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Hello, how is Fernando Muro greeting you? from La Libertad de Momo if you are thinking in creating a web page with amazon affiliate link I think this tutorial is not to be missed because it is a mega tutorial with which you will learn to use the new plugin that has created amazon that is in beta process where you can catch products that you like how can it be slippers or satans or caps or whatever you want to create a website where you have that product that is an Amazon affiliate link and simply you will have to position well at the SEO that page so that everyone he buys you and when they buy you send them to amazon and they will pay you a small commission because remember that Affiliates consists of making money with recommendation of a product from a third, which in this case will be amazon therefore pay close attention because you'll see how later to see this tutorial is going to fill you with ideas and I'm sure you'll want to start developing that thing that we have here in the head and you knew how to do it pay close attention that we start as as always here in the first place we go to the search engine I already have here what we are going to talk today that is called amazon associates link builder beta plugin is a plugin created for wordpress where you go to I can load amazon products like I said before in your wordpress the first thing you have what to do is go to wordpress that in my case I have it here open and in the plugin session that is in the sidebar left plugins tell you add new plugin here once we are already in this wordpress section in the part Mendiana right or medium right here says find plugin I say amazon immediately here wordpress suggests me several things but he has to download is this that puts amazon associates link builder I in my case I will not go back to download since I have downloaded it already activated once you've already activated on the left side you see that I have the icon here amazon see if you hang out tell me about settings or template and we go to settings surely that you have this that that puts access key, secret acess key associate yourself etc etc you have it in white and this is a puzzle if you do not you know how to really do but here in this tutorial you will learn it with me now we go back to chrome and we put here amazon affiliates and we pass or click on this first phrase that says amazon affiliates and mediately at the top right we start session we put our email keys and password and here in this tab, you can we have to do in the menu bar that says links, offers, tools we click where you put tools and we click where it says advertising api of api products of police products to turn here you will have to re-register or as in my case that is already registered by we do not go here to the sanction on the right you see central part right register now and we go back to enter the data from before that do it all go little by little and go registering on all screens once these in this screen in turn you will have to first identify yourself account information and finished See, I'm already at point number 3 wants to be that it's finished and one of you've already finished you have to go to the section that says manage my account we give here to manage my account on this screen in turn that puts access identifiers or information from the account I click where it says access identifier I click and here I put my data back as you can see Amazon does not stop asking again and again emails access data etc etc Once you have we are here on the screen we access another section and here nothing else to enter it appears to us as a pop ups where you have two options continue as security credentials or user I give to continue and on this screen that I have to do you are going to pass the mouse mouse where it says key access and here I get a blue square which says create new access, I'll tell you create new access and here new you can download I advise you that you give donwnload file on one side or visualize it like I do not do here and do you copy this is key access and secret access key control c we copy it and in a blog of notes we keep it once you have created it created then now we go back again amazon affiliate then let's go here to chrome again I put amazon affiliates again we pass the mouse and ene section to see if he clicks it's worth once we're here another within amazon affiliated in the part top you see that I have my logo that says tracking id generation because you generate a follow-up id how this is done here once it says add tracking id I add and I put lfpmuro and tell him to createfantastico I already have it created and we close it Once you've created them and closed them we go back to wordpress and go back to the amazon settings section in this that puts aps key id I have to copy these keys that I have caught before when the was created would control c and stick it where secret access key Well, I copy it right button copy and I'm going here and we had to say it right button paste would have to select to that ID is associated that in this case remember that I have created one that one called lfpmuro the language is in spain and you have what to save, I'm going to erase this we have to say save now let's do a test if this plugin is working well we come here in the pages section on the left side add a new page and we're going to tell you that it is going to call example example plugin for example if you realize once you installed this amazon plugin an A appears and puts keyword introduction what does it mean to say a word Calve for example in my case I will put the usual

umbrella that I like and I give to you look for umbrella and amazon start looking Well here I find nine articles Well, let's select six for example it's worth and I say it here now add type of temple and for example let's add carousel to give an example but you have several options put an example I tell him to add immediately here he has already created me some codes and I'm going to tell you now to this page just save and we are going to visualize we will see if it has been created well you realize below the name of example, I have a permanent link click here on this permanent link and let's see look has already been created here these umbrella items that if now a customer comes and clicks where he sends us sends us to amazon and if you realize at the top in the top in this link we would have to search would have to find our ID Affiliate look here put fmuro what is my ID If someone buys me same here we add to the basket the part to the right and buy this product I already took a percentage of commission good that you have found this mega tutorial where I explained to the plugin amazon that is in beta process but that will surely help you a lot if you had thought to create a store affiliated with amazon product and not you knew how to do it you can check this tutorial over and over again that sure it's going to come very well because you're going to have many ideas and you are going to create a website with many products from amazon and then you will simply have to will begin to position at SEO level that page so that everyone can buy you to you if you have found interesting the video port please share it not so that we can continue to help many more people because remember that if you help They will help you therefore we are going to help also if you have any comments please You leave it to me down here that I I'll see you I'll answer you gladly I also want you to click in this course that I created from GetResponse for that you become a crack email marketing so you click up here SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL so you can follow receiving many more videos as this one and keep learning and what of we always see ourselves in many more videos greetings fFernando Muro from La Momo's freedom until later

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