Media File Renamer Plugin Review How To Rename WordPress Media – Spencer Coffman

Hello this is a review for the media file renamer plugin this is a great plugin to rename your media files in WordPress it's something that if you've already uploaded a media file or like a picture then you can rename it without having to upload a new version from your computer and relinking all of your media items so this plug-in is amazing it works super well it also helps tremendously if you have any problems with Facebook retrieving your images so the first thing you will do is go to plug into it add new then you'll type in the name media file renamer and here it is media file renamer I already have it installed so it shows active but you would hit installment and then activate it by this meow apps so once that is installed you don't need to do anything you don't need to do anything with the settings or anything like that all you need to do is make sure you go to your media library and then click on list view right here so when you click on list view it your media library will look like this you will just click over here under the rename there's a spot says auto rename and it will rename your image to your meta tags or the caption title its specified so I will show you right now I have a post on Facebook but the image is not retrieving so we'll go here to Facebook click here based in my link and you can see that there is no image being shared with this so then what you'll want to do is go to the Facebook debugger which is developersgoogle

com / tools / debug / OG / object / ok once you're there you'll have to sign into the developers and then you can input any URL you want here and then you can it show existing scrape information which would be like if you already had a post on there or you can fetch new so will it fetch new to kind of refresh all that also helps with the caching so you can see it when it scraped all the different codes redirect to a dash and it gives you all of this information so we'll just scroll down here to OG image and you see there's nothing here and then it says here when shared this is what will be included so we have a problem basically the image isn't getting pulled so what we will do is go to media library and go down to the gun control image and then all you need to do is hit auto rename over here I don't rename see right now it's called gun-control Michael m67 1png auto rename it to gun control Michael Williams 67 PNG just to make it simpler easier or whatever the case may be ok then you want to try that over here in the scraper to fetch new information now if this doesn't work then there may be one other thing you need to check so let's do this and you can see it didn't pull our image ok so then the other thing that you need to do is go to that page so hopefully you can edit it if you can't or aren't the webmaster then there's no hope for getting that unless you know the webmaster so you go to your WordPress page and you'll edit that page go down to your Yoast SEO plugin or any of your whatever social plugin you have and make sure that whatever image you had specified to post you see it's are all image 671 so simply it delete make sure it's not going anywhere else and you can check the featured image this will automatically update with your renamed image so you can see our new file name right there which is very handy so you don't need to relink or reset all of those then all you do is hit update and as soon as that's done we'll go back to this object debugger and Facebook and that new scrape information go down and here it is you can see rog image and you can see when shared this is what will be included we have a nice featured image here and a little caption and our metatext so that is how to use the media renamer and get your images to show up on Facebook so this plug-in is a an excellent plugin for WordPress users or for anyone who has trouble getting their media to share to Facebook we can try redoing this here if I it refresh it might not work as an hour cash so we might have to go to a private window but we'll just see if it remembers the cash or not you look at that there it is so as you can see all it took to get your images to show up on Facebook was just simply rename the media file and then make sure that you have it your post page or wire ever linking only two that featured image instead of your specific file because with a simple filename Facebook pulls the correct image and that is the review for the media file renamer plug-in it is a great plugin and I highly recommend it to anyone who has multiple images and shares to any social media accounts

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