame that was I really had to look into myself and kind of answer myself you know why am i squishing business models every three or four months why am i why am I doing this and a lot of the reason came down so I was just super unmotivated in those business model I didn't enjoy them I didn't enjoy the niches I was in I wasn't really doing it because I know because I enjoyed it I was doing it because I was trying to make a quick buck that's not the way you should go about online business of course you can if you want to go in just for profit you guys can definitely do that I know personally for me and for a lot of other people that's just not enough of course as the money is nice but for a lot of people it isn't like the number one driving factor and honestly it shouldn't be for you guys either is like I've said in past video guys when you're doing something that you're really not passionate about at all and you're doing something that you hate but you're doing it for the money you become that much more motivating you don't want to do it and it really just goes that much worse because it really shows in your work in your effort how much actually how much actually putting into it anything as even in your results it really shows how little you care how much you actually hate the knee shirt or whatever it is you're doing because you does that and you're not motivated to do it you don't want to sew guys picking an online business model you're actually interested in something you actually want to do and then going even further picking a niche you actually want to be in it's definitely gonna help you guys like tenfold it's gonna help you become that much more successful because the course guys working on online business work it is still work guys of course it's fun it's enjoyed I do but at the end of the day we all know it's still work so you guys want to make sure you actually enjoy the work that you're doing you enjoy the work that you're putting out into the world and if you do that'll make your online business that much more successful and because again guys it's gonna show in your work and it's gonna show in your results you actually care about what you're doing you actually enjoy it people are gonna see they're actually passionate about it and they're gonna level with you on that they're gonna appreciate it and it's gonna work out for you guys way way better so have you guys are struggling with focus like I was I dig I was I just picked one online business model one that I enjoyed the most and of course for me that was a flake marketing I just picked that one online business model and I just went 110% I told myself you know I'm not quitting until I'm making this successful I'm not twitching online business models anymore I'm not switching niches all the time I'm picking one business model one or two niches and I'm just going hundred ten percent in diving as deep as I can into that I'm not gonna switch and I'm not gonna give up or just do whatever else but instead I'm just gonna work my ass off until I reach that level that I watched you want to be out of success that's exactly what I did guys I didn't really strap myself in and said no what this is it and that's what really helped give me like a laser focus I give myself an option of switching business models just telling myself this is it and you and this is all you can do until it's successful that really helped me out of tongue guys I really gave me a laser focus on my online business and that made me that much more successful I think personally that was one of the greatest reasons I why I finally found success in online business and maybe that'll help you guys out as well guys the course doesn't matter whether you're in a flow marketing shop fine drop shipping amazon FBA whatever it is guys whatever business modeling you enjoy just make sure you die have a 110% and just keep going until successful don't give yourself an option don't quit don't twist business models I mean unless you really want to of course guys if you like hate if you're doing shop fine when you realize one day that you really hate it and you want to try affiliate marketing or Amazon then go ahead and do that though guys but at the same time guys don't switch business models every week and just try to avoid having that shiny object syndrome and you guys can do that you hasn't get that laser focus in that one online business model is gonna take you way way further guys like I said before back to the example if you just put in a solid years work this extreme effort extreme consistency into that one online business model it's gonna do way way better you're gonna see so many more results then if you would do the other thing like I said again earlier which is a switch business model every three or four months and in that same time span that same year time span you have like you run through like four different business models with that being said guys hopefully this helped you out a little bit if you're struggling with focus you know I'm motivation yourself and then I premiered wraps up this video guys so if you enjoyed definitely sure you drop a like on it right now and if you guys really enjoyed definitely make sure you subscribe right now for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one and I am out yes you

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