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hey what's up my friends Nicholas here and welcome to this video chances aremaxbounty, maxbounty training, maxbounty tutorial, maxbounty 2017, maxbounty Facebook ads, maxbounty cpa, maxbounty affiliate marketing, maxbounty bing ads, maxbounty sign up, maxbounty getting started you're here because you're looking for some more information on how to make some money with Mac's bounty terms of an affiliate so that's exactly what we touching on this particular video now before we get started I just wanna let you know as always I do have a more in depth free video training on my website that goes obviously like I said more in depth about this type stuff so if you'd like to see that head on over to mentor with Nick comm there's a link down in the video description but without further ado let's get into this content so I actually did just get a question recently about how to do things on the vendor side and I probably will make a video here in the next probably week ormaxbounty, maxbounty training, maxbounty tutorial, maxbounty 2017, maxbounty Facebook ads, maxbounty cpa, maxbounty affiliate marketing, maxbounty bing ads, maxbounty sign up, maxbounty getting started maxbounty, maxbounty training, maxbounty tutorial, maxbounty 2017, maxbounty Facebook ads, maxbounty cpa, maxbounty affiliate marketing, maxbounty bing ads, maxbounty sign up, maxbounty getting started two about that but on this video I want to talk a little bit more about traffic and how to get more traffic to your offers because if I had to pinpoint one thing with in affiliate marketing that people just seem to have the most trouble with it is traffic okay and honestly like traffic is not the easiest thing to cultivate there's a lot of different ways on how to do it but that doesn't mean that it's easy okay so I want to show you a pretty effective way that you can start generating some traffic today and for free because a lot of people one of their pain points with traffic is they say that it cost too much it cost too much money to actually go out there and place ads on networks like Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and stuff like that which is what those do work but it can be expensive especially if you don't know what you're doing and I've kind of mastered the art of free traffic with YouTube so that's what I want to touch on today okay because I think it's some of the best traffic out there plus it's free everyone likes free obviously so the other reason that I like YouTube traffic is because that it is search traffic to search organic traffic so people are actually coming in searching for things and then they find your videos and then therefore they can find your offers simply from looking instead of like scrolling through Instagram and then have to have have to be disrupted from what they were doing and then go to your website and you know go the offers it's just it's a little bit more organic seamless process in my opinion and it's at the point where people are actually looking for your information so I think it's very powerful yeah so let's just get into it let's jump into max bounty here so as you're just kind of scrolling through as you're scrolling through like the offers in here I'm just looking at new campaigns right now I want to kind of show you how I would do this just from my standpoint and I do want to kind of keep this more simple I probably on the last video you can definitely check that out and I talked more about how you want to set up a squeeze page and then a thank-you page and all that kind of stuff and then drive traffic and so you can build your list which I think you absolutely should do but I want us to do this a little bit more simplified way it's just so you get some ideas and then I will kind of explain a different route that you can go to make a little bit better okay so let's just scroll down let's kind of run through the offers let's see get a samsung galaxy let's see the skin diet so this is something to do with diet we certainly could do this it's a United States Canada UK and Ireland let's check this will open this one up and then I'll give you I'll give you a few examples so we can it'll help you understand this okay who are social dating let's see let's see Bitcoin code sparked engine seen this one before so let's stick with like kind of a diet muscle building type stuff okay so terminally not for less or I'm gonna try to say it but let's look at this so you're fast an easy way to burn fast and lose weight and fast an easy way to burn fast and lose weight okay so let's just take that so they say fast an easy way to burn fast and Brendan burn fast and lose weight burn fingers plus so I was having trouble I think they don't have supposed to be fat burn fat lose weight not burn fast and lose weight okay so it is Ireland all right so it's all about losing weight burning burning fat losing weight okay so let's come back on over to YouTube and since this is all about burning fat and losing weight let's start typing in some stuff on the youtubes and see what kind of search terms we could go after what kind of video could we what could what kind of video could we make that is related to this that could you know generate some traffic so sooo how to lose weight YouTube's most slow today what's going on let's try this again so how when you start typing things into YouTube you'll notice that you get this autofill section right over here that's the thing you want to pay attention to because that is actually what people are typing in the most so they can find answers so our thing was how to lose weight and burn fat right so we come down and we just press space after that and then this gives us some ideas as well that people are still typing in but let's it let's hit enter and see what we got here so here's something that you want to look at there's not three million results that's quite a bit but here's what we want to do it there's a little hack that you can do you can type in all in title then you put a colon space space and then put it in quotations and what this does is it shows us exactly how many people have labelled their video name their video exactly how to lose weight and burn fat how to lose weight and burn fat how to lose weight and burn fat so that shows us that this potentially could be a good keyword to go after because we know that people are typing it in since it's showing up in the autofill but we also know that there's not that much competition fifty is still pretty good okay you probably could get your video to towards the spot top spot and then therefore people whenever people type in how to lose weight and burn fat they would be more likely to find your video okay so let me let's do another example okay so we opened up spartagen xt as well so this one's all about how to naturally produce healthy testosterone levels okay so let's try this again so how to produce healthy testosterone naturally about that but it also is a pill signing off that's you know the best way oh it could be you never know so you just kind of got a look into the product a little bit more and see exactly what you're promoting so here we have a lot less results 87,000 okay I posted like 3 million so what we can do here now is type in all in title and I'm guessing that this is gonna be a lot less so no there's no one there's no competition so if you made a video that said how that was all about how to produce testosterone naturally then you have no competition this would be a was the keyword to go after so if you were promoting spartagen xt then you can make a video you name it how to produce testosterone naturally you just talk about like you know give some value in your in your videos ok here's step one even more red meat here go lift weight go do squats more go I don't know what how I think goes like some of the main ones and then you could be at the end of your video just be like hey if you guys enjoyed this I think you guys are really gonna like this other product that I know about called spartagen xt click on the link in the d'Ovidio description and it'll take you over to a place where you can actually order your bottle so you can do something like that now that's kind of the basic way like I talked about a little bit more advanced way I would recommend and it's certainly I would go with is you do the same type of thing it doesn't change on your video you give the same amount of value but instead of just sending them directly to spartagen xt what you would do say hey if you like this information I think you're really gonna like my free video training that teaches you the five ways to generate more testosterone naturally so it's basically like in the YouTube video you're giving them a little bit of value and you certainly want to give value on it say you're given like two two ways to generate more testosterone but in your free video training or your free pdf report you give all five or all seven so you got to do a little bit of research that is a little bit more work but what you can do is you can put a squeeze page right in front of that people have to opt-in to get your free pdf for your free video training and then you give them all the value there and then on that video or that PDF then at the end you say hey if you want to take your testosterone game to the next level make sure and check out spartagen xt click on the link below takes you you use your affiliate link right there boom you're all set to go so the reason that I recommend is doing this and that's what I talked about in the previous video is that you want to be building an email list because the truth in matter is that most people that come and check out videos like how to produce testosterone naturally find your video then go to your website and then go see spartagen xt the majority of those people are not actually going to buy on the first exposure it usually takes anywhere from five to ten exposures especially nowadays people are always researching figure out things are legit and stuff like that so you want to utilize the power of follow up and specifically an email follow-up so that's what I would certainly recommend and I think this is just a great way to generate traffic if you're smart and you want to even promote a spartagen xt i would strongly recommend you make a lot of videos surrounding how to produce testosterone naturally get right appen and and understand how actually to produce testosterone naturally so that way you can actually give a solid amount of value on the videos and it's not like you're just trying to make money off these people come to or get your videos crazy idea right actually give them value to people so anyways that is the video guys I appreciate your time hopefully that gave you some insight hopefully I gave you some understanding on how to generate some solid traffic and those are just ideas so like go look around in all the different campaigns find out what the products are about and then started researching them and learning about them and craft like a youth craft the best thing that you do is craft a YouTube channel around that so that's what I recommend its YouTube is very powerful and if you're not using it it's a mistake on your part okay so thanks for watching this video guys I appreciate your time if you would like to get more training like this and a little bit more depth you can obviously head on over my website mentor with Nick comm mentor with Nick comm there's a link down the video description and then if you need you need to get in touch me please send me a message on any of my social media channels obviously on YouTube you can leave a comment down below if you like this video and stuff like that then Facebook Instagram I have snapchat as well all those links are down in the video description make sure and subscribe to this channel and like this video if you did if I gave you some value but yeah thanks for watching this video guys I appreciate your time and we'll see you on next video

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