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Let’s take a look at malware – or rather, how to keep it off your site 'Malware' includes viruses, bots, and other hacker programs that can high-jack or damage websites

Yes, it’s super important to protect against these bad guys, but no, you don’t need to be, or hire, a security expert to do it You just need a powerful, yet simple solution that fends off attacks like a GoDaddy website security program

It automatically scans and removes malware every day! You only need to set it up once, and it goes to work looking for malware and taking it out before it can damage your website, or harm your customers Got stubborn malware that just won’t leave your site alone? Don’t worry, GoDaddy Website Security plans provide unlimited manual removal and repairs – and a guarantee to clean your site, period Cleaning and repairing hacked sites is just part of the solution Premium plans offer continuous protection and prevention with WAF – that’s Web Application Firewall – that blocks malware from penetrating your site When you have a Website Security program guarding your site, you can forget about malware and focus on your business, confident that your customers, your online shop, and your reputation are safe

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