Must Have WordPress Plugins & Themes for SEO (Step-By-Step) – Episode 3

Hey what is up hustlers! Welcome back to episode 3 of this completely free tutorial series where I take you through how to create a website and how to monetize that website that you make so you guys really enjoyed the print-on-demand series that I created a while ago where it was basically no bullshit I take you through everything on my laptop and this is exactly what I'm gonna do now that we're well and truly into the series so now that you've created your our website you set up Bluehost you've set up your web host I should say because it may not be Bluehost you set up web host you set up WordPress let's go into the backend now and talk about the first thing being themes the themes is really important because everyone thinks it's just an appearance thing it's just a superficial thing but it's actually not now again I don't want to get too technical here because I don't want to lose the people that aren't tech savvy but the most important thing to picking a theme is it has to be SEO friendly now when creating website keeping in mind that it needs a rank on search engines that is the most vital thing because that's when you're gonna get your free traffic that's how you're gonna get all this targeted traffic within your niche to interact with your website and get your website monetized because that's the end goal now it needs to be SEO friendly so I've got a few recommendations and let's get stuck straight into it I give you my recommendations here so now that you're in the backend of WordPress you set up Bluehost you logged into WordPress you're gonna have a clean slate to start off with so go ahead go click into appearances and click into themes and you're gonna land on a page like this now my recommendation is quite simple there is a lot of themes here you can choose from from from free themes to paid themes now unlike shop flies back in you there's a lot of free themes you can choose from it's very overwhelming where Shopify has like 12 3 themes you can choose from which is the perk of WordPress in the perk of using things like WooCommerce WooCommerce is infant more customizable than shop fire and I'm gonna get into that in a later video where I compare WooCommerce and how I found success through WooCommerce over shop fire but that's the video for later now as you can see there's 3398 themes you can choose from and look they're all really fancy they're all really pretty and but I'm gonna keep it simply I'm just gonna give you one suggestion now go into your search bar and type in twenty twenty something now you'll be brought to this page here with these recommendations what these recommendations are is it's WordPress's default themes now you might be like what the hell is and their default themes that boring this stock standard and yeah they are a default in stock standards but they're not exactly boring the reason being is because their default themes for a reason WordPress has created these themes because they are SEO friendly and that's the most important thing they tick all the boxes in terms of layout compression and navigation um and these are all the elements that Google and Bing and other search engines look for in order to find a worthy site of ranking now the second element that's really important to this theme that complements it is a domain name Google is not gonna rank your website if it has a crappy bullshit domain name like and you know like wwwwordpress

com slash dogs and pups for example it needs to have a custom domain name that's why I've recommended Bluehost because they give you a free domain name and now that you set up your free domain name hopefully that's which done go ahead and pick one of these themes and you can see some of these are outdated so I stick I tend to stick to the more modern-looking ones like 2011 20 2010 these themes were the default theme themes for WordPress back in 2011 2010 dark so these have been outdated so I wouldn't stick with these I'd go for like 2014 and above now I was initially gonna go for a 2014 when I first started a few websites and it actually does look really nice and but depending on the look that you're going for like for example if you want an image heavy site guy for 2017 if you want more of blogging pure blogging website go for like 2015 and 2014 is a really nice one in terms of navigation getting that balance between navigation in images and at the end of the day of course you can go for another custom another custom theme but my recommendation to start off with is just stick with the 20-something theme from WordPress because it works really well in terms of ranking your website and Plus on top of that you can always still further customize it and you can get that boring looking theme you could say boring looking WordPress theme to look really nice through plugins so go ahead and select one of these themes and install it it's a really easy way to install themes it's one clicked in store so now that we started and picked a theme plugins is sort of the blood-flow of WordPress this is how you get everything customisable because WordPress is an open source platform open source in the sense that it's collaborative so you can download all these plugins that other people have created and really truly customize your platform so the top two top five starter plugins that I'm going to start with and now again this is gonna be sort of this is going to be quite nerdy and techie but I'm gonna try to simplify it for you guys the first plug-in that you need to go for is accelerated mobile pages and I'll get into why in a second but if you go into the plugins page and now scroll down to plugins and add new you hit this page here where you can add new plugins so go ahead and search for accelerated mobile pages click let it load up now you got to go with the first option here a mp4 WP so I'll cellar a mobile pages for WordPress this is extremely important guys in terms of ranking your website I'm giving you these startup plugins because the these plugins will give you the best chance for optimization the best chance of rank on Google these plugins aren't necessarily to make your website look more fancy at the at the start of the process because that's not the aim here the aim is to build a foundation where you are most likely to succeed and start ranking on search engines so go ahead and click into this one what this app does is essentially create a mobile cache version of your page and tells Google that hey this website in this specific page is amp ready so this is a big movement from Google about a year or two ago now they started rolling out this amp functionality which basically caches without being too nerdy it caches the page on the Google search engine so what it does for the end-user is it gives the end-user a much much more faster and reliable experience on the Google search engine so they click on a search engine page and they load your specific page really really really quickly and this basically tells Google hey this website is cooperating with our new projects our new infrastructure we're gonna give this website in this page more more power in terms of rankings so it will favor you when it comes to Google rankings so this is what you want to do now you're gonna download this this plugin here it's completely free which is awesome and all you need to do is when you start creating post and posting about your niche that you love doing and there's gonna be an option to create an amp page for that organic page and now that's all you need to do you need to just click a button and they'll create an amp page for that post and that will do you wonders pull the long term in terms of ranking so that's the first first plug-in that I want you to download now the second plugin that i want you download is insert header and footers now you may not it's like as it is as it is this plugin is just very very basic it just gives you a very easy way to insert headers and footers now this is the plug-in that i'm talking about here what why i want you to download this is it's very simple I want you to insert Google Analytics onto the back end of your website Google Analytics is again basically the heart of the Google suite now what Google Analytics will allow you to do is exactly that it will let you analyze the analytics of your website the stats of your website the people coming on to your websites through different sources that way you can essentially you know optimize your website so this is very simple and now I'm not going to get into how to sign up to Google Analytics how to set that up per se because this video is gonna be super super long and I mean this is a free tutorial series I don't have all the time in the world to guide you guys through everything but I would do as much as I can Torah series basically and that's why I'm talking so fast basically going to goo Anna leagues sign up for an account and and it will ease or give you a tag or a line of code that you need to copy and paste now you're gonna go into this app hit insert headers and footer and click download now once you download it you'll get an option and somewhere in your toolbar and you find that app and click into that app it'll give you a box you copy and paste that code that you got from Google Analytics into that box of this app and that's all you need to do now give it a day or two and all the stats will start appearing on Google Analytics go ahead and bookmark Google Analytics because Google Analytics is gonna be so important to optimize your website on so that's the second app now the third app is some more again I can't stress enough that that how just how important these apps are so this is a very very popular plugin as you can see there's 1 million active installations at the moment now what Smosh does is it's very basic in terms of what it does but it's very technical so every time you upload an image onto your website or even upload an image onto your blog the blog post what Smosh does is it actively optimizes your your image so it compresses the image because when you upload RAW images it's very big now what that means for the end user is it takes them longer to load your page and load that image so what Smosh does is you throwing that image it automatically compresses the image on the fly meaning of much easier and more faster web experience for you user that has landed on the page and the end goal of that is Google recognizes that and says hey this website is compressing its images it's giving its user faster loading experience and thus it gives its user a better overall experience so that is the third that is the third plug-in that I want you to download it's very simple to install once again you just click install and then run the image compression tool and in the background and start compressing all your images now it's better to get this upfront like I said to save you some time later down the track compressing all those images so that is the third start a plug-in that I want you to download this the fourth plug-in is w3 total cache now this is again a similar sort of a similar sort of plug-in that does the same purpose of smoosh however it's not just with images now this gets extremely extremely nerdy as you can see here if you read the description search engine SEO and performance optimization vacation it's great occasion CDN minified page object blah blah blah blah now this is the sort of stuff that I talk to clients with in my day to day job and is what I recommend when we set up websites and WordPress and whatnot for them we do all this compression nerdy start setting up CD ends and all this sort of stuff but it's extremely important now I'm trying to dumb it down for you guys here but what I want you to do is simply just go ahead and download it you won't know exactly what it does in the backend but as you can see here just take it take a look at the benefits here and it's really important because things like SSL like I said in which in the previous episode I recommended you to download that or not download it so activate it on Bluehost straight away because all these elements will add up to a better user experience and gives you a much better chance to rank on Google and will give you long-term free organic traffic to come through over the years so in in I guess long story short what this does is for users that come onto the page of your website this app will this is this plugin will cache that page on the local users machine now that may sound confusing but what happens is if they revisit your website that page will load infinitely faster because there's a local there's a local image of that page on their system so to speak so you know without being too nerdy that's basically what it does and the end goal is it creates a better faster loading experience for the end user and Google will recognize that so that is the fourth app that I want you to download now the fifth app that I want you to download and again guys these are only the top five side of plugins there are so many plugins and apps that I want you to download but again I'm keeping this tutorial series super super simple so you can follow along the final one is WP dev art facebook comments now what this is is it's literally facebook comments dev our facebook comments so what this does is it enables sorry dev arts it's all one word what this does is essentially allows you this one here it allows you to activate Facebook comments on each of your blog posts now this is very very useful in terms of getting engagement on your website and your blog post because let's say you're blogging about fishing and you've you know blogged about a certain fishing rod that you really like you want people to give the back give comments give interactions because again this is something that Google will recognize and yes even though even though WordPress gives an organic comment box down there I usually buy personally like using Facebook because firstly it it gives access to all users to comment and it makes it really simple for them to comment because all you need is a Facebook profile and look most people will these days know nine percent of people these days have Facebook profiles so it's literally a one-click comment rather than signing up for an obscure service to comment on your blog and secondly it allows you to create a community therefore you can create a Facebook page in community off the back of these comments so that is it guys that is the fifth and final starter plugin that I want you to download all these plugins are so important and that is why I love WordPress guys that is why I love WooCommerce sometimes more so than Shopify that is one of the reasons now all these all these themes and starter plugins that I've suggested will really get you up and going so in the next few episodes it's gonna get super exciting from here I'm gonna tell you how specifically to rank your blog posts now I know a lot of you guys previously in the comments have said hey I really like this tutorial because I get to blog about stuff that I like doing now this is the biggest reason why I like you know creating websites and creating content is because I like to blog about what I'm doing in life and make money off that rather than selling items that sometimes doesn't resonate with me so I'm really hoping you're enjoying the series so far there is a lot to come like I said in the next few episodes it's go looking that gonna be about how to rank your blog post SEO all that good stuff so you can get up and running so hope you're enjoying this series like I said and as usual if you like this video give it a thumbs up keep going on the content and for now keep on hustling

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